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No name

Oii fico muito bom essa track bem viajante ao som do trance ambiente hipótese adorei continue o bom trabalho está de parabéns espero encontrar mais tracks para poder escutar daqui um tempo

No Name Yet

Gigi D Angostino And 90`s Techno Trance MIDI Sounds, Add Enginnered Samples For The "Beat" And "Bassline" The Lead Will Also Need To Be Layered. I BeliveIs Fixable The Melody Needs To Be Catchier Also The Bassline, Check Out The "Circle Of Fifths" And If You Want To You Can Use 432hz And Fibonnacci Sequence, The Water Drops Sound Need To Be Reverb Aligned With The Beat, So The Reverb Tail Won't Be Taking Space On The Mix, Shape The Percussion, Bass Line, Lead Notes, Also Cutting Frecuencies On The Equalizer Will Help To Build A Clean Mix. Layer Everything If Needed!

Sonidos originales...

Sin ser un estilo musical habitualmente escuchado, esta canción sorprende por su gran originalidad y variedad de sonidos que nos enseña. Un ritmo trepidante con ese sentido clásico pero a la vez moderno de la música electrónica. Cada arreglo de sintetizadores están muy bien cuidado, a veces parece que estas escuchando varias canciones en una sola. Muy acertado el resultado final con sabor al mejor J.M Jarre.

Good electronica

Bergen, Norway’s Spexter has produced a nice piece of polyphonic electronica. This mosaic of sounds has a nice dance feel to it. The simple beat along with the layered melodic motifs make this enjoyable on at least a couple of different levels.

Like to hear it when finished

This track "no name-yet and haven't remastered it yet"ENJOY!By Spexter begins like quite a lot of other tracks around, the bass draws you in and the melody is okay but i am not really hearing anything that stands out, maybe when it is finished it might come together a bit more, it definitely shows some promise, but i personally would like to encounter more dynamics within the track.

Nordic Trance

A trance progression starts of this composition that utilizes gated pads in-conjunction with a melody that is based on the chord sequence. The song's arrangement adds additional elements keeping the interest of the listener as various stages of the track unfold. The mix is even with all of the frequency spaces correctly allocated ensuring that the mix is clear and that the soundscape remains uncluttered. :)

Like a flight thru Space

I´m loving this Track like a voyage thru the Galaxy and all of Planets, Asteroids and Stars. Also the chords and melody are fantastic by harmonic emotions. Only the Bass could be more powerfull and i missed some of classical strings insice but it´s perfect instrumental electronic Music for promotional presenting. Thank you and Greets

Small comment...

Hello! I have not commented for a long time, but I will, because you ask me for it. What I would like to know is why you asked me ... The work is well done, the sounds are well known, this detail has not much difference with respect to other works that I have heard, but there is no problem with this, because they are warm sounds and you have made good selection with them, because they are adapted to the style of the style of this work and harmonize well with each other, which makes it sound with good harmony in general. In addition to this, you have made a good composition of the melodies, especially the main ones. These are sweet and emotional melodies, as they have a touch of joy and melancholy at the same time. This music is quite versatile, apt to be listened to in any mome2 and in any place, that is to say, being a quite environmental music, there are less limits for people to reproduce it. In conclusion, the work is good and of quality !!! Keep it up...
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