O-NYX / Dead or Alive (2018) / Hey Jack (2018 - 1st Album - Dead or Alive)

Nice 80's Glam Rockstyled song...!

Initial start of this song, nice guitar riff (Always catches my attention)! Has a lot of 80's glam rock influences, with the guitar. The lyrics a sung very 80's glam rock 'esque as well. This is a catchy song overall. Nice harmonies vocally, and the guitar riff rolling through this song,plus with very good guitar solo(s), to give it that "true" 80's glam rock feel. It could use a few tweaks in the recording, here & there, but overall... this is a song that I have listened to three times already, so it does catch you attention! This is a very good song, so definitely listen to it, especially if you are into Glam Rock/Metal! Thank you O-NYX!

Rad hard rock song, great musicianship!

This song is a great hard rock song! Great musicianship, the instruments all sound great- powerful drums, shredding guitar tone, solid bass. The vocals are awesome too, great classic rock style voice with power. This song reminds me of a classic 80s style hard rock song but updated to the current era. Definitely inspired by the great classic rock and hard rock bands but bringing a fresh perspective. Give it a listen!

Studios and engineers 80"s

Hey guys I listened to Hey Jack and the first thing that caught me was the low quality mix, the next thing is that it reminded me of the 80's rock which isn't such a bad thing since that is 28 years ago. It might be your time...music always comes back. have a great day and good luck.

Nice tune!

"Hey Jack" is a classic, in your face, rock song that works out great. I really miss hearing this style of music on radio stations. I really dig how the bass line carries the song during parts of the verse and gives the song some breathing room. The guitar work is really good and there's a nice tasty guitar solo in the middle. This is straight up rock and this is the stuff I miss. Nice tune!


HEY! O-NYX! Thanks for sending this to me for review. It kicks ass, man. The intro is very catchy and hooked me quickly. Nice ride all the way thru it. The breaks are 'spot' on with the triple Bass lick in there making it kick very nicely. It teased me making me waiting to see what was coming with the lead guitar solo. It was worth waiting for, and you 'delivered' a good one. It's rare for me to give a '5' to someone's music, but you earned this one, man. Send me some more like this. Good Luck on your music adventure my friends ~ Keep ON ROCKIN'!.........gizzmow, Bonham, Texas

Great Production

Excellent guitar tone and recording. Nice dynamics. Good composition. 2nd verse probably needs some guitar parts to build excitement and distinguish it from the 1st. Nice guitar solo... Vocals are right on key... Final thought: Ask yourself why a Van Halen song is really cool and your song is just "Nice". Even with all the great points, it still needs that "One Thing". The elusive "Thing". TrashDay

O-NYX "Hey Jack"

Great song, catchy riffs, great vocals and great musicianship! O-NYX is definitely a rock n' roll force to be reckoned with. Do yourselves a favor and check this band out, you won't regret it!

Hey Jack by O-NYX

Here on N1 we got the chance to listen the song of the band O-NYX : "Hey Jack" and the first impression catches the singer, combining the vocal style of a famous Canadian rock band and the sound of a classic rock sound.The essence is the empowerment of the guitar riff and the vocal.The song reminds me to a recorded rock concert song full arena and the double hand guitar solo on the second part is prominent, wish I can find and listen more in the now days guitar players. Anyway Eddie's lead will be stamped in the history of the rock guitar...
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