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In the times of the police wild on the streets, this song could be the one for a anthem the lyrics are in the pocket to set the story life from what you see. The down shift of the song is the track the words are strong but the track made your delivery plain no emotion, keep the words of the lyrics but find the right feel on a different track if you want the vocals to flow out stronger. keep up the good work.


In all honesty you can tell that you really love what you do in your music cuz you can hear it through your music. It's a great song I Like It the vocals the beat everything you know it's a good song keep up the good work that's all I can say keep doing what you do

Scarlett letter

You have a nice voice. You also have a message in your music/song. " how could you know me better than I know me"? That's some real ish. The verses on the song are straight and relatable. However i believe the production and mix could have been better. With so many minorities actually losing their lives in these streets, this song will hit home for too many (unfortunately). Keep pushing, keep writing and keep the uniformed, informed.

Very Different. I like this.

Scarlett Letters are a joy of this HIP HOP music. I'd like to offer you a music video for this 1 if you are interested in doing some business in Los Angeles. Me and my uncle BugleBlack who is number 2 in hip-hop out here in Los Angeles are working to make a smash hit collaboration with my Uncle BugleBlack Beats. He plays the trumpet and a piano player who collides JAZZ HOP tracks, uniquely designed for hip-hop. Please send me your email address please. It would be an honor to grow from here


Great song I love your sound is so good and hope you do more music because you have a real talent, never stop chasing your dreams and I know chasing your own dream's is not easy but I have a feeling if you believe on your self you gonna reach your dreams so keep working and keep up the good work , great things are on the way. I real love this song please don't stop doing music no matter what is going on. Hope

this is a review from El padrino all the way from south africa

hey Veana Marie, first of all i like how the song starts,it is super beautiful and the beginning and the verse that follows wasnt expecting it. it is an amazing song i am not kidding, for me it deserves a 4 out of 5 stars. keep it up


I Love this Song really Like the concept its a deep message. Speaking Facts of life problems lived thru that happens everyday. The Flow and ride was great on the beat. I just believe the vocals all the way around needs to be turned up just a little. But other then that all of you executed and killed this song. Keep going hard. One love

Review Of Scarlett Letter

Very smooth beat , nice arrangement. I enjoy the rise and falling of beats and harmonies. Lyrics are hypnotic as well as contagious hooks. Job very well done. Lot's of variations throughout the song which makes it more addictive a groove to sing along too and rap too as well. Looking forward to listening to more of your work


Da hook is catchy you on topic through the whole song and thats very important.Wen i listen to songs i pay more attention to wat the artist is saying and your lyrics on point!It has potential.Just keep writing and pushing follow ya heart and keep making good music much luv!(No✋OutRecods

I love your style

Your gifted, beautiful, and musically inclined to get paid for a living. Hollywood ain't for everybody, trust me I live 5minutes away. However it's where dreams come true for people like you. I've introduced myself before in the previous blincoins situation, if you don't remember my name is SplitEndz The Profit here in Los Angeles and I'm number 3 here on N1M for HipHops category ranks

Pop Hits

The beat is banging. The singer laced the track well and sets the mood which is dark and gloomy. Both rap artist had a nice flow on the track. The group does a good job of making a song with a message and still come across as a hot track.

Feeling it

at first i thought this was just an r&b song then a heard the rapping i was quite impress specially when the hook drop the second time then beat went crazy with it so i would like to hear more from you for sure

Scarlett Letter

Great back beat, excellent vocals and truth in lyrics revealed in this Hip Hop song of power. It is all about the door of sexual congress and the wrong control sown from the seed control sown by the adversary. That is why there is so much illegal access, and control between men and women today. Sad but it leads to violence in the home and unlawful control and violence. A sad but true song sown in due season. I trust it will reveal truth to those it is shared with by their victims if they have the courage to sow it. There is no condemnation in the truth revealed but only freedom to turn and be healed and and seek to live righteously once more.

I like very much :)

 I like very much this tune !! Voices, ryhtm, flow... Chorus, verses. All is right :) You make me in a high mood :) It'd be a big joy and honor to sing with you. Musically. 10Trayant Mo'patis from France, Toulouse. 
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