Scribe And Sage / The Quickening / Feeling the Fall

Feeling the Fall

This song is a good fit, stylistically and lyrically with its production values. Lyrically it's more accessible to a CCM audience than other work I've heard from them so it's definitely moving in a positive direction. There are no great musical surprises here but it's a solid effort and worth a good listen. The real tension between the new man and the old man is well illustrated. There are no obstacles to enjoying this on a regular playlist. It's now all up to taste.

Energía rock...

Desde el comienzo del tema nos damos cuenta que estamos ante una canción que brilla por su originalidad con una intro de guitarra a modo de riff muy efectiva, y la calidad de cada instante que nos regala. Unos arreglos sutiles de guitarras muy bien elaborados, unas bases rítmicas muy elegantes y con cierto sabor clásico y a la vez moderno le dan una elegancia al escucharla. Y sin duda lo que más sorprende en su escucha, es la voz de su protagonista natural y llena de buena energía. . La guinda una melodía muy fácil de escuchar y que te hace querer más.

Honest confessional in stufdy rock and roll

"Feeling the Fall" by Scribe and Sage is an honest confessional song about weakness in the face of the temptations of the flesh, set to a congruent rock and roll beat. The band is tight, with especially strong performances on guitar and drums, backing a competent but uninspiring lead singer. Lyrically, the song is pretty good, invoking David's remorse about Bathsheba and Paul's lament that he does the things he doesn't want to do, and fails to do the good things he does want to do. There are just two lines that are theologically suspect. One has to do with making God's blood run. That is really anthropomorphizing a little too much for my taste. The other has to do with asking God to be a barrier of grace and "don't let me fall too far." As I understand it, God's grace does not keep us from falling. The falling is an inevitable consequence of sin, and sin is our own choice. How far you fall depends on you. But no matter how far you ultimately do fall, grace is there to assure you of God's continued love for you, help you rebuild, and spare you from the worst consequences of your mistakes by a measure of mercy. At least, this has been my experience (fell really far), and Christian theology as I understand it in my amateur status (no seminary training). Finally, the mix is problematic at times. It is particularly noticeable in the breaks, when the lead guitar is carrying the tune with a solo, and the mix should bring the guitar forward -- to the front of the stage, as it were -- but fails to do so, leaving the lead instrument back in the mix, as if the vocalist were still singing. All in all, a solid effort by a band with something to say.

Clean and bright

quality audio. Its hard to rate music. I don't feel like my opinion can change the fact that this is a solid song and there was obvious effort into creating this. Good musicianship and arrangement.
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