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Total Control

Orbit is the perfect name for this song; I can feel the rotation pattern in the background. When the synthbass comes in it seems like we’re getting closer to the planet. Soon we’re cruising over jagged mountain tops; don’t get too close. Spexzter’s music is perfect in every way, never misses a beat or a note. A thirty second note drum filler tells me to pay attention to the hidden melody. A solid bass drum says don’t worry; we are in total control. Orbit ends rather abruptly, maybe that was the wrong planet. I can’t wait to get to the next one, and I want to come back to this one.


This track is nice . Nice intro and outro. Cool and calm selection of instruments and sounds in the background . Transitions and mixing were on point. Nothing negative was found to add to this review. Good work!


Ok I will do that...To me this is some bigger project.. like Film..Theater..etc..so in order to make a good comment I need to see ALL..now as a Instrumental Tune ONLY.. to me not much is going on..I'm hearing to much computer work..and no Real Instruments..I do not think Music Publishers will be impress..after all They arelooking for Music not a Computer work.. again is different if this wos written for a Bigger Project..so I gave You 3 Stars.. and wish You good luck with It...

Sci-Fi dance -n-trance

This track starts out slow builds up into this Sci-Fi dance -n-trance experience that's keeps and maintains its identity and atmosphere. Everything about this track sounds good and keeps you interested and there is not a dull moment in this track I give this a 4.5 out of FIVE for quality in song writing and production. Good stuff people this is some good stuff... this is highly recommended

Great tune

Hello.I have listened to your song and i really like how the song builds up and it has a nice soft touch to it. I really like your sound and it makes me happy.I dont usually listen to this type of music but i will recommend it to some friends Pordisko

Spexzters jam

Thought your music was ok my friend.. It moves along taking you on a journey flowing nicely smooth and easy, well done Spexzter! Playing in the background I would class this as easy listening electronic style music. Keep up the good work!
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