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sleep with I song

It OK it worth a listen to and the Riddim is a good one and it also tell u the story of the song The artist could do with a little more promo with the song world wide n get more people to listen to this


If I was to describe this song it would be smooth and refreshing, evolving yet revolving. Aspect of the song seem new or different while seeming classical and known at the same time. I really enjoyed.


First I must say I like the smooth melody and the rhythm of this song. I could play this over and over to get a vibe or put you in a mellow mood any time of the day I love it. Iam just saying to myself if this Artist continue to make song like this sky the limit for him. Needless I say more so I give this one four and a half stars. Just keep on doing your thing my brother and you will get a big pay day.

Sleep With Me; Reviewed

From the name for the title of this song is knew it had to be a love song and I wasn't surprised when the vocals came into the mix. This song seems to begin very early with the song in full flight by the time we reach the second 8 beat bar into the song. I think the composition of this track works well with this genre, it's not high energy but it is uptempo, I found that unusual for a love song. The lyrical content is great with a good message in the song, man to woman and woman to man, it's great. In fact as reggae love songs go, the sounds of this one is first class lovers rock. Traditional elements of drum, piano, guitar horns and a synth pad vibe in the back of the mix. The vocals and backing vocals cut across in the mix real clear it easy to hear what is being sung. Great groove but then end runs out on you before you've realised the song has finished, similarly at the start of the song where it seems to begin and is off running before you've readied yourself to hear the song. This audio production presents itself as very professionally competent and it sounds like a first rate job.

sleep with me

First of all a beautiful song great lyrical content and production.However the level of the lead vocals could be raised a few decibels because it sounds a bit low in the mix this would make the work easier when mastering,Other than that I feel that it is a big track and would do really well in the Reggae/Lovers rock market especially in U.K good luck,

Sleep with me

This is my first introduction to Neo-Soul. I was surprised to be somewhat impressed. I Like the Artificial Rythematic Patterns, that accompany The reggae-inspired, soul & Disco patterns. The Vocals are fresh sounding. all in all, I Like what I Here..Now Let Me Sit Back & start This Over....4'5.....O.K.


That's awesome music man keep doing your thing it will pay off one day sounding real good though,your music reminds me of some vintage greats are you on Instagram or other social media




Real lovers classic with excellent and evocative vocals. A full round sound full of bounce and excitement. One of those tuns that makes you want to get up and personal with a lady on the dance floor. A great tune,

Classic sound

I listen t this song 3 times. I love your voice . The song give that classic reggae feel to it. I can definitely hear this on the radio one day. or even played in the clubs. Keep making great tones, Look forward o hearing more hits like this one.

Sleep with me.

Just sleep with me. I dont know if its the device that i'm using but after about a minute the song start to play and stop. So i cant even get to lizten to it good. But the part i get to hear tells me that its a good song.

Nice Vibes

The title of the song made me very sexy tune,reggae music mixed with rhythm and blues,I am loving the vibes I am getting from this tune,well put together,singer vocals are on fire,song is on fire,I love it.


nice mix ......kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

sleep with me review

r/b style reggae broadway style well balanced nice background vocals solid arrangement. i like the more advanced chords giving the jazz element. the song has the complexity for sure. It is obviously made on a keyboard possible logic x. the song is strong and there is not much to say wrong with it besides the sequenced feel - real instruments would make it pop harder i think, horns and drums. subject is ok but leaves little to the imagination lol.

up top

Good tune love the style of music it's the real authentic reggae can't get no better than that. Looking forward to hearing some more of your work/music...The thing them properly...Big up you self !
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