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Jazzy Smooth

A really nice song ???????? I really like the music and the title very unique and creative.thank you again for sharing your music with me continue to keep me posted a great holiday song on the Jazz tip very smooth. Don't stop sharing your gifts with others and keep me posted on any new music that you may have coming out have a wonderful day may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors have a wonderful holiday season peace.

Snowflakes Falling

Dear Ute, I love the saxophone in this song. Great tempo with the percussion and the back up on the keyboeard. I like the fee of this song. I like the easy listening sound of this song. It is unlike most Christmas songs. A bit like the song Christmas Classic "Let It Snow"This is a very romantic song especially with your sultry voice. I enjoy listening to your voice. I feel I am already in the season of Christmas when I hear these lyrics. Timeless as are most of your songs. I hope it becomes a hit soon in your country and worldwide.

An artist's world!

I think the artist is very talented. A different Christmas song, but that's what this world is made of, difference! And that's what makes our world so interesting. Glad I came here. Good luck UTE and best wishes.

christmas song

I like that the production is pretty good on this song melodies kinda strange but i'dd recommend it gyu ygu g iyg ig yfu y tdu tdiy t tf yfu iyo uo iouu yuf utod udto ftu u iut uo iou ut dty yfu yti itu


Snowflakes falling review. this song is a strictly smooth jazz piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in smooth jazz style as I said everything recalls the smooth jazz genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a smooth jazz piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

A Unique Blend

Being unfamiliar with Ute's voice and her singing style, the first listen of 'Snowflakes Falling' was a shockingly strange blend to my ears and brain. Ute's voice did not appear to flow with this smooth, jazzy track. However, I wanted to compare some of her other songs to see how her vocals and music blended. I found Ute's vocals, although still unique, coincided quite well in many of her other songs and the genres she chose. Ute's voice I found is quite soft and sultry. After my second listen of 'Snowflakes Falling', I can say this song is a strong showing for Ute. Her voice sounds more powerful and Ute fans will recognize her style within this smooth jazz track.

Heavenly Holiday Ballad

Bonjour UTE, very happy to hear your Yuletide contibution. When I first heard your intro into the song I felt a movement and tempo that Barbara Streisand might find attractive. The instrument tracks are alluring and your vocals are impeccable. However, the lyrics offer a visual imagery that are poignant and heartfelt that are a preview of the upcoming season. Brava, you have attained success once again ! Continue the magic...Barrymore

Unique in a scary way

I admire your confidence. Not all would be able to concur the feet you just pulled off. Truthfully wasn't a big fan of your voice but in reality its the difference that makes this son unique. I felt as though I was watching a Pixar film with the villain singing a song trying to tempt the children into there wooden home. Don't change at all. I'm sure I could get down to this in a karaoke bar.
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