O-NYX / I believe / I believe (2019 - EP : I believe)

I believe this has potential...

Nice mix, good beat and it speaks to me. Interesting voice, very “classic rock” feel to it. Good placing of the chorus, this is certainly something which is easy to listen to. I like it, and will be recommending it to others!

Love to know who recorded this..

you guys are killing it. this music is truly off the hook. I am in the top 10 right now at #8 and for the life of me, I don't understand why this is not #1 such a great recording. awesome music too. my recordings are done with mixcraft 7. this sounds better than mine, and I feel mine are decent. the vocals are in perfect pitch. the mix is unbelievable. I had to listen to this twice in a row. I also love the sound of the drums at the beginning. it really sets it off. this band should be out there warming up for someone big. I really mean that. I have been playing for more than 30 yrs. and this band, or should I say, you guys are killing it. so much feeling. I really hope the right person hears this. I want you guys to be known. to much talent to not be known. please keep them coming. hands down the best band on here. and God knows it too. lol..always looking forward to hearing more from you guys.. If I used Facebook I would be setting this on my page before my own music. I really mean that. I feel sad that you guys are not a big name. music has went to the dogs over the last few yrs. and this is the sound that could help bring it back!! wishing you the best.. with Peace and Love..Joe Garrison, PS. check out my music to see what I mean. the song to many voices. it's decent, but nothing as good as this...keep killing it.

I Believe in Ônix

You can also believe if you like a good rock roll. Synchronized guitars and classic rock vocal. The band sets out to do classic rock and does it very well. You'll get the feeling you've heard Ònix before. ""

I Believe - Review

Good solid hook in the chorus. Very musical. Unexpected change in tempo in the bridge. Works really well. Takes the song to another level. Comes out of the bridge into the chorus. Very nicely done. Vocal quality fits the style of the song.
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