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Pink Floyd Joins the aliens.

Amazing track. This song sound like some of Pink Floyds music. It remains me of tracks from some of theese Pink Floyd albums: Wish you where here, Dark side of the Moon and Obscoured by Colours. Inmensaly enjoysble instrumental music with very discrete aliens.


I love this way of playing the guitar, it reminds me of a group and when I was younger, as you will have understood, I am referring to the pink floyds and the atmospheres they were able to create.

Alien Love Song

This song peaks to the soul....very plaintiff cry for love and affirmation..Weirdly hypnotic. The vocal is not what I expected but I can see it in a form of an Avatar playing tubular bells. The soundeffects are top notch. I cannot discern all the instruments, however, the blend is very effective and strangely enchanting. It reminds me of someone locked out and knocking on the gate or door. The one behind the door or gate does not want to answer or let that One inside. Sounds like love rejected or lost never to be won again. I liked it especially the ringing siren like sound at the midpoint with percussion. Strangely reminiscient of Dominos the song by Sid Roger Barrett and Pink Floyd. Excellent effort, says a lot and provokes thought and imagination which is what all great music ought to do for the human mind and soul.

overtones of janus

This song has a great psychedelic feel that on first listening comes across as a missing Pink Floyd number, though more so resembling old stable mates of Floyd 'Janus', who themselves clearly influenced many other bands not just Floyd - well done on this nice little journey !

Contemplative guitar

As an allegory for Alpha waves to calibrate the consciousness and biorhythms of the brain and spirit, Meloccaro exhibits a tender, considerate but soulful mindscape with thoughtful chords and ambient accompaniment. While at some times too sparse, the artist is in no rush to complicate his phrasing or indulge some pop sensibility worried about its hook or other lowest common denominators designed to appeal to a wide, tasteless swathe of society. Alien Love Song sounds like a sincere love for a particular alien, as if penned after an intimate probing in the alpenglow of a confusing morning-after. Here, it is as if Meloccaro knows his subject and is not afraid to revisit this uncertain but exhilarating mystery of his night in the stratosphere.

There’s enough musical diversity here to fuel the intrigued listener through all 11 track

promising sign he will continue to turn heads and get noticed --- Keep up the good work. a soundtrack for sunset cruising down a coastal boulevard. would impress rock aficionados all over the world.

A pleaseant tune

The mood is surely AMBIENT, at start it reminds me of "Shine on you crazy diamond", because of the mood and the bottleneck on the electric guitar. The production is simple, tne composition is good for this musical genre (simple and repetitive). Good music for relax and voyage.

Robert plays

Cool mellow intro, guitar reminiscent of Dave Gilmour to my ears. Gentle lean then to keys and a gentle build of sounds. Sounds like a very european track to me. Enjoyed the journey. The ending was a little brutal but sure that is more to do with the sight than Robert. Look forward to hearing more.

Alien Love Song

this one hit home with me..out of the many styles Robert Meloccaro plays. It's the longest of all his song at 7 minutes ..which is cool ..and the playing for me feels free..or less restrained and flowing. This song again for me was something that felt like this was him..his thing..his sound. most of the other matrial sounded like someone doing someone else. Not saying.. bad musicianship or poor performance just that it is a diffrent elck then this song... which I really like.. its like background music for your life.

Alien Love Song

On this track "Alien Love Song ", Robert Meloccaro is envoking some nice psychadelic vibes, quite reminiscent of the seventies space rock sound, "Floydy" but still with enough of its own character to not be a straight copy , but more of an homage,I could imagine endlessy floating through the universe heading towards new worlds listening to the beckoning call of aliens very loudly whilst doing so! keep it spacy, nice!

Alien love Song

You are defiantly a fan of Pink Floyd - the whole thing seems like something in the same area ... I really enjoyed the space and the instrumentation even tho its soft synths which I really am not a fan of ... getting a recording on a real piano would have been nice ... and again a real double bass would have been SUPA ... but it really relaxing and calming ... which is the type of music i prefer .... sounds like you had fun making this track - I would have given you more stars if you had used real instruments not the crap in the computer ... sorry


I'm not sure what I expected as I'm new to this site. But i must say, this took me by surprise. This is very mellow and I love all the instrument choices. I'm going to be sure and keep checking their other stuff, and you should too!


I see this piece supporting filming - it has points of atmosphere and mystery which could well suit a mysterious or spooky scene. I can't see it being a stand alone item but it would heighten action.

Review of "Alien Love Song" by Gabrielle Crow

I must admit I have mixed feelings about this song. It starts out well with the promise of slowly building up to a more intense feeling and depth. But somehow it seems to fizzle out somewhere along the way when it morphs into a seeming long and lack luster keyboard solo. I can tell by the guitar intro, that the artist is clearly inspired and influenced by the music of Steve Vai . However, in this case I would suggest spending more time in the "woodshed" before attempting to emulate that artist. I would suggest letting the song build up with more intense guitar parts and making the keyboard parts be more of an interlude than the rest of the song.

Fender Space Blues

A blues guitar riff starts this downtempo composition that is founded on solid blues musical themes. As the song progresses, the musical thematic lead is based to the piano and synth keyboards which continue the arrangement toward its final conclusion where the themes combine for the outro. The ending is very abrupt and detracts from the rest of the song's mood. I would suggest using a faded ending. Cheers!
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