UTE / Storyteller / Fight Song

Nice playing on the piano or keyboard.

The vocal can be raised a little and be confident when you sing even if it's a cover song... But this is why we do music for the meaning of the song and how it make a us feel. And maybe a little more highs and kids in the vocal mix would bring it out.

Great performance

I love the performance. Keep fighting for #Truth and #Justice. Claim your fight but don't let your disappointments turn into failure by neglecting your calling from within. Great Job! Overall.


thank you for allowing me to review the songs is a very nice and unique and repressive music well composed well put together I love the music I love the piano love the title. Continue State creative continue to grow and go to the next level continue to share your gifts and talents with the world I really appreciate what I listen to your music is very unique very creative awesome.

This is beautiful!!!

I love how beautifully the piano and your voice are in just melodically perfect I'm a sucker for acoustic music and this one hit the right spot, I can literally see everything through your voice and I love it, I truly believe you still have a lot of fight in you, I'm definitely excited to hear more from, share more of your energy it's beautiful and Goodluck on your future dreams, you're a winner!!! ????

Good Start!

Good song selection. I've always loved the message and general feeling of the original. The instrumental for this track is beautiful but the vocals need a little more work matching the emotion of the piano. It is a good start and has potential to be great!

Great song!

Fight Song, stay strong... I love the message in this track. It's an impactful recording in the right way. We all have that fight in us. Your track lets any listener know and believe in the fight you still got left in you.

Amen ???? ????????????????????

Amen ???? all the things I didn’t say wrecking ball in my head ???????????????????? Beautiful terminology for the spirit .... smooth but stern love how you kept it straight to the point with your delivery as well...keep it up ✊


This is a good song that is very inspirational for a women. The vocals need some work to it. She is to close to the Mic, However she is on the point. Just need a little bit of producing. It do not need to change the way the broken English is, That gives it some character, but cleaning up the basic stuff to close to the mic, to much reverb, that's why you can hear the mistakes.

Thank you for your beautiful music!

Thank you for your beautiful soul, jazz music. The number sounds very good. Go on like this. It is a sensitive number. This performance was much great to listen to and I appreciate it very much! Thank you for sharing your music.


Fight Song review. this song is a strictly smooth jazz piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in smooth jazz style as I said everything recalls the smooth jazz genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a smooth jazz piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Nice Rendition

i'm so digging the laid back approach to this song. it reminds me of when Nina Simone strips down a Cover Tune to it's bare essentials. it really works for me. i believe that adding background vocals, especially on the hook section, would elevate the effectiveness of the song. i also suggest that certain words & phrases throughout the song should be emphasized and/or sung in different ways so as to give the listener some diversity in your tone.

Nice music

this is a lovely track and i love the composition. Although your music is different to what i usualy listen to, i enjoyed listening to the whole track it has a nice smooth vibe to it, all the best for the future


I am seeing your beautiful vision painted by these lyrics. You are calling forth the hope of a new beginning with this cover! Starting over again. "God has not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and the Mind of An Overcomer! This is a new version and you made it your own. I like the simplicity of the piano accompaniment! Yes, Light will come from on High and endue and imbue all who call upon The Name of Jesus! Because all we have to do is stand and believe in Him!

Love This Song

Great song... Really calm, and smooth.... It's on a Meditation level of Frequency... Eye can feel and hear Soul in this song... Keep going with the Soul music we All need today... Maybe one day we'll be on a track together. Peace and Love.

A Spiritual Pop Treasure...

Bonjour UTE, I was so thoroughly impressed with your work that I reviewed some months ago I thought you had attained your masterstroke. After hearing this 'moving' achievement, I now feel that you are totally capable of continuing at the summit when you like. Your lyrics are your 'paintbrush' to inspire...and your vocals are enchanting...Bravo ! Barrymore
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