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Great funky groove

I really love the smooth funkiness in this tune, the vocal delivery puts a great finishing touch on the very cool arrangement...the different instrumental sections keep a very interesting flow, harmony guirars, the some cool keys, then the breakdown, with a lyrical guitar lead over clavinet. Well written, beatifully performed.

I Can Feel Your Heartbeat....

A first class song lyric with an eclectic rock instrumental. Takes you back to a 70's vibe like Dan Fogelberg's "Wysteria" The bass and percussion stand you in good stead. I am not keen on the electronic solos, I feel it would have more impact if this solo was a fiddle/violin piece. So I would consider a re-mix. The electronic additions tend to bleed the life out of this song hiding the melodious tones of your vocal track which tends to hide away the message of the song.However, I know there is a chart hit in this song if you could just re-work it with a few more session input musicians.

Great sound

Amazing crisp sound. I love all the variations of sounds as the song progresses. It flows perfectly and yet delivers new and suprizing feels through out which is hard to do. Nice harmonies and guitar work as well. The only thing i would change is adding a heart beat at the climax with the bass drum. Like "1 2 - rest rest rest. Great feel, great sound, great playing, just great. Please keep making music, I'll be listening.

HeartBeat Song

I like your HeartBeat some, continue with your music pursuits. You should also write of non profit and causes. Giving back to music dire. Super Star Robert Meloccaro. continue with your music the world can be entertained my your performance.

too much vox effects

the effects on vocals are too much, I think they should be dryer considering the approach and the delivery. Strong bass holds this number down and competent guitar riffing layered with keyboards overall a great effect. I got Pink Floyd influences for sure, though not as spacy. The song may ne served well with some editing, at 4:52 in length I did loose some interest towards the end of the song

Halli Hallo

hallo wow die gitarre klingt richtig rund kräftig und schön satt ich finde den mix insgesamt schön laut aufgenommen, auch die songstrukturrierung gefällt mir sehr gut, man kann schön dazu die gedanken schwelgen lassen


I say it is definitely a song which has a lot of psychedelic Vibe very interesting note usage I has a very melancholic feeling and it is something that I would definitely say that it's got some kind of heartbeat in there this song will take you to another dimension of psychedelic almost a psychotic melancholy where one is got a hold of someones heart and you can feel their heart beat in your hand yet with them still alive and smiling at you. Very interesting.

diverse music style

What i do like is the weird changes, and different sways in the changes, what i didnt like much was the production. overall: pretty kool. i do like the vocal harmonies, and the pink floyd type of vibe.

Well-crafted song!

Warwick, Rhode Island’s Robert Meloccaro has produced a creative and well-crafted track entitled I Can Feel Your Heartbeat. There are some exciting Zappa-influenced riffs including use of marimba. The song structure is cool too. Neat tune.

Great Music

I really like the song and I really like the music and the uniqness of the song well composed and well written and put together I. Grew up listening to all types of music jazz folk blues Gospel rap country etc I love the art of music and the creativity keep on making great Music and never stop creating I hope I been helpful enjoy your day and have a great weekend and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

not bad

the piece starts with a very soft way with a bass, a drum and a guitar that connect together in a rhythmic and almost perfect way. you feel that you can play the guitar but what at least for me I feel it is not suitable for this type of piece is that sound like marimba or xylophone that frankly does not fit with everything else. I have listened to the piece several times and frankly I repeat that the sound I can not assemble with everything else.

Nice Groove

A pleasant song. The opening grooves remind me of Steely Dan as well as a few of the records that came our during the early to mid 1980's. I love the vibe solo in between verses, it reminds me of the original "Gone Daddy Gone". The vocals are the one thing that bring the song down, mostly because of the effects, which make the voice sound hollow, distant and lifeless. With less chorus and a little more low end EQ we would get the richness of his voice and get the lyrics on the first listen. Keep up the good work.

old school sound .

Great intro to the song nice little synth parts. I like bass on the intro and throughout . Nice lyrics and the guitar solo is nice with a great tone. Also going to the scale change was a good idea on the solo old school and progressive yet simple . A little Jethro Tull influence on the guitar ending solo and the scales .
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