O-NYX / Dead or Alive (2018) / No more pain (2018 - 1st Album - Dead or Alive)

This rocks

I really like the loud guitars and drums. The singer has a great voice to sing hard rock songs too. Overall, this is something I can listen to regularly and enjoy it indefinitely and rock out to it.

give me more dirt

The vocalist is not a singer but a stylist that means you font have to sing you have soul power so sing with more grit even off key double those vocals with growns and screams make the guitar more distorted give me that nimmi hendrix energy Kill the drums give me brushes and stix on the rim Your strength is that you can sing your ass off the music is in the eay Total lofi analog mess those vocals up give me static give that guitar more jagged smbiance your sound is organic your music is over produced give me more soul. Hazy guitar pehistoric percussion less is more your vocals are to clean sing off key kick my ass with caveman kickass spontanaety the song that stsrts with Dont leave something is very bitch hot make that lofi sound wicked voix distorted guitar and stix rule, you are jimmi hendrix meets muddy waters with van morrison_ moondance Brown eyed girl vocals keep it your and kick ass, messy is good analog is king dude love spencer-guuyus-crosse

always a pleasure

the recordings always sound great. I love the mix and the vocals sound perfect for this sound. there is always a great feeling listening to this band. most christian music is garbage, and I truly mean that. not saying the message isn't there, but you sure don't ever feel anything but yuck with most of it. no great solo's no true feeling, just a bunch of foo foo crap, but your band knows how to deliver a great sound. The bass guitar always works well with the drums filling in the bottom and laying a good foundation. the guitar lines are always on point and quite groovy. the vocals always bring the feeling that make me feel the message, or at the very least think about it. I can tell the vocalist feels the passion of the lyrics. this is a great tune as I know when I see your reviews up, I know it's going to be good. I love this sound and also love all the talent that this band shows. at times it reminds me a little of April Wine, and I love that band too. Peace, and keep the dream alive. this sound is great today and there needs to be more from you. I am a huge fan. I have 3 tunes on here too. feel free to look them up. Joe Garrison.

No More Pain

I gave this tune a 5 stare rating because I liked the sound of the guitars, they blended together very nicely and you can tell they spent time working it out. Drums are good sounding and at good volume and blend with the instruments well. Vocals are at a good level and flow with the music. Melody is catchy. To me the guys are doing the best they can. Good Tune. As for no more pain I don't think that is possible in this life.

"No More Pain"

Group, sounds Hot. The Overall Mix, is Good. Great Song, with a Great Hook. I Like The Studio Mix,(Good Mastering). The Vocals are Great. Nice Dance rythem. I, could, Rock To This Tune All Day. Count Me In.

No más dolor.

Buenos días desde Jerez de la Frontera compañeros! De nuevo me deleito con vuestra música, me gusta la entrada y el desarrollo que tiene el tema. El sonido es bastante bueno y las guitarras suenan de lujo, los efectos vocales también son muy adecuados, y otorgan no sólo musicalidad,sino también energía y contraste. En definitiva, este es otro tema digno de tener en la lista de reproducción de cualquiera, así que no me queda más que felicitaros por vuestro trabajo y desearos toda la suerte del mundo en vuestro proyecto compañeros. Un saludo desde Andalucía!!!

Another Fine Track From Onyx

Here's another great track from Onyx who really do get it all right. Great voice, production and performance. I had a go at a couple of others about putting tracks out that are not quite ready. I should add in future to listen to Onyx to see how it should be done completely right!! So many bands do themselves no favours by putting out tracks that are below their best. Its foolish because if the public hear something sub standard then you may get written off and not given a chance. Well done you guys for getting it spot on!!

Dirty Ass Rock n Roll

True dirty hard-ass thank-you-bitch-may- I-have-another ball-gag rawk with a baguette sensibility. Guitar like a buzzsaw corkscrew, or an adze to a bad ass, the steady drums drive the beat down a metal-girded highway. These fellas know the essence of the genre and do not bother with frills or pop culture bs. Well done boys.

No more pain

Nice driving song. I like the guitar sound and the voice is pretty good. Not sure if this is radio quality. I like it but radio stations are tough to get to buy in. Drums are good but almost sound mechanical. Keep writing music and best of luck in the future

Old Fashioned Real Rock

Kind of like the first vocal effects a lot, is that a small radio effect? Further more I would say that this is genuine old fashioned no nonsense rock music, doesn't have a real technical twist but that's not always necessairy to be interesting and easy to listen to right?


AMAZING AMAZING LOVE THIS SONG. You guys did a fantastic job on this song, love the vocals, love your voice, the way you did your vocals AWESOME ! I LOVE the guitar instrumentals and the melody not only did you have my attention, you grabbed my MIND ! I just gave you 4 freaking chairs !!! I would buy this song !! Very talented !!!

Rock on!

Great guitar work. The lyrics are good and very understandable. The mix is well done. I'm sure this song goes over wherever you guys play. The only enhancement I'd recommend would be to add a harmony on the chorus. Overall a really good job. Congratulations!

No Morphine

O-NYX has sent you a request to review their song "No more pain" When did French singers start sounding like American artists? I personally think they should rename the song "No Morphine"...thats what I hear in the bridge. Great sounding tracks, Big effect on verse vox. Good sound, good song. I recommend going to their page and checking out the other songs off their 1st CD "Dead or Alive" Rock On!


this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre maybe the voice is too low. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

No More Pain

Arrangement: Nice. I like the way the instruments each have their own space to fly in. Lyrics: Very good lyrics. The story is interesting and has a mult faceted approach to the way it's presented. Vocals: Always well thought out. The harmony vocals are perfect! Mix: A very good mix. Crisp and clear, without any over processing. Well done! keep up the good work! Donivan.
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