Beautiful vocal - lovely tune

This was a joy to listen to. It has a very balanced mix, and the instruments sounds very good. A nice harmony in the back, which gives the beautiful vocal is necessary place in the mix. I would not go so far and call this rock music, but is a sweet popsong which grows on you during its playtime. Nice work!


Très bel ensemble, voix - guitare. Que dire, si ce n'est : harmonie dans la création de cette oeuvre. Elle est riche d'émotions et d'espoir. Ceci malgré un petit relent de tristesse. Le mastering est bien équilibré, bien rond. La voix est de qualité et bien posée. Malheureusement je ne comprends pas assez l'anglais pour me réjouir du texte. C'est une musique qui mérite de sortir sur les charts. Bravo et bonne suite dans vos projets. Jean-Pierre

What a production

Not much to say here because everything is as righteous as it’s ever going to get.While I’m not really into the genre I’m all too well aware how well thought out start to finish this and probably this complete list of efforts are .This and all of this outfit will have an audience for eons. I’m not even gonna nitpick anything apart here as it would be horrible karma to do so. This is the complete package . What a joy it must be to be enveloped in this big family of like minds under one roof.... just pretend I go on forever .love and light.

My Rounded Review

I wasn't going to review this just because of the name and picture! I'm glad I took time to listen. As always, I have the song playing as I write. Imagine yourself driving through fields of wheat, corn, you know, flat straight roads through fields of something. I'm hoping the singer is a petite brunette with big eyes, like Natalie Imbruglia or Susanna Hoff from the Bangles. Nice production, although a loud snare for my taste, the song has it's moments. I was waiting for a third verse, at least a chorus after the long solo. That never happens, the solo brings you to a outro as you drive off into the sunset.

Sweet Vocals , Clean, Well Produced and Easy To Listen To Sound...

Very Sweet Female Lead Vocals. Very nice sound. Easy to listen to. This song has a crossover potential. Good recording. Tight Drumming. Soothing Rhythms and nice chord changes. Well constructed and well thought out production. Acoustic Guitar arpeggio brightens up the mood. Nice Clean Break. Strings help me to float on a cloud of sonic vibes.


Something fresh I'm hearing today..Good to listen.. good to Dance..I like Vocal a lot..something tells me that the arrangement was done by classical background composer.. good job..I like the whole production.. I hope that You will try to pitch it to Radio Stations and Music Publishers..I also like The Latin Name of Your is a good song to perform life.. I wish You a great success..I hope one day I be able to hear You life... Keep up good work...

Found a round sound

Rounders by The Antique Harmoniums (great name, by the way) is a well produced song with strong drumming, inspired guitar and superb vocals. Interesting lyrics too - "It was an honour to change history with you".

Nicely done!

I'll give you the straight goods here like I always would: From the very beginning of the song the vocals are very refreshing and honest, not hiding or covering up for anything, just pure and strong. Very good mix and production values, no clutter at all. I remain impressed and intend to listen again right now! Way o go "The Antique Harmoniums"!!

So beautiful Song!

Hi! This Song remind me Fleetwood Mac at the top!! Beautiful voice, so warm and Sweet! This girl got the magic touch, so beauty that make me Dream with open eyes! The guitar is gentle and very Cool, the sound is very clear but Deep and it's a perfect carpet for the voice. Drums and bass makes a good work in the background, sounds Simple and Cool. For my opinion this is a GREAT Song, really Cool! Very radio-friendly and Cool single. All the best for you in this 2018!! Good luck for the future!

Very impressive!

Upon the first listen to The Antique Harmoniums, it is very obvious this is a band who has a firm grasp of all of the important elements of making great music. The smart production, the excellent songcraft, the heart and passion displayed in the performance...leave no doubt in my mind - this is a band who has what it takes to absolutely go the distance in the music business. I'll be looking forward to any new music they will be releasing in the future!

A real awesome production of an alternative rock song!

Awesome production, which goes hand in hand with the songs purpose. Very impressive and nice vocals, the total focus of that song. But the instruments pay their duty very well as well. Nice little guitar solo, but it stands in the shadow of that great singer. But this is a real awesome production anyhow, very well song writing and a outstanding performance of an alternative rock song!

The Antique Harmoniums

The Antique Harmoniums song rounders is definitely as sweet as sugar, reminds me of Fleetwood Mac in places and Suzanne Vega. A lovely vocal with such lovely tone and the beautiful acoustic. Nice electric work not to much just the right amount lovely melody solo. Again I would recommend this to anyone it's a very nice put together piece. Keep up the hard work The Antique Harmoniums and best of luck with your musical journey.


A Kate Bush Lyrical Style of story telling is what this song calls to mind. Dramatic in it's performance and ambitious in it's scope. I found it difficult to hear all the words but maybe I have to listen to it again. The musical composition at the end is superb. I enjoyed the song in it's entirety. This would be a great to hear and see performed live.

Great song

Hey, nice song with a nice instrumental and a sweet voice of the singer. It reminds me a bit of Epica, because this singer is of great quality. Feels like listening to more, again and again. Keep up with the good music!

Roundabout to a great song

As the song starts and the drums kick in matching the cadence of the keys I begin to think how great this song would sound with a sweet gentle female voice and then she starts to sing. Such a perfect choice in the arrangement of tones. The mix is superb with beautiful tones and changes all the way through. The only thing I wish was different is the first lead guitar part. THTS a great sounding guitar and I with the distortion was toned down to about half of what it is with a pinch more reverb to send it sailing even higher than it does. With pieces like this you guys deserve the best.
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