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Rock & Roll Dn in Tx

Rock & Roll Dn in Tx , i think its a homemade song but a very bluesy guitar and nice song , Rock & Roll Dn in Tx , i think its a homemade song but a very bluesy guitar and nice song ,Rock & Roll Dn in Tx , i think its a homemade song but a very bluesy guitar and nice song ,Rock & Roll Dn in Tx , i think its a homemade song but a very bluesy guitar and nice song ,Rock & Roll Dn in Tx , i think its a homemade song but a very bluesy guitar and nice song ,Rock & Roll Dn in Tx , i think its a homemade song but a very bluesy guitar and nice song , greetings PsychocoucH

Rock & Roll Dn in Tx

Some good old fashion Rock N Roll! If you dig Bob Seger, you'll probably dig this tune! Sound like something ole Bob could've have done! Puts you in a good ole fashion Rock n Roll groove and mood!

Good old Rock n Roll song!

This is a good old Rock n Roll song! It is well played and constructed. The recording seems to be live because the sound quality is not like you get from a recording studio. The singer gives a decent performance allthough it is nothing out of the ordinary. The guitar work is very good but with the recording it is difficult to hear it too well.This is really quite old fashioned rock music but good stuff!

Review of Paul (GIzz) Martinez’s demo “Down In Tx”

In listening to Paul (GIzz) Martinez’s live demo “Down In Tx,” you will get a nice delivery of traditional American rock and roll. The song fits nicely into a vibe that fans of Chuck Berry will like. This music also could fit on a bill with bands like Free, or ZZ Top. You have to be real when you are playing live, and these guys do a nice job of performing live. Keep it rock’n !!!

Suffers without Sound Mixing

I like rock and roll, and live rock. There's so much emotion and energy that fills the room! What I really don't like, live music that sounds like it was recorded on a tape recorder. This is a song that sounds friggin' awesome. I would love for you to get into a real music studio, with a real sound engineer and play this song, get it mastered and released properly. Cuz this song is my type of music.

Badly recorded live music and annoying soundbite

I often wonder what purpose some artists and musicians have in mind when they release crap to the public, especially when they are requesting others to review it. First of all, this recording sounds like it was recorded in the garage, not at a live show. If it was at a live show, it was recorded outside to which the band was obviously just playing to a handful of pigeons. C'mon, who are you trying to fool? Look, there is nothing wrong with recording live from the garage. Call it a practice tape and not a live recording insinuating a show recorded in front of an audience and on a stage. Second, if you want to have any chance of a good review, why would you put that annoying voice over throughout the song? Did you think some radio station was going to steal it? You should be so lucky. The voice over is annoying. So annoying that I chose to review this atrocity to make a point. No one wants to steal a crappy recording to play it anywhere. If anyone were interested in taking apart your song and copying it, the voice over would not prevent it. The only purpose of the voice over is to annoy the audience. Why you would release this is beyond my comprehension. As far as the performance of the song which I was able to decipher past the pathetic voice over, aside from the atrocious recording which seems to have started after the song began playing, the sound is straight forward 4/4 on the floor rock. The vocal are not horrendous and the singer at times actually sounds like Hendrix and the leads on the guitar are not bad. My last advice to Mr. Gizz would be to re do this song correctly with the proper production and integrity that a piece of music deserves, not this irreverence to the art or to the listening public at large.

R&R Down In TX Review

Overall a Good Song, But The Sound of the Recording Seems a Bit Off For Demo. Sounds Like It Would Be Way Better Done in a Professional Studio. Lots of Potential But The Sound of Recording Does Damage to Overall Song.

don't get it

I don't understand the reason for the female overdub. Would love to hear the song that is playing in the background, so please take out the voice recording. Happy to to review the song without that.


Paul (Gizz) Martinez, Interesting sound! Nothing like some good ol' fashioned rock and roll! The automated voice in the middle of it was a tad bit annoying, what did you use to record it? That aside, I say just clean it up and get a more professional recording going, and you got yourself a neat song! Vocals reminded me a bit of Hendrix, and the instrumentals definitely reminded me of some Stevie Ray Vaughn. Overall, very cool! Keep on rockin'! -Remission

What's going on here?

Paul Martinez, if you are worried about somebody ripping this tune off you should copy right it. The female voice constantly repeating this is a demo every 5 seconds makes this a real pain to listen to. Too bad, i think this is probably a good tune. In addition, the production is horrible. This combined with that annoying female overdub makes this tune a very poor example of your work. I would suggest you go back to the studio and try again. It's apparent that you are talented but nobody that matters will bother to listen to this. Music should be fun and entertaining and your demo should showcase your strong points. Poor production and that chick have destroyed everything you worked so hard to create. Come on man, you're better than this! Now go back and show us what you are really capable of.


Not sure what the lyrics are about. Sounds needs to be amped up, for sure. Like the rhythm. Little more work and this tune would be much better. Not sure if is mastered but that would be a plus.

Media demo

This sounds like a good rock and roll tune in the genre of Blackfoot and Skynyrd - good back beat and strong vocals but listening to it is hampered badly by the repetitive woman saying it is a demo and the sound seems muffled as a consequence of this which is a shame - it sounds like a good song


im not gonna lie this was extremely hard to listen to due to the fack it was very muffled and the constant anti pirate voice. would I could make out of it leads me to believe the full project will be good. loved the classic rock feel cuz that is what I grew up on. As I said it was just really hard to make out but what I could hear, I thik will make for a great song. looking forward to more. keep bangin bro


Keep on rockin Gizzy boy! Awsome! .....................................................................................................................................................................+++.............................................................................................3.0................................................................................ God bless ya.

R&R Down in Tx.

Need to ramp up the sound. it sounds good, but, a little confused why you have this part where there is a person saying these phrases while the jam is going on. for this reason, I can't give this song a good review. it takes away from a very good song.
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