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Unexpected power...

I hear a beautiful melody, that immediately indicates that the journey will be long. It is accompanied by the support of the strings, which occasionally disappears, causing additional tension. The whole orchestra in climax gives the depth needed to show the unexpected power of the last shot that completes the story of courage. Well written movie music that plays the film itself to the sad end. All that remains is an echo, an echo of courage. Great done Susan! Howgh mondxxi


Symphony quality with wonderful tympanic resonations of the percussion. I felt this was a great track for a thriller or suspense movie. I liked the finish but it left me hanging and I would haveliked to hear more. It is the kind of compositon that srikes you like Vangellis in Chariots of Fire. If I remember correctly teh percussion made it very memorable and dynamic. I like the strings in this piece which kept the whol composition tidy and cohesive. The emotive quality of suspense and a person going to sieze the day was what I felt was special about it. Thank you for sharing! I think you should submit it to NYC hits for a soundtrack for Radio Picks for Classical music. You would get lots of airtime. Also on Google Music and Radio Airplay worldwide would get you some top exposure.


At first I wasn’t sure what I would think about this song until it got going. The audio is mixed and blended well with good separation for the layers of or castration. It is bold and beautifully arranged. I gave 4 thumbs up and would have gave 5 thumbs if the climax would have been a little more dynamic. Good job overall.


I really can't criticize anything here. If you aren't involved in soundtrack work you should be. Curious about what your using to create these orchestral sounds, but assume it's computer based program. Great stuff, superior songwriting talent!

good orchestral strings song.

I listen "courage" song i like different part of strings , can imagine big orchestre here. it is really a very good job . I recommend all to listen to this music, very well orchestrated, a perfect sound will be like Concert Hall

Nice soundtrack

The soft textures were great. This would make good in a movie. When considering the title, I expected something a little more aggressive. Though very pretty, I found it being a little monotonous.

Beautiful and deep

Un precioso tema para orchestra. Sensible y muy delicado. No desarrolla grandes ideas melódicas pero sus texturas son atractivas, asi como la instrumentacion. Felicitacioes Susan!! Espero escuchar mucho mas!


Thank you for asking me to do your review. I love classical and instrumental music! I think this has a great start with a rolling strings. I can feel the sincerity of the music as there may be a challenge ahead that is faced. There is a nice selection of instruments with a nice setting. It has a nice smooth feel overall a nice tempo and nice placements of the orchestra. I think you have something here. Keep up the great work! All the best!


This is Very Nice Composition good for a Life Concert and also for a Movie Background..I do think It will not have any problem to be played on Classical Radio Stations.. It has a Perfect Tine for You know Music Publishers almost never take a Classical Instrumental Music to Publish..but with Good Luck some movie Studio might gave You a try to send It to Them and let's see what They will say.. I do think this is one on The Best from You...GOOD Job..


This is a Very Nice Tune.. It was a Pleasure to listen..You are Painting a Picture with Your Music and This is Very Important..It is Good not only for a Movie but as Instrumental Piece in Concert call...I Think You need to send It to some Music Publishers and let's see what They will is not easy to place an Instrumental Music but with good luck who know..also try to send It to some Radio Stations..Iwish You good luck with submissions.. Good Job...I Really Like It..


It comes as a wave crashing upon a shore, a tenuous feeling of agitation from strings counting time, and a melody beginning to question the feelings created by an underlying beat of the heart. Then as contemplation delivers a decisive conviction, strength of character spills out with a glorious feeling. Energy carries movement forward to an explosive finale. Courage is gained through conviction, artistry is defined by expression, music is the language that conveys virtue.


This is Very Nice Composition..You are painting a Picture with Your Music..and I Like That Very much..I hope that someone will use it in Film or Video.. is good also to play at a Concert Hall..Music Market for Music like That is very limited it will be hard to pitch It to a Music Publisher..but Try and let see what will happen and if You have some contacts send It to some Movie Studio..You gave me a nice Surprise today.. Good Job... I Like It a Lot...Keep going...I wish You Good Luck..

Quality Music

Wonderful dynamics and crescendos. Every chapter is different but all are connected by the theme and the key. The rhythm flows as if liquid supports it, and it’s almost any tempo you wish. Very Nice! I still have no words to describe the ending, and I’ve listened to it a few times. Susan Garrett is a creative artist, and I can’t imagine anyone not liking her music. Again Susan has raised the bar for quality music, and everyone else might as well get back to work. Thanks for your art Susan; I enjoy listening.
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