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Catchy Little Ditty

From the first notes, you are automatically placed in a FUN mood. The message of the song is needed and word heavy but the vocals need a little more work. My only advice to the vocalist is to sharpen up the vocals to make your somg more universally marketable.

Move Forward

Good words. Rhythm relaxing. The next thing should be to actually go into a studio and remove static spots throughout the sounds. Ask someone to "master" your song. Repeat what you hear God whispering to you.

Review by SStevie Williams

Personally, I think the music was too low and I would recommend you try to relax and put more feeling into your music. I like the lyrics and the idea. I hope this helps. Keep going and it will come. SStevie Williams


This is a great song my prayer is that you who listen will continue to support this song . Also, that you continue to support my brother also & his ministry. So enjoy this song but most importantly the message

But Remember

I will readily admit, this is not my preference in music style. Even with that, I hate to say this but there is absolutely no melody & or harmony. The vocals are flat through out this. A lot of practice & repeated listening to your self will greatly help. Your message is Superb & much needed. You just need to pay intense attention to staying on key & breathing properly. I believe you have to ability to do a good recording, but you really need to work hard on staying on key & harmonizing.

observations from the shadows-review of Themistoklis-But Remember

First thing I noticed is that you`re off key regularly- and very pitchy- and you sing the song like you are reading it or doing a karaoke-needs more rthymic vocal to compliment the instrumentals-RR

It's a little Honky Tonk! Little show tune!

Since I'm not familiar with the sounds of Gospel or Contemporary Christian songs in your culture I can't really judge how your reach and appeal are at home. Here in Mississippi we would play the accompaniment with a regular Grand Piano without the bouncy pop tune style. I liked it however it would be a little too much for our audience. The lyrics are solid and I always love a Gospel song with a strong basis in scripture. With some minor changes we could present this song along with the multiple styles of our repertoire and people would probably like it very much. A solid four out five maybe 4.5 Thank you and keep on spreading the good news.

Keep writing for the Lord

Got a good message and the words are the truth. Need some work on delivery and music but if you're just pitching the song it'd be fine. Keep writing for the Lord and sharing the Gospel of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

But Remember

Themistoklis your music is very up lifting you have a gift and talent that only God could give. I am honor to be ask by you to give a review of your music like the bible said if God be for you more than the world against you. Original artist with rare talent are hard to find plus a musician who is very skillful and know the right sounds to place with a song. Keep winning souls for Jesus and our Father who's in Heaven will take you places you never dream I am artist who obey when the Bible say I in courage other Christians in their work in the Lord. God Bless you Brother

I Like it!

A simple tune that is heartfelt.. It has nice rhythm here. The vocals are not all in tune but it works as I feel the heart in the message. Keep working on the production side of things and perhaps expand the song with adding a few different instruments in it.


This is definately a great song and love the style keep up the great work an continue putting Christ first and I hope to hear more music from you guys soon great great great I hope the best for you and your music that many doors be open

Todays Review

Good afternoon! The overall sound of this song is very unique and different because of the instrumentals that you have used which gives it the overall feel of something like the carribbean , maybe even something out of the 60s pop era. I think that this would be a good sort of piece to try and submit for TV Commercials and Film, because of the sound as well. As an artist you want to always keep your options open to new ventures and remain relevant unique as well as different in your genre. I also find that this piece has a very original sound but again is what the industry would call a niche market. Good luck in your endeavors. Thank you for allowing me to review your material!

Island feel...

This catchy little tune, reminds me of an Island or Calypso style song. Very simple message - seek God and He will answer your call. This should be well received in the Caribbean part of the world.

keep going

nice groove keep spreading the gospel of jesus christ in your own way i was listening for background vocals it looks as you sings your own songs which is great you have a great concept going which just a little touching up this song is catcty you probably could add a few more instruments to your music to bring the song out however stay motivated in your own way this song can be work on a little more and ready to be listened too

but remember

The levels on this seem to low. The vocal seems comical but it just doesnt work. Its hard to listen to. The vocal is out of tune in parts. Theirs no talent here. It doesnt change enough and is boring.
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