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Social Click Larry Bird ft. Daddy STA & G_O

This here Bangin. I don't even know why you asking for reviews? You should be collecting checks with this already! Song is Fya! Excellent sound quality all the around. Deliveries were met. This song definitely has potential! Get y'alls money playas! Keep putting out fem bangerz! Hit me when you ready to work!


This song right here go hard good be nice Melody I like the way you put together I'll slap this for sure keep it lit man I appreciate your work the flow as well keep doing what you do straight fire

I like it!

The only thing bad I can say about it is it needs to be mastered. Now, on the good side, I love the track, especially the hook, it really leads it in and sets off the track. The vocal arrangements for each of your parts are really nice and even compliments the beat. Now, the beat. I love it, the bass, the choice of sounds, the arrangement, the transitions, the ear candy, all around I have to say great work on this one guys, get it mastered and you may have a pretty big song on your hands, to be honest, you just need to treat it right. I really believe this song can do well, so good luck and best wishes!


You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits!

This is a hit!

This right here is a hit. It's up to date with what people want to hear right now. But also they did it without making it sound like they was trying to hard to make something happen that wasn't there. Yeah I just ran this back. This is the one. If you trying to get some peoples ear. Because at the end of the day, even if someone heard this who does not like this type of music. They can't deny this is a hit!


Great sound and quality. Very current and good content. Extremely impressed with the beat. Who does your production? Also kept it at a good time never was bored with the track once so good job.

Nice Track!!!

One of my favorite tracks on this site! Everything sounds nice. Just a little tweaking like fixing the clipping which can easily be done. The vocals are nice just level them out a little more. As far as lyrics they are nice! If you are looking for features or beats don't hesitate to contact me. The link to my site is also on my page as well. Keep up the good work!


can fuck with this my guy, you have a cool style bruh bruh, its different and dont sound like other people shit having your own style is a plus thats is how you win the game, the song has a concept so that's a win! The Hook and verses are on point as well, the only thing I could criticize getting the song mastered to bring the song out more , but other than that I say you did your thing on it, we need to link up, I'm from Memphis and I Rap and shoot videos

Larry bird

That's a dope track keep doing y'all thing. Make sure y'all check me out I got so hot tracks to follow me on SoundCloud officialyh1 and also so YouTube officialyh1 Subscribe to my channel


I really like this track. The verses are sick. The delivery is sick. The chorus I wouldn't do the auto-tune. But that's just my opinion. I think with a little more working you really have yourself a hit on your hands. I'm really rough on the criticism of other people's work, I know I can be a dick sometimes, but this track right here I really like it.


First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts. Keep it up!


Nice lyric bro I like this song the beat kinda thrown me off at first but when the beat dropped that shot knocked Fam. Keep it up shit maybe could collaboration together. Hmu bruh let me know wassup

Larry Bird

Feelin the vibe & energy fam!! Lets work Az 2 Den!! Keep the wave going down there, cuzz this shit soundin smooth this way! If yu wanna collab on some shit, holla at me on here, or shoot me an email higherpowerentmg12 gmail com


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Cuz your name alone caught my attention. The Jordan vs. BIRD Nintendo getty up...... I LOVE IT!!!!! Keep subbin BRO. You have a distinctive art sound and I was wondering if you can rip it up if I didn't send this WEST coast beat to your email address please?
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