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I really like how this sounds! It takes me to a place somewhere out of space and as munch mind wonders as I listen I feel like this should be on a space alien show. Maybe because I’m watching the Tv channel called COMET but it’s perfect to have in the background when I’m feeling interstellar :)


The start was interesting but felt the crackling effect should have faded out a lot sooner than it did as it takes away from the track and spoils the ambiance of the Stella bells. For me I like the ambiance of the bells and fiddle but the crackling may be trying to talk to the listener in binary pulses but sounds more like a faulty speaker. I would encourage to keep searching for your own sound and not be part of the sausage factory

In the words of Discharge Noise not music.

Being a musician myself, I don’t enjoy getting a bad review but plasmafuseMaybe you just put this track in the wrong section because if I were you I’d put it on a sound track because you have talent for scoring movies but maybe not electronica

Nice ambient instrumental track

Deep track! I love the blend of acoustic and electric sounds in this piece. It comes off both ambient and instrumental. A very cinematic track, calls to mind epic visual vistas and wide-panning camera shots. The track is pensive and maybe mournful in tone. Nicely done.


Moody in a good way capturing the space between the sounds. Not over cluttered with ego. Enjoy the scratchy dirty sounds aligned with clear ringing bells. Ambient and warm just what I like


I'm not sure what are You trying to do...I'm sorry but I do not hear anything special... did You wrote this piece for a Video or something.. because alone I do not think has any chance to be pick up by Music Publishers or be played on AM / FM Radio Stations if is for a Film I need to see a Video with music..all I will tell You that Market for Instrumental Music is Extra Limited..and in order to get a Publisher to listen It has to be something an Extraordinary Lever..I think You need to come up with something Much..Much Better... I wish You Good Luck..


I'm not sure what You trying to accomplish..sorry to say but I do not found anything interesting in Your tune...I listen and waiting to hear at list some Great Instrumental Skills.. but again... really .. I hope that You will try to listen and be critical ..again is just My opinion but I'm sure that Music Insiders ( Radio Stations.. Music Publishers ) will agree with me..Instrumental Music is Extra Hard to push.. and again Your tune is not there..I strongly advise You to listensome Composers like Penderecki .. ( I hope You Know that Name ) and compare Your tune.. I wish You good Luck..

Me gusta bastante. Sobre todo el final.

Me gusta bastante. Sobre todo el final. No he probado nunca a hacer algo ambient y supongo que no debe de ser nada facil así que reconozco tu mérito. Un abrazo y un saludo desde España, Castilla y León, Soria.

Horror Flick Soundtrack

The track begins like it's the intro to a horror flick. The static and weird chimes create a chilling effect. The addition of the violin gives a bit of a welcomed Middle Eastern turn which really helps give a strong end to the track.

Arctic Soundscape

Organic bells introduce this sparse experimental composition that is a contrast between sound and silence that is oriented toward a soundscape as opposed to musical themes until the last third of the song. The violin finally brings a haunting musical element to sparse soundscape and the song then truly fulfills its potential after that point. The listener is then brought to visualize the cold Arctic with a winter sun shinning low on a snowy windblown landscape. Suggestion bring in the violin earlier to the song with additional counter melodies. :)

A Must Have

Right from the start, Astral took up my attention. Spacious, just the right amount of reverb that gives a dreamlike quality and a feeling of something creeping up on you. And it does! As the violin drops in pulling up a smile to your face. Then left with a need for more as the last note fades out. Somewhat reminiscent of the Aphex Twin but that is no bad thing in this case. Plasmafuse are a must have for anyone like myself who loves atmospheric chilled ambient music.
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