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War Is Not A Game

Outstanding Base Line. The Vocal Group Is Very Good, they are Reminiscent of The O.J.'s (A Famous 1970's R.& B.Group..) The Lyrics, & Music for this Track Is Well Done. The Mix, & Production Was Well Done. All In All, I Thnk Its A 4.1

Put the guns down!

This production "War is not a game" is an uptempo reggae vibes song that brings a message that the world needs to hear. It's instrumentation and arrangement makes this recording makes this composition almost sound jazzy. Great job.

War is not a game

War is not a game it dont have to be that way need to trough guns away it destroy familly it take lives its not a games to play god is calling god is balling to put the gun down it is not a game to play u must not be afreid just only have faith

awesome music

wow this is just Wonderfull music it sound awesome and I would love to here so much Moore from this awesome music looking forward to see Moore and Moore this is sweet reggae music I recommend this to the world essi tassa

Nice song

Keep putting out positive music it will pay one day remember music alone shall live some day we can do some work together in the future you can check out my stuff also and if you are on Instagram follow @ikuna_kush bless up


Nice lyrics and groove.... one love vibe is strong nice Acoustic guitar really fills out the music, I like you a lot and I would recommend it to my friends here in California. I hope they come play here

Not a game

An excellent track beautifully balanced and executed with a good aim at its target. Smooth vocals with a positive message I,m sure any listener could identify with. At the same time, the track is very relaxing and therapeutic.


good muzik kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

On the way

I really like the the voice and topic of the song. Unfortunately it’s hotting the wrong tone every now and then. Also the chorus is a bit off pitch. But It’s a great mellow mood “tell you, to put the gun down” really stuck to me and with some more work on the fill out melodies and on the beat I don’t have any doubt that this is on the way to something bigger. Thank you for creating a this and keep up the good work.

War is not a game

Conscious lyrics that resonate with my perceptions of how precious life really is, iife is for us to give God thanks and praises everyday. Too many politricks that result in the loss of too many lives. Give thanks for this track and keep up the good music works. Mawete G


blesssings true words especially in these times its definitely a good look you really need someone to teach the younger generations to act right so keep doing your work brother and one love

Reggae Vocal

The production is not bad I would love to hear more of the reggae vocal sound too much like R&B words dragging pronunciation is important don't forget reggae always carry a message and therefore the message must be convincing. You Keyboard need a bit lower end its a bit too thin take into consideration it glues the track. Nonetheless it a good track I love the message really positive.


This is real good work. i don't know if you have this tune on the airwaves, but I hope it is. The riddim track is nice pus the vocals are on point. Keep up the good work dread. I would really recommend you to other folks, bless up.

War is not a game

Big up Stickz!nice smooth vocals.nice melody.the lyrics pon de money.we living in a time of gun violence and he is spreading the message of Love .War is is not the answer,share more love,I like this song very much,imagine if we had more of this muzik.Stickz bredren your vocals and backings are really cool.Trust and Faith.

Your music

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