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You and I

To me this my kind of country. The mix is right, everything is nicely balanced and your voice is forward where it should be not lost in the backing. The piano that is carrying along well. I like the lyrics also.

Well Done

Fantastic lyrics tune is also, great job on the delivery.It ex-simplifies what traditional country is all about, telling a story or painting a picture lyrically. Well done on all accords the type of music I Love.Getting back to the basics is what I try to do and you apparently have the same philosophy as me , once again thanks for all yur hard work.

Clean Play

Thanks for taking ' you and I' out honky-tonkin'. clean vocals , and guitar! It was a real pleasure , hearing good old smoke-filled bar-room music again. I have missed it. I owe you a brew, for that welcome buzz. I really like the lyrics and flow! Excellent job! Keep 'em comin'!

Review for Rickey Garrard's (You and I).

Beautiful lyrics, love the good old Traditional style. This song has a great message and Rickey brings a great country sound with his traditional sounding vocals. Love the production. All in all Great Song! Good job Guys!

"You and I" is an old timey classic sounding Country Song

From the first note Harvey D. Speakman Sr. played he spoke to my heart. If you've ever been married you know what I mean. When you take those sacred vows you cross over to the other side of eternity even if you fall short of the mark and don't actually have the fortitude to fulfill that committment. This goes in spaded if you have children together. However, if you are fortunate enough to and have the humility and guts to actually make it for 40 or 50 or 60 years of holy matrimony this song is an anthem to you and your bretheren. The Pedal steel is pays hommage to the spirit of this song with it's melody. The hearffelt longing vocal line is fitting and appropriate for the subject matter at hand. And the slow steady tempo of this song reinforces the fact that slow and steady always wins the race in the game of love.

You and I-Rickey Garrard

Hi Harvey. I finally managed to get some time to have a listen to your song. It was just a beautiful melody, and a wonderful story. So important by today's standards to have both, and I feel that you captured them in your song. I played it a couple times, and really enjoyed listening to it. I could definitely see it being played on stage. Thank you for sharing.

Some pure ole country

Great instrumental start guitar and drum right on time some smooth picking and beat makes you wanna grab a partner, vocal a little raspy giving it a true touch of old time country! I think you will like this tune if you care for the old Twain country so give a listen to the guy from Clarksville Tennessee and enjoy! Best to ya guy!

You and I

Hello Harvey What a heart felt song ...sounds like it comes right deep down from inside your soul. Your voice is clear with a timbre sound and what I call a man's voice and so pleasant to listen to. It has a good balance with the instruments and voice not overriding each other and it's easy to follow the lyrics telling a beautiful life/love story. I really enjoyed listening to and reviewing this song and hope it does well for you...Cheers Johnny Shilo from Melbourne Australia.
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