Signs of time

Positive music is always the way to go. I love this song. And the message is real. Everyone should be able to relate to this one .lets not forget the flavour of the song. Keep on doing positive music.

I got pure good vibes.

The music is great,I love the takes me back to the years when I was younger,this music makes me feel good,I would pay to see the Artist live in concert,I am dancing....I am feeling the good vibes.

Signs Of Time

This song is a song I choose to write about it because of the quality and smoothness of it. The lyrics and music are right on point, so this is something that I can relate to. I will break this song down for you the delivery is right on point and the music is great, I give this one five stars. Keep on doing your thing, I love it..


Real good music would like to team up with you , you're great keep up the good work. This is so close to home I really love it out of ten I sure will give you nine real good. I have to play this track over and over my friends love it so much.

Signs of Times

Amazing grooves. The lyrics are very meaningful, and the melody, and harmonies are very catchy. The Voice is very clear and strong. I would recommend the song to anyone, looking for music to dance to.


Yes yes yes yes yes! I like this. Keep it up this is what I am talking about keep doing this level of work. Keep making this music so that you can share it with the rest of us in this world. Your music is appreciated! Thank you.


I really enjoyed the sound of you. A cool production with fusion of sounds and I really admire this kind of work, because I also use fusion of sounds in my music. I am from the Northeast of Brazil, from the state of Pernambuco where there is more than 100 rhythms cataloged by maestro Guerra Peixe. My music is based on the traditional rhythms of my state such as Maracatu, Samba de Roda, Coco de Roda, Ciranda, Frevo associated with the sound of world music such as Jazz, Rock, Soul Music and classical music, where I can classify my work as World Music Fusion! - Greetings directly from Recife, Caruru in the State of Pernambuco-Brazil.

As we all journey thru this jungle of life; every man and woman with or without child or children must observe how the human race encounters the struggle towards survival. Keep it in your minds; it's the signs of the times.

As we all journey thru this jungle of life; every man, and woman with or without child, and\or children; must observe the proceedures the human race encounters towards survival. Keep it in your minds!!!..It's the signs of the times.


This is nice tune ..It need some work in arrangement ( specially drum section ) good if a Vocal Part be little better ( some notes are off the tune )..which is NO GO in today Music World.. if I be You I will try to improve This song and after new version is made I will send to Radios or Music Publishers.. Remember is not me.. They must Love It.. and They will "open" The just send Them Only the best version You be able to make.. I wish You good luck.. Good Job..

Love it...

Excellent start with catchy beats and ear feasing saxophonic music..vocals come smoothly.... chorus follows superbly.. and it's very beautifully paired up by the background music, the tempo is great, pitch keeps varying.. compells listener to move body, just ove this composition.. great!


For some reason I was expecting an Instrumental a Song will be hard time to pitch to Radio Stations or Music Publishers..First It has to be Recorded in Tune ( some vocal parts are off ) make It shorter around 3.5 min max and make a much better arrangement just My opinion so try to send It to Music Insiders and let's see what They will say..I wish You Good Luck with Submissions.. Happy New Year...

Love It

Love the mixture of the up tempo beat with a reggae feel. Smooth and unique. This is the kind of message I love. Message music for all. Tons of talent in Canada. This proves it! Love it!❤????????????❤ #awhodatamedat #madrasta

Sign of Times

It's got that serious Soul II Soul vibe first off. Second, you feel the groove and you want to sing immediately. Third, I love the positive message. I'm digging this song. You have a hit on your hands as far as I'm concerned. Male Lead vocal is real on point. I'm expecting to hear more from him.

Interesting mix of lounge & reggae music

The 1st thing I love about this piece is the music. It’s so on point. Love the saxophone. I also love the bridge in that song in a foreign language. It brought another dimension to the song. My only thing is the vocals which aren’t fully on point. We hear parts that vocals are a bit flat. I wish the lyrics were pushed a bit more because they are interesting. Overall, it’s really a nice song to listen to. I feel it’s more lounge music then reggae but you can definitely hear the reggae influence.

World Studios Signs Of Times

Greetings! a nice funky 80's sound,reminds me a little bit like Soul to Soul...Irie vocals sax...all together a very well put together song with the inter acting of the voices!Blessings
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