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very good

Little Gilda is playing review. this song is a strictly Ambient piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Ambient style as I said everything recalls the Ambient genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Ambient pop piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Only needs some direction...

There's really not a lot going on in this piece. In the beginning you hear a nice piano, and you feel like you understand where this song is headed, but there are many changes after this...and it takes an abrupt dark ambient turn in the middle towards the end. Perhaps the piano track should have remained throughout the song. The volume levels of the track are very low, and I feel there could be more happening in the track in the middle. There is a lot of places where its just too quiet and you can barely hear the track. Be sure to check your levels when mastering, and if you can, get someone to master it for you. About halfway into the track, you've got some more dark ambient, and then some backwards tape as from the beginning. Find your direction...and then go from there. Cut off all that dead space at the end, fix those parts where you can barely hear anything. The track can easily be 5 minutes as I personally feel 9 minutes is too long. Hope this review helps.

Little Gilda

Little Gilda is playing. A nice sweet melody that makes me feel like I'm in another planet. It relaxre ma body, mind and soul. This really is going on ma playlist. Thank you for such greatest hit

Dreamy ambience

Nice dreamy ambient track,with melancholy piano and spaced out drones. Builds and ebbs nicely throughout the track. Makes me feel like I'm stood up on some hills in the country with panoramic views of sunny and snowy peaks.


I have a mix reaction about Your this a music background for a video or for life Performance..I do not think Radio Stations will put It on rotation ( simply is to long ) and I do not see to be played a Life Concert..If It is a part of Video this is a different story but alone I do not hear anything special in It..People Like Instrumental Music but It has to be Much Better ( skillful Musicians will help a lot but They Must be on The Stage Performing.. I wish You good luck with submissions to Music Publishers but They almost Never Take under Consideration a Computer Generated Music...

Little Gilda is playing

This tune start really well. This piano set a nice ambiance. i like the harmony. And when arrive the revers effect with the crecendo something changes, it's really cool. After a noise arrives. It's shame to me beacause we loose the harmony ambiance. It will apear after a long pause of this wind noise and I like when these revers notes come back with the children. It would be really niceif the harmony changed a little bit from the begining like with one different note in the harmony. At the end, it's a good tune but the midle is, for me, a little bit too poor.


Your tune put me in nostalgic mood..looking back in is a little to long for commercial play on Radio ( They use mostly below 4 min long ) but it will be good for a Concert Hall with an Life Orchestra ( as You know people like to see Life Musician Performance not a computer generated music )..If I be You I will change some parts make It a little shorter ( I like The Kids voice ) and than try to send It to some Music Insiders and let's see what They will say.. I wish You good luck..good Job..
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