O-NYX / Dead or Alive (2018) / Rainbow (2018- 1st Album - Dead or Alive)

Bel mix

Davvero un bel pezzo.Sonorità Pop/Rock in stile Simple Minds. Chitarre protagoniste suffragate poi dalle Tastiere. Batteria con battuta ferma .Pezzo molto orecchiabile che lascia molto spazio all'immaginazione. Il titolo in fondo appartiene a ciòà che possiamo ammirare e che in realtà satentiamo a credere.l'arcobaleno appunto. Insomma un mix di Rock puro con un'occhio al pop miscelato in una ballata di buono spessore artistico e melodico.Complimenti per questo progetto. Due righe sulla copertina che ricorda un gesto molto forte e che è un'icona di libertà. Grandi.

Review: "Rainbow"

To begin with...I love the song. Great energy, great players, great sonic quality. Congrats...! My only criticism would be in the overall mix. I hear a battle between the vocals and electric guitars. Both are well sung and well played, but the guitar cancels out the vocal a clarity. With a voice that good, it needs to be heard better. My suggestion: Keep the presence...but turn down the guitars...and re-engineer the vocal to a new place - fully on top, with more clarity in phrasing, and yet fully blended into the recording. Hope this helps...all the best...Tom

Very good song.

The same melody can be interpreted softly, melodiously, joyfully, raw, playful, and in many ways sung or played by an instrument. Think of a metal song, a children's song or a romantic song. Of course, this is not a purely compositional aspect, but we must take it into account as it influences notoriously. Thinking about how the melody should sound, even the timbre of it is a very important aspect. Very good song. My congratulations.

these guys rock

sound of their music is nice, you can follow words, music flows even.. fill your mind with music that fills you , leaves you feeling full in your soul, what world needs today , music whole family can listen to.. awesome job guys .. you rOcK

Rainbow Review

If you're into the 80's vibe (in my opinion), you'll love this song. You'll hearken back to a time when lyrics could be heard and you can actually hear the "story" behind the music. A more rock version of Simply Red comes to mind, but with the O-NYX touch. Great sounds that you'll enjoy listening to, and my recommend!


Buenas tardes desde Jerez de la Frontera compañeros, estoy escuchando vuestra canción y he de reconocer que tiene un comienzo muy soso paea el temazo que le sigue, poco a poco se va remontando el tema ganando en energía, cuyo punto culminante es el estribillo. Tiene muy buenas guitarras con ese flanger en esos arpegios realmente expresivos, y buenos cambios muy bien integrados. El final sencillo,como el comienzo, pero el tema es muy bueno, me encanta el aire a U2, creo que ya os lo dije en otros temas vuestros...no lo recuerdo bien... En fin, otro temazo señores!!! Sólo me queda felicitaros por vuestro trabajo y desearos toda la suerte del mundo. Un saludo desde Andalucía!!!


This is not Your Best Song ..to me is more like a "work in progress demo " if I be You I will try to make a new arrangement make It shorter ( under 3.5 min )..and take out the Intro..is ok to be played on Life Concerts but I do not think Music Publishers will take It or Radio will played,,all is possible but some more work has to be done..also bring up The Quality of Recording..The Song Must be Radio Ready Quality.. I wish You good luck with submissions..

When it rains it pours a Rainbow!

The picture hooked me, then the name. Dreamy beat and alt guitar. Vocals come in and I'm wondering if you ever heard of the band Splender, because you could have written this song for them or vice versa, Moving lyrics and tight harmonies, easily understandable and right for a singalong chorus. Nice drum breakdown beat towards the finale, overall very well crafted and produced tune that I listened to multiple times. Rock On ONYX!

Another Great Song From O-NYX

A nice original song based around a good guitar sound. The vocal is slightly reminiscent of Brian Ferry of Roxy Music. Gentler than the previus track I reviewed. France has some great bands!


Rainbow review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Rainbow Review

Nice bass opening to this track which leads in to a first great verse and excellent vocals. This is a really good song with flawless production. Shades of Bebop Deluxe/Bill Nelson and U2 in there. Nothing to criticise here, it's a catchy, punchy, powerful rock track and I really hope you do well with it.

Very nice

Awesome song you just needed more reverb on your vocals but over all very nice vocals.and music is awesome .I feel you will deffinatly get far with your music .I would deffinatly be a fan

Nice good work!!

Nice work,keep up the good sounds...alot of insperations in your music interesting music from France,keep writing such beautiful music O-NYX Keep in touch,nice nice nice...thats about all i can say!!

Tight Bass/Bass Drum - Has an 80's feel. Strong voice. Great composition. Strong guitar sound in the chorus

Very strong voice, foreigner and other vocalists. Tight Bass/Bass Drum - Strong chorus went the 2nd guitar comes in. There's a bit of Andy of the police in the verse guitar sound. Touches of U2, Touches of strong 80's rock vocalists. The only thing I can think of is to make the drums ever so slightly less "tight". The fills sound good but the bass drum sound needs some deeper presence, the toms sound decent. I can really appreciate this song. I would love to promote this tune and your band on Unlimited Power Records if your interested. -Bruce

Good Music

I really liked this group. The music is certain and dominate in it's genre. I liked the instrumentation and how they used the placement in the stereo space. The recording is on a high scale and clarity is thus the same. I also liked the writing ability which demonstrates maturity and professionalism. This group has a unique way of creating a different sound than others. I would endorse this band and wish them all the best in there endeavors while they pursue their talent(s) in a much crowded field of talent in the music business. I look forward in hearing their next work and would advise all to listen and enjoy music that has been seriously thought-out and conceived. You can tell the hard work O-NYX has put into their efforts. Let their music grab your emotions and send you on your way of enjoyment. I don't often write reviews, but had to say something about this group. I hope you felt/feel the same as I with this band. If you feel the same as I than I encourage you to likewise write a review about their original music. I also like their album cover which I think is cool.
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