Steve Gibb / About Time / Princeton Lament

Sweet guitar

Wow, this is nice and sweet guitar playing, very mellow and Oh My Goodness, you are playing with so much passion and feeling. I can't think of a time where I've heard a guitarist play like this. That is very impressive. I like the was this song feels. The way you are playing it is so expressive. I am truly amazed. I can almost hear what your playing is saying. You have excellent playing style. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!


This is a gorgeous piece of acoustic guitar music. It is indeed classically Celtic, soaring and melodic; peaceful and flowing; radiant and soothing. It evokes a sense of the pastoral, where old Pagan traditions are observed.

Ahhh....solo acoustic guitar!

Music to my ears. A fellow acoustic guitarist! Sounds great. I love the slight English/Irish flare to this piece. It has a lovely melody and is quite lyrical in nature. The recording sounds very clean and well done. Professionally recorded. This is a nice piece, played and recorded very well. Well done!

Excellent Guitarplay and Composition

A very good and technical clean guitarplay. Its smooth and very soft, with some celtic elements. Plays like a calm river flowing by, your memories, too. As it it will be. As it never will be again. As i said, a fine level of guitarplay and a also fine composition. Where when i right, two or three parts are played, not shure about this. To Read the Bio gives me a feeling of respect, because of his actions in musicbuisness, like playing with petula clark or britney spears, which is absolutly not my genre, but had a huge sucess. And also as a composer he had great sucess, as working for some big fishes there like NBC or ABC. So, he studied well both of it (guitarplay and composition). Iam honored with writing a review for this artist, and iam think its a good thing, that he is here on n1m, so one feels not this alone... ...great job. I dont give a 5, because i need more emotional challenging music, which deals with the darker und deeper things in live. But the rest, as expected, quite perfect!


Princeton Lament is definitely an introspective piece, I perceived it from the first note and I think I have guessed. the piece shows itself in the eyes of the listener without any hesitation, is not afraid to be seen in its essence, does not try to hide his soul but the fair show because what matters is to be and not to appear. I think I have fully rendered my emotions that your piece has aroused in me. good job

belle musique

j'aime le son de votre guitare et de votre composition, c'est une belle musique qui est très calme et plaisante, et comme j'aime la guitare tout en étant pianiste, j'ai écouté votre oeuvre avec plaisir. bien à vous André Zimmermann

Princeton Lament.

This is a really nice piece of music with a lot of Scotish music influence. I made the trip. And it's very clean, well played. I like the acceleration in the middle! So you composed it? Good job !! It makes me remember some Tony McManus's tunes.

Review - Steve Gibb - Princeton Lament

Amazing Performance. Beautifully written and performed. This was a very relaxing musical journey. from beginning to end, every note was in it's perfect place. A very enjoyable piece of music. If I had to say that there was something is wrong with this song, I would have to say that the problem is, not everyone has gotten the chance to hear it yet. I am following you now as well. Keep up the good work. Make more! - Del Leon


Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent Keep doing your thang keep grinding bro you definitely have potential and the talent is there continue to make that real music you doing and you gone make it fam that’s my opinion keep working

Desperta os 5 sentidos!

Eu realmente amei! Uma melodia que realmente retrata um lamento, é realmente uma obra prima. Como as canções no universo da música clássica, sinestésicas... Você pode ver cores, sentir emoções, e sabores através dos sons... Um ponto a mais para a captação do som, que além de tudo nos oferece um som de qualidade. É meu primeiro comentário aqui, comentei pois realmente essa melodia é impecável! Parabéns ao guitarrista Steve.


really enjoyed this cut-it reminds me of a sunrise or a sunset on a nice breezy evenings when I use bto live in the southwest and reminds me of the skies of many colors-steve this is a soothing tune with a great acoustic sound that had me listen to it a few times with speakers cranked-good work! terry

beautiful guitar intro

beautiful guitar intro, I really like the tone and the chord pattern . Very relaxing song and your style sounds effortless the way you play it. I would love to hear lyrics to this sounds like it could be a song about the old west. Or what ever you think. Keep it up.

Hi Steve Gibb! Here is My Review

Hi Steve this is a very nice mellow tune well done you play very well and I enjoyed listening to it keep up the great work and thanks for giving the world something wonderful to listen to I can tell you play from the heart on a scale of 1-10 here is my 10 I hope I have said something that will be of some use to you and your career I look forward to hearing more songs from you in the future from James Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Universal Music Group.

Just lovely

such a lovely medieval sounding piece. Switches between minor and major so your mind and heart are just soaring and dipping all the time chasing the melody. Very accomplished and fine instrumenal


what a nice sound Steve!, your acoustic guitar evoques such melancholic sweetness that reach my heart and fill it with beautiful longing. Though it has nothing to do with my south american roots, this celtic music is like a caress to my soul, cheers
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