O-NYX / You can't get away from me / Rocknight (2014 - LP : You can't get away from me)


As expected, a great guitar entrance, followed by that fabulous drummer. The Vocals straighten The track. Binding it to become A Dance Marathon.O-NYX did it again, showing why, They are a top World Class Rock Group. It would be hard for me not to give this less than a 5....but, I'll try...4.99,

O-nyx Rocknight

Very 80's but hey so am I, like the bridge,I thought the intro was too long. music track kinda sounds like great white, vocal track sounds too dry although I like the singer cant think of who he reminds me of. you guys are good solid rock keep it up!!


A really nice song I love the music the music is really rocking very creative very unique different than all the other artists that I heard today thank you for sharing your music with me continue to go to the next level conceiving made Green music keep on rockin and Rollin and never stop creating keep me posted on any music that you may have and makes you his rocking LOL have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors peace

O-NYX - Rocknight

These guys sound tight and the composition originality has merit. I personally would like more sophistication or story line though it is straightforward; I can't help but sing "Rough Night" if you know what I mean but that might wake up the grandparents so kudos for "Rock Night" to keep the generations from frowning. I'll check some more tunes; keep on rocking


Buenas noches desde Jerez de la Frontera compañeros! No es la primera vez que os escucho y me alegro mucho de comprobar que vuestra música sigue siendo igual de buena, tiene un buen sonido y un estribillo pegadizo, que mantiene el interés todo el tiempo. El sonido de las guitarras es muy adecuado, me gusta cómo lo habéis enfocado, buenos cambios y partes con congruencia, aunque esa parte lenta decrece el ritmo y pierde energía, desde mi criterio, aunque también aporta un respiro al tema. Ese estribillo me recuerda un poco al de la canción Roxanne de the Police, salvando las diferencias, tiene pegada y energía, muy bien hecho. Sólo me queda felicitaros y desearos toda la suerte del mundo!!! Un saludo desde Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucía !!!

Another Great Track From Onyx!!

This a great track with elements of Meatloaf and others. This could easily sit in one of the great bands of the seventies. Great guitar, tight sound and production and a strong leadc singer with an edge and a feeling of "Don't F*** with me" in other words rebellion and passion not like so many of the bland people of the current manistream!!..

Classc rock

This is some solid classic rock , starting with a nice guiyar track. It reminds me a bit of Black Crowes somehow. Good decent catch y rock song, could have bene from the US instead of France. Catchy refrain too , and a nice decent guitar solo that fits the tune well. Production overall is good


This one has to be about the 'best' song I've heard from you O-NYX. The intro was spot on with the 'hook' bass line drive which always is the first thing I notice in a song. If you grab me on the intro like this, I'll hang on through it. The wait was worth it at the bridge where the lead guitar took it twice around instead of once. Then the kicker slow down was 'great' with the Bass doing some frills in it. My hat is 'off' to your Bass player. I'd of given you the '5' if you'd of just put a ripping guitar at the ending going out. It would have gotten even a 10 from me if you did. "Awesome" song you got here, man. Keep Up the Good Work......gizzmow, Bonham, Texas

Solid Sound

Captures your attention immediately. Yes, very Classic Rock type song. Very well put together. All instruments can be heard well. Sounds like a fun song, and a fun band. I appreciate what you guys are doing. Good Lead Guitar. Good break down towards end of song. Keep Rocking! Sincerely Edward Westbrook "Atomic Energy Society"

Rock your night with O-nyx.

O-Nyx has a great old fashioned style of rock. Reminds me a bit of Kiss! Even with the sound. Rocknight is catchy song which keeps your attention. This is also so close to mainstream rock/pop that it is suitable to play anytime at the Radio. Mixing is great and sound is professional. This is also vey suitable to be played on our rock radio shows if they offer this to our station. France Rocks! Check this out.


Very good tune. Good energy, catchy, and everyone knows their parts. Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing about the mix, or the sound of the drums. The bass, although expertly played, is over-dominant except for the lead break and the slow pace afterwards. The vocals are perfect for the piece, but a little too quiet and it sometimes gets overwhelmed by the instruments. The drums... Yikes... it's either a pre-programmed older drum machine or just very badly miked up. the song seems to call for something grungy or heavy on the bassy side, but the drums sound like a flurry of tin cans. And they're way too busy during the verses, which draws attention away from the lyrics. That's the most serious issue with it. Apart from that, a very well thought out song, with great guitar rifts throughout.

O-NYX- Rocknight- Reviewed by Eja Slade

This is good, reminiscent of KIss, especially the vocals. No harm in that. Classic chord changes, and a great rock and roll groove. A song all about 'having a good time', and 'letting it rip'. The opening riff would give AC/DC a run for their money, and sets the tone nicely. These boys know how to play, and give it their all, from beginning to end. Are they signed yet? If not, why not? No messin' here. Well done!


Arrangement: A good steady rhythm of rock and roll ! good use of all instruments. A nice little break in the tempo when it slows down to half time, simple and direct. lyrics: A catchy little tune, the lyrics have a way of getting into your head and wont let go. well written. vocals: Again, Onyx has a good grasp of how a good rock song should be sung. Not too flashy, not dull. Just right! Mix: I can hear each track crystal clear. All instruments are easy to hear. Never muddy. Well done! I like this band.......reminds me a little bit like Bad Company/Loverboy. Donivan

Rock On

I always enjoy seeing a new track by O-NYX on here to listen to. Great production and effort is put into your music and I know each song we get to hear will be fun, powerful and dynamic. There's a throwback to classic KISS production and sound here. This would be a great song to hear on a Classic Rock radio station here in the United States. Great guitars, drums and vocal production.

This is cool

Good track..got an awesome feel, very catchy tune, with sweet vocals and musicianship. I also do appreciate this song lyrically sometimes simple is best, makes this track a real winner! Great job :)
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