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Pulsar gets my pulse racing

Starting with a dissonance and foreboding underbelly, overlaid with arpeggios and scintillating bells, then legato strings,ripe with a filtered noise creating the atmosphere. the melody is revealed and accentuated with pizzicato strings along with flutes in counterpoint. Cellos play rythmically whilst the brass lays down the harmonies, strings enter and lift your vision to the skies. All delivered with anticipation and mystery. Resolution comes with a the second movement, played out in 3/4 hanging like a question. The discovery of the unknown is described with a repeat of the opening phrases, evolving through to a chorus questioning the wonder of our universe, a spiritual awakening that perhaps we are not alone here in the eternity that surrounds us.


I like this! It is how a dream! Great job, beautiful music. Congratulations, Susan Garrett! I'm feel how many times is necessary close the my eyes to go beyond of the dream to hear this beautiful song. Thank you, Susan Garrett!

Pulsar LGM-1

You are right this creation of yours is just right for theme music in a motion picture or documentary on pulsars and I just love and enjoyed how you went from a start that builds up and then settles down and build to a final climatic ending. This is a magnificent piece of music thank you for sharing it with us mortals. I could listen to this creation all day.

Nice groove

Enjoyed very much. Would be excellent for film music or music for dance. :) :) Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Indeed

Susan Garrett PULSAR LGM-1

A Good quality recording clean and clear . A track to put in you chilling out collection . Nice modern effects and traditional instroments Susan successfully takes you on a journey and relaxes the listener as layers of sound keep you interested well worth a play.

Close your eyes

Close your eyes and you can imagine yourself embarking on a journey at the speed of light out into an endless universe. I particularly like the transitions between sections as the journey you are creating develops. I am a sucker for anything scificus (my term for this genre of instrumental) and I found myself drawn along with the pulsar clearly in my sights. Five stars for creativeness, five stars for the story and five stars for making me feel good again. Oh and another five for giving me something to aim for.


Ótima faixa para um filme, talvez de suspense, ou música ambiente, por exemplo. Eu gostei particularmente do piano, gostei muito também do sons de orquestra, música lenta, mas acho que poderia ter sido acrescentado drum's pelo menos no final.


Very Nice and relaxing.. just close the eyes and take a trip to The Stars..what is good ..You are making a Story with Your Music .I know that some will just to relax..I do not know if Main Radio will play It ( it is a little to long )..and I'm not sure which part to cut..but if is possible try to make It around 4 min long and I think Radio will play It.. Music Publishers are Very Hard to please.. They almost never take Instrumental Music for Publication.. but who know.. Just send to Them and let's see what will happen..I wish You good luck with submissions.. Good Job..

Pulsar LGM-1 - Review

Thanks again for asking me to write a review. I enjoy a good instrumental music section. There is some nice transitions that allow a nice variety to the theme. There is a nice string section that allows a nice melody with a the woodwinds and nice effects with it. The choir is a nice touch. If anything at all brass instruments can be hard along with string instruments to be convincing as the real thing. It is always a challenge. The brass allows a nice context to it. I would imagine a Pulsar that has a type of rhythm to it, in a way calculating as they do. Well done on starting with the theme coming back to it at the end, very important. Overall a very captive and enchanting piece of music. Nice work! All the Best!


Very Nice relaxing Composition..It is a little to long for a Radio Rotation ( They take most of The Time around 3.5 min long )but try to send To some Classical Music Radio and who know with good luck They will use You know is Very Hard to found a Music Publisher for Instrumental Music to tell You truth I do not know anyone on the other hand I think It will fit for a Meditation Music so try to send to someone who Publishing a New Age Category of Music.. I wish You good luck.. GOOD Job..

Susan Garret

Sounds great! It is amazing! The piano is fantastic. Do you have web page? Have you launched these music in iTunes, Spotify, apple music, youtube u others for streaming? If you need something from me, please let me know! My best regards, The Piano Charmer.


The discovery of LGM-1 and other deep mysteries tells me our species has reached the level that knows where we are in this region of the Universe. When I discovered Susan Garrett’s music I realized we are deserving of this achievement. Human art is keeping up with technical advancements. A lot of popular music today is just plain embarrassing when compared to Susan’s “Pulsar LGM-1”. Susan has captured the emptiness and completeness of outer space. You seem to be still but are traveling near the speed of light. How can existence be so large? Listen to "Pulsar LGM-1" and you will understand. Susan has put to music what can’t be described with words. When Susan’s music stops the real emptiness begins, and all we have to do is start the music again. Thank you for your art Susan.


I like Your composition and I hope You wrote It upon request other way it will be hard to pitch It to Music Publishers and Radio Stations for very simple reason.. It is to long.. yes it will be good for some video or Film but Movie Studios have a Music Dept.. and is EXTRA hard to pitch to Them...other good idea is to always use a Real Instruments not a Computer Generated Music.. Trust Me.. Real Instruments always sound Much Better..I like and I wish You good luck.. good Job..

Song Review

At first, I never thought this instrumental would be great. After listening to it, I found out that it super awesome. I give the creator a 5 start review for producing this great work. Keep up the good work.
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