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Buena canción y bien interpretada tanto musical como instrumentalmente. Música animada, muy del estilo a lo que me gusta. El estribillo es pegadizo, invita a bailar. Lo que menos me gusta que no quiere decir que no me guste es la parte principal, es un poco monótona, pero aún así está bien. La parte musical está muy bien, no abusa de instrumentación más de lo preciso y suena bastante bien.

Someone's Lost in The Mist

Hey nice song, love the feel, so simple and yet so catchy, if you wrote this then you are a good song writer, congratulations, there are so many original songs out there and yours sounds like a radio friendly tune, keep it up you'll have lots of fans buying your song or album!

Rick Line - Someone s lost in the mist - Review by LaSueede

There is a good Guitar that drives the song. Professional recording and mixing. I especially likes the background Guitar picking that follows bothe the verse, bridge and the Chorus. The singing is much better in the Chorus than in the verses. Maybe your Voice is more suitable for little higher tones. Your voice get strained in the extreme low verse but your voice is in tune.The song is good though it is a nice effort and catchy refrain chorus and as i said the bass drums is in floe but the hero for me is the Guitar. Good effort / Blessings and Regards from LaSueede


Hermosa melodía, que desde los primeros acordes se adentra en tu interior como un gran refugio sonoro. Sus tonalidades pop clásicas la hacen adorable a los oídos. Maravillosos loa arreglos de guitarra como cada uno de los punteos, sutiles y elegantes. En especial cuando aparecen en mitad de la melodía para darle un color especial. La voz le aporta una esencia más de calidad, desde la primera escucha me la imaginaba como banda sonora dentro de un película de Aki Kaurismäki.

A for effort... Sincerely original :-)

A for effort... Sincerely original :-) The best part of of original music is the stories that are told. This is an appreciated honest effort to do just that5. Sincere suggestions: Watch pitch on lead Vocals, that's what carries the lyrics to your listeners. I also suggest using a mastering program to bring the story and the Music to life. VERY best regards and Thanks for sharing your Music :-)
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