Heavenly Solace

right off the back, I appreciated the extended guitar work for the introduction. Not often do we hear an extended beginning. good job. really good setting on the guitar chorus, not too heavy, very sensual. Length of the song is more to my liking.....above 3 minutes. I like. interesting that the song didnt include any initrusive bridges are breakaways, steady emotion. NIce downmix. the song is peaceful and very well executed. the vocals were laid back and a tad lazy. which matched the tone of the song. I really liked this song, i play acoustic and can appreciate the overall mood.


Hola soy de Argentina, Buenos Aires y escuchando tu música he recordado mis viajes por oriente. Quizas haya en tus notas una influencia o simplemente a tocado alguna fibra muy intima que me ha dado la posibilidad de recorrer con el pensamiento esos lugares que guardo en el corazon. Muchas gracias por permitirnos disfrutar de tu gran talento.

Waking dream

Templetree's recording of "Heaven" creates a relaxing acoustic vibe, with just one guitar and one voice. It is pure acoustic, a stark and dream sound, with just slight use of reverb on the voice. The song features a lengthy guitar intro. I have never heard a guitar sound quite like this. Don't know if the throaty tone comes from a special type of instrument, or is created by an effect added thru the amp, but it stays in the baritone range of the instrument, making little if any use of the high strings. There is undeniable talent in Templeton's dreamy, sophisticated, and evocative voice. Together with the guitar, she creates the sound of a waking dream.


I love the acoustic sound of the guitars, the song has a lot of potential , I think to get it more friendly listening I would use some percussion throughout the song to help listeners hearing it for the first time to flow easier with the timing of the song and movement.


I really liked the acoustic guitar and the overall ethereal feel of her singing...nice and very original. I had a little trouble catching all the words but that may be just because of her accent. Will listen to more of her songs.


For only one instrument supporting this arrangement it lacks separation in cadence between rhythmical push and underlying recurring beat patterns. Adding a cello for bass bottom and a repetitive drum motif will free the guitar and vocal. As they already are but could be much deeper and moving with more of a musical resolve where you already allow the song to musically breath. I like it, which is saying a lot considering I have yet to find much at all that I like on this site so far... l titled this review as esoteric meaning that only a few may understand its meaning or depth.

Beautiful sound

I just heard your song, the first thing that I enjoyed was your guitar playing. It sounded so original, delicate and beautiful. I can tell you this because I always pay attention when a singer-songwriter plays guitar along with a song. ¡And then your beautiful voice! You really sing nice, with a deep feeling and inspiration. Thank you very much for your music. It was a pleasure to listen to your song.

Dreamy and Intelligent

The song is beautiful- I love the constant flow in structure. Your voice is uniquely your own! Keep writing songs ... PLEASE!! The recording could use a little refining. I would lower the effect on the guitar (phase?) and play to a click track to keep your tempo smooth.

Heaven , Templetree

Really nice song , Thought the intro was slighty too long , But apart from that all good , Vocals and Lyrics were Beautiful, I can here a violin or peddle steal in there to fill out the sound , Very good ????


I felt somewhat unsatisfactory about this song composed only of acoustic guitar one and vocl...I feel very unsatisfactory with a bluesy guitar ...I think it is a song that dislikes there is a good atmosphere thank you good luck


Very nice melodie and guitar. I really like her voice and singing. Great song full of life and I get the feeling change is in the air. I think it is very natural and flows with true emotion. Great song by Templetree.

intéressante musique

bonjour, j'aime bien votre voix, la chanson est original, et l'accompagnement va bien avec, c'est un son de guitare proche de la musique orientale, c'est d'un bon effet , musique progressive et qui berce nos oreilles, bien à vous

Too long and slow

The song entitled "Heaven" had a very mezmarizing affect on me. The introduction was very smoothe Vocal qualities of the song were well performed and mixed. A very good production. BLESSINGS!

Really amazing!

I really like this song, the beginning of this song is so nice and mellow it immediately captures my attention. I was thinking this was all instrumental then your lovely voice came flowing into my ears. I like your lyrics very intriguing. The lyrics are vivid and tantalizing to the imagination. I didn't want the song to end as it is one of those types of tunes that are like a breeze that feels really nice in the middle of the night. You did really well with this song!

Templetree remind me passed great years

You should continue your research in this music field! I believe you could upload other great pieces. Just now i'm relaxing my autoimmune disease pains listening your note! Try also electronic devices connected to your guitar. Greetings Matteo
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