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Love it

When I heard the first 20 seconds of this song I was a bit disappointed as it just sounded like the girl from Snoopy plunking various ivory sticks. It wasn't until the raw vocals of this brilliant singer came in the song started to make sense. I must admit to this being the best song I have heard on Number One Music bar very few. What I like about this is certainly the lyrics and how they are projected. Clever lyrics blasted from a guy who sounds like a cross between Jim Morrison and a drunk Oliver Reed. Quite exceptional and I would love to invite this guy to sing on one of my songs for sure - maybe just have a couple of pints with him would do the job!!!

Great live-recording!

Sometimes is nice to start with a conclusion. It's sometimes hard to listen live-recordings, because of varying pitch ranges and so on. But this one is a really great composition from the head of Xenophanes Productions, Norbert H. Hinterberger, who also plays this excellent Bechstein-Piano on this live-recording. It sounds a bit like a ragtime, but you will be far from this. The whole composition is more various. The straight rythm making the music powerful and engaging for me. The lyrics are from the feather of N. H. Hinterberger and he performs with a great unique and rough voice, making this wonderful song complete. The style reminds me on the Doors and the voice sometimes on Jim Morisson. Adelheid Klare playing on a double-bass fantastic and very special lines in this composition. This is definitely a professional live recorded song with a important message. A story about live and the development of events beyond personal control, regarded as determined by a rough power. Overall a really impressive composition. I can´t stop listen to the music and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.


This track sparks a certain mood. In my opinion it's very original for a blues track that usually sound so similar. This one stands out with the piano and accoustic sounds. Good drinking or thinking music. Raunchy vocals give it a deep and strong vibe that runs rampart throughout the song. Overall good stuff!

review of your song/art piece

get to the words quicker, love your voice, very tom waitsy, maybe think about rerecording vocals with better mike. other than that se gutt. also add a little percusion after the first verse. would make it really cool then.

Cowardly Review

This is an interesting song, although I am not quite sure of the exact point the composers are trying to get across. It is difficult to understand the lyrics at times, but the lead vocal does remind one of Jim Morrison. The music is attention getting in that the instrumentation is sparse but effective. This is one of those songs that requires several listenings to determine just what it is conveying and whether you love it or hate it. That kind of gives it a mysterious quality in itself.

Pretty good!

Hey there! I am not a great fan of blues but your tune made me want to listen to it untill the end! So, I must say that if it caught my ear, it's because it has something different to offer. Great job!

Somebody help him

This is unbelievably awful. The bloke cannot sing for toffee and sounds as if he is in terminal pain and suffering greatly. The 'music' is dreary and monotonous but suits the singing down to the ground. I wish I could be more enthusiastic. I would have liked to say something positive but I lack the imagination.

Yeah, Man!

This had me with the piano intro. I loved the stride-like piano work, excellent left hand work! The vocal left a bit to be desired but I did appreciate the bluesy growl that the singer used. Reminds me of a lot of the early blues recordings from the 1920's, but with a digital basis. This might be served better by another singer, and perhaps if the piano went a little more into a full blues stride, this tune would be great, but it sounds more like it's on the verge of evolving but never quite makes it.

Tom Waits meets ...Rob Rio

This has TV and Movie potential ...Great lead vocal style ..with a minimalist feel. Love to hear a sax break in the middle somewhere ...real stark but that Clarence Clemmons feel ..Unique and I would like to hear what else you got

unusual and exciting

This is an exceptional listening experience! In the beginning of the lenghty intro one might be tempted to skip the track, but as soon as the voice drops in, everything changes. Sounding like a young tom waits on a good day all the attention is drawn away from the "slowed-down-boogie-piano" and the Bass and all you listen to from there on are the lyrics of this bizarre gem. The double-bass could do with a little extra presence in order to make it clearly audible, in its present stage it is buried under piano and voice. I do not know whether the distortion on the voice (mostly on the left side) is wanted or unwanted, but anyway - I could easily do without it;-) One thing`s for sure: I´m going to listen to some more stuff of you guys!

Piano Maven pounds it out

I Was very surprised by the vocal when it came in. The darkness of the low register of both the piano and voice made this piece very serious sounding. I could have used some upper register of the piano to offset the vocal. Very dissonant production. it got harder to listen to as the song progressed. If a dark and serious dirge is what was the goal of this piece you nailed it.

review of 'Cowards 2017 -6'

This is very interesting, sounds like something Moby could do a good mashup of, in fact I kept expecting it to get going into a more electronic remix, it'd work well as a sample. Voice is scratchy, powerful and interesting and the piano is done well, though...I think this track deserves a bit more...surely it should take off at some point? It would really work if it turned into a big swing/blues tune...kept waiting for it. I liked it and it has some great qualities but I couldn't help hoping it would get going, which it never did...!

Nice Piano Playing

Excellent piano playing. I would recommend working on the later half lyrics and investing in vocal lessons. The bridge should build and take us somewhere lyrically and vocally. I hope this is helpful!
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