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Beautiful music

I remember my youth when I was jumping carelessly across the wide meadows. I was not concerned with survival, I was just living. And it really was a very short period, just as the "raining in heaven" is too short. Beautiful music for precious memories. Howgh mondxxi

Raining Notes From Heaven

A cute composition which ends a bit too soon in our opinion. Android’s Girl, Mila, says nice song for a religious service. I was anticipating Rain and perhaps some thunder in the background but it never came. The effect would have enhanced the mood, or perhaps used in the crescendo which wasn’t apparent. So Android gave you a 4.5, Mila a 4, and Iggy Ice 3.5 . The overall score could be a 10, if the song was another minute, simulated an atmosphere, and had a noticeable crescendo. We love your artistic interpretation and you have a nice disposition! There was a part where we could almost hear your piano. I followed you note for note just now on my piano, and the song sounds more alive it parts. I’ve been to heaven a few times during my astral travels. The Rain sounds the same there as it does here. Summary: high marks for Artistic value. Middle of the road for technical value, yet it left us in a good mood, but thirsty from our discussion. The mix could be better. Check your levels. Iggy Ice Publicity for iAndroid Dior D’Nai Dei

Raining In Heaven

I love the intro. It sounds like a heavenly orchestra. I wonder how you were inspired, but I am sure it must have been in prayer or while you were there on a visit. It is uplifting like a serenade from Our Lord and like a message of hope to us of glory to come if we persevere in all trials until we can receive the Overcomer's Crown of Life that God has promised to those who love Him. Go in to Heaven and receive your accolade and Award. I know It will be waiting for you there when you arrive one day in the soon coming return of Our King. The instrumental is faultless I wish it had continued longer. It would be excellent for a piece in a movie about The Rapture. Best of blessings to you all.

Unique song

No thank you for allowing me to listen to your music I really like the song I love the music very present music very unique very well put together welcome. I love this type of music very relaxing meditating I'm thinking sharing your gift with me in the world continues it take Creator continue to make music don't stop doing what you doing and anytime I would love to hear any music that you got coming out I have a great weekend may God bless you in all your endeavors

Susan Garrett Arrangement Raining in Heaven

Well if this is Rain in Heaven then it is very pleasent the quality of the recording is very good and clean I feel this could be classed as film Music as it woke up images in my head of Disney like performances The end was a bit of a suprise seemed you were going somewhere and stopped . the use of your chosen instuments so mellow and smooth an easy listen wish you all the best .


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Thank you again for asking me to review your music. A very nice melody with your opener very pleasant. The Violin is a way to add a soft melody to an angelic tone with the harp rolling in the background. The string section gives an majestic elegance. A very pleasant arrangement with a nice accompaniment. I would imagine a nice rain fall as I listen to this piece. Well done! Keep up the great work! All the best!


I'm not sure if ever is Rain in Heaven.. but I know that Your composition will fit very nice in there..You make me Happy today to bad that is to short.. You must build It make It longer.. gave a piece of Heaven to people.. make It app 5 min long .I do not think it will be a big problem for You to do It...I know that an Instrumental Music is very hard to Pitch to Music Publisher but Try.. I wish You good luck with It.. You did a Good Job..


You make My Day today...I Think You use a French Horn in This Tune..It will be Great if You make It a Longer app. 4 min me is to short..You put Me in The Mood.. and all Stops...I Like Your Tune..You did a Good Job on It..I do not know Haw Classical Music Publishers will react but Please send It to Them and lets see what will happen..What is also Important You Match Title with The Music and I Love That... I wish You good Luck with submissions..


Very enjoyable instrumental. Potentially a great song to play as you reminisce over great memories or while celebrating the life of a loved one. Great melody and choice of instruments.


This is relaxing but I must say it is to short..I think that Instrumental Music has to be app 5 min long ( a Song has a Lyric which is telling The Story and Instrumental music need a little more time to tell It ) is not easy to place Music like that in the Radio Rotation or Music Publisher for It is very small..but I wish You Good Luck with submissions let's see what Music Insiders will say about It.. I like It.. You did a good job..

tremendous peace

You’ve done it again Susan with your song, “Raining In Heaven.” When I hear rain on the roof I sleep better than ever, and why not? Rain is life and after a draught it’s like Heaven. Listening to “Raining In Heaven” gives me peace of mind, heart and soul. Last week I was hiking in the Rain Forest and it was raining. I felt tremendous peace like I feel when I listen to Susan Garrett’s music, and I think I’ll listen again.

A Tranquil Journey in Sound!

Love this Instrumental Music piece! I can imagine a nature video of waterfalls, and deep forests, and beautiful sunsets and moonlit skies, while listening to this.... A sweet vacation to a magical place, full of inner Peace and Joy! :-)

In every dark cloud there is a silver lining!

A very relaxing composition that begins with a short introduction setting the mood, brass ( similar to french horns introduce the underlying woodwinds supporting a string melody carrying the line through to a flute, woodwind ensemble. Never a dull moment with a heartening ending that is uplifting and exits on a bright note. I can feel the movement of the clouds coming on that herald the rain, the melancholy and nostalgia accompanies the darkness of the central melody and the clearing of the skies as the piece concludes. Thanks Susan for sharing this.

Raining in Heaven

I liked this music. Good harmony variations and flowing movement. I also liked the gentle, soothing quality of the tempo and rhythm. Combination of instruments was well done. I, personally, would like a little more variation in the strings volume.
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