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Review of "Walking For That Mile"by Rosie Jackson

Very emotion song I felt your pain I walk the mile so I know where you coming from. There nothing I would want you to change only one day I pray you will hurt less. Thank you I am honor you ask me to Review your song God Bless You St. Louis, Mo

Walking For That Mile

The emotions that this song evoke in me are heard in your voice as you sing it. That to me is enough to give you the highest kudos.

walking for that mile review

Your song sounds original for me.

walking for that mile

cool song facebook.com/southsidemacboi soundcloud.com/southsidemacboi

Review of "Walking for that mile"

Nice intro. I guess it is spoken word right through, poetry? Nice song too! Unusual! Has a nice trend though which people will definitely like. At times I could hardly hear you. Generally a listening audience want not to reach for the knob to increase the volume to hear what is said. Relaxing music! Try Music Clout!


well, keep walking. the grooves ok, so are the lyrics, but the vocals needs less grit and more cantana (singing like): just a little twist of Paul Simon - somewhere in between singing and talking. this will give this song a bit more cohesion it needs. a 3 because of vocal production lack of cohesion with the rest of the song.

Salut toi!

Very expressive and emotional song;) Music is unbelievable! Christian Van Boollen


I liked the delay heavy guitar, and it could work over the track; but their's no sense of songwriting or a fully realized arrangement; and the vocals/spoken work/ lyrics just fell supper flat, and felt really sub standard.

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pushing the mule

don't see how this is listed under rock/alternative? mix is bit murky and distorted esp vocals song just meanders with no direction sounds like a jam session not a song bunch of noodling singer needs to shut up once in awhile and the constant noodling meaningless guitar maybe a proper solo somewhere?

Review of "Walking For That Mile" by Kris Gilmore

Needs some dynamics. Where is the chorus, is there a chorus? I like your voice and style, just needs some change through the song. Chorus', bridges, breakdowns keep people interested. I'm sure you can do better. The music you wrote for this is very good, just no variation. Keep up the work. I'll say again cause it's worth saying I like you voice and style.


That was awesome! Keep it up! Check my music out at www.Facebook.com/NileRossMusic I opened up for Rick Ross back in February! Follow me on twitter too @NileRoss
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