Outfall / Various / Echos remaster 2014

Outfall Here is my review!

I feel your music is well worth listening to and should be heard all over the world and it is well created the music is nice I like the vocals over all you fellows are very talented and I look forward to hearing other great tunes from your group I hope what I have said will be of some use to you in your band from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience/Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

Thoughts on Echos remaster...

My first thoughts were, "this song is different!" - in a good way. I like the story lyrics about real people. That makes this song very special. I like the sound of the lead in instrument? This song is wonderful! Not too much to criticize... I like the short interludes between verses, and the chorus lines are perfect for the song. I think this song is unique and inspiring. The only suggestion I have is the whispering at the end should be a lil louder. Great song guys! Michael D'Aigle/fool4christ

Interesting Sound

I like to use a critique format that was used at the Christian Musicians Summit, where Paul Baloche critiqued one of my songs (yes, the song needed a lot of work!). I much prefer to have the lyrics while I review, but here goes: 1. Does any of the text raise a red flag with regard to Christian Theology? I do not see any problems, although it seems to be more geared toward CCM. 2. Does this sound like another song? Is the lyrical content fresh? The song seems pretty unique to me. 3. Does it speak to the hearts of people? Can people relate to the lyrics? Yes, I think the descriptions in your verses are of everyday life people can relate to. 4. Can your average Joe/Jo sing this song? Not a worship song, so this one probably does not matter. 5. Does the song structure make sense (lyric form, chord progression, verse-chorus arrangement)? I think you have a V-C-V-C-V-C structure - pretty standard, so good. 6. What feels good about the song? The guitar particularly caught my attention, especially at the beginning. Almost Phil Keaggy-ish. Nice vocal harmony as well. 7. What feels "funny" (not ha-ha) about the song? - The verses seemed a bit long - Might be a little dated in the overall feel to the song All in all, I would say a good effort!

Needs work.

Please don't take this wrong. it's a very good song and the music is very good too. I just can't hardly hear it without cranking up the stereo. When I did crank it up I noticed the vocal level was good for the level of the recording, but there is a few parts where the harmony parts are that need leveled out a bit more and although the auto tune works really well for part of this, I just feel there are just a few places it could be dialed down a bit. you guys really do have a great song, and I do understand the recording process can be a real pain in the A sometimes, but please consider remixing this one. it has a great message to it, and it also is a great tune. I would love to hear this with a better mix. it's real close to being perfect. or near perfect. I love the sound you guys are going for, but it is very quiet, and like I said needs a better mix. I really hope you take the time to compare it with others on here so you can see just how quiet it is compared to other MP3 on here. Peace and God bless. Joe Garrison

Echos remaster

Nice genre and I love the beat, your sound so good. It's a sad song. It encourages us to love each other more unconditionally. Thank you for making such music and really admire your passion

Strong stuff

It is a pleasure to review this piece by Outfall. This is mature and sophisticated music, painting a vivid and compassionate word picture, with nice and unusual harmonies and tasteful solos between the verses. These guys can play, they can sing, and they can write. Looking forward to hearing more!

Gritty and Beautiful Lyrics

The lyrics and message of this song are gritty and beautiful, the domino effect of ECHOES of our actions. The acoustic guitar work gives a perfect feel for your message. The bassline is well done, although I would have liked to see more of a build, even into the upper range of the instrument as the song builds, moving away from the simple, chordal accompaniment. More of a build near the end, in all instruments, even adding more instruments would have hit your message even harder. The electric guitar in the intro, tag etc. was well done, however, based on the lyrics of the song, effects that are grittier, dirtier, and more bottom end would have anchored the song more. It was almost too cheerful. The lead vocal was excellent, including the pitch and expression used throughout. There were just a few, very slight pitchy parts on the harmony. The harmony itself was excellent. The lyrics were well written and provided an excellent story for listeners to grab onto as the song builds. Well done and clearly heartfelt!

Serena melodía.

Lo primero que llama la atención al escuchar Echos por primera vez, es el conjunto de voces, desde su protagonista hasta los coros muy bien conjuntados y creando armonías muy bonitas y naturales. La instrumentación de toda la canción es muy agradable de escuchar, los arreglos muy bien cuidados y delicados. Transmite toda ella un ambiente de tranquilidad y serenidad, queriendo escucharla varias veces más.

Good sound

Outfall's song Echoes starts nicely with guitar volume swells...with a fingerpicking in the background..it has a well balanced recording where everyone has there place in the mix..the vocals are relaxed and pleasing listening was a thourghly enjoyable experience


the beginning is a little country with the slightly distorted guitar and the drum that softly accompanies the piece. the fact of singing overlapping voices is very nice and was typical of some groups of the 70s to which I am very attached. overall the piece is very cute, flows away like a small river, carries with it bad thoughts and leaves you with a sense of peace and well-being and a general full of fullness. very well




Introducing intro kinda of a British band feeling with the vocal and melody good harmony and tag in chorus,echos,a stills type lead on synth tasty good groove,I like this so far,good message reminds me vocals of jethro Tull,,I really like the leads,very soothing,so is entire song,a little Emerson lake and Palmer feel too,like lucky man,good stuff,once again cool lead ,hard to find decent leads anymore good job not much to critique here


I've listend to this song four times. I've listend with an ear that has been trained to hear all the musical nuances that can be put into any song from beginning to end. I've listened very carefully with an ear which has been carefully listening to songs and music for over 50yrs; some good, some bad, some ok, some outstandingly awesomely great! Artists from the '50's, '60's, 70's, and all points in between. Rock, R&B, Jazz, Swing, Country, Progrssive Rock, Southern Rock, Big Band...even movie musicals! I guess you could say I've been a student of music in all it's styles and formats to the point of working in radio, Television, and building my own recording studio. Yeah, I'm that good at listening. I have a "producers ear", so, I know what sounds good, and I know what makes a song complete. So..........having said all that.....here is my diagnosis regarding, this song, called "Echos". 1. It's well written lyrically, good pacing, good timing, and the words chosen by the writer are easy to sing. Well done on lyrics! 2. Vocals, lead. The singer has a good strong voice. No mumbling, no stumbling. Vocals are clear, and not rushed or dragging. 3. Vocals, Backup. The singer is balanced within the context of the job of singing back up vocals behind the lead vocals. well done! 4. Arrangement: The over all sound is easy to listen to. No jagged edges or overbearing counter rythms, the tempo is steady. 5. Drums: The drummer is not seasoned, but he is steady in his tempo. At first, I thought that the drummer and rthym guitarist were struggling against each other, each one relying on the other to provide the exact timing. This happens when a band has not played together enough to be "Tight", without that inner struggle to find the right tempo, rythm, pace, etc. But after the fourth time of listening to this song; I understand where they are as musicians together; and any anomolies that show up in a song's recording, well, that will just have to take practice, practice, practice. And, If you continue to record each song practice, and listen carefully, you will realize that no matter how good you think you are...the tape don't lie! Keep up the good work! 6. The only thing I can point out where something is lacking, is how the verses are all similar in style and arrangement; The chorus also sounds too much like only a variation of the verse, and I'm not sure if there is a bridge in there somewhere. I think that the composer should add something in the middle of the song, to give it some punch and sparkle; something surprising, something that will take the listener to a new heighth of appreciation of how the song is presented. This will go far in making your talents shine as bright at the noon day sun! And not be just another echo in the sea of forgefulness........... Blessings to ya....... Donivan.


I enjoyed the harmonies the guitar solo tone very cool the horn sounding licks are very cool the background vocals coming in and out works for me good lyrics. I like the laid back feel of the song nice job.

Sounds good

Everything sounds fine to me. As far as a constructive comment, the only thing I'd change is the effect treatment on the voice. I think it would be better just straight voice. A bit of reverb or whatever, but it sounds like there's more on it. Otherwise all good.
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