O-NYX / You can't get away from me / Falling down (2014 - LP : You can't get away from me)

Bop review

Alright then let’s get started,nice bass and drum ska feel to it almost reminds me of the English beat and the police. Nice flange on the guitar. I like the way the song switches to a more rocking beat. The guitar almost sounds like I will follow by u2.nice arrangement with the intro,verse,bridges,chorus,hook.i like the vocal track there’s much intensity the way the vocalist delivered it. All and all nice track.

O-NYX "Falling Down" stands proud

The Kings of Leon spring to mind . Which can't possibly be a bad thing , in my opinion. The production value is quite high. Additionally , the composition fairly reeks of artistic integrity. A journeyman's effort well executed. Cudos !


I really like this band. They have a good original sound and speaking from experience that is hard to develop. They obviously put a lot of thought into the arrangement and structure of this song. They have a very tight sound with smooth vocals and nice lead guitar work over a very solid foundation. I hope they get a good break and get a label behind them. Although that always introduces change that can ether make or break a great band. Keep up the good work guys!

Falling Down

This track is relaxing to the soul. If You Need A Bost in Your day, this is it. Good Instrumentation, & Vocals. Help, for the soul. The Mix is adequate. A Great guitar solo. The vocals are good. The Drummer carries The Song from beginning to end. I Give it a 4.

Falling down

Falling down, a very good track, a very great sound and I would dance each I time I listen to this one. Take away all ma tension. I'm keeping it on ma playlist. Thank you for making such great music

Falling Down

Nice song, grabs you from the very start, brings you back to mid to late 80's rock mixed with some early 90's production :) thank you, even though there are a lot of songs similar to yours, this song still has an original feel, good work, keep it up, there will be a lot of people who will like this song and follow your other tracks! i like it! cheers


Guitar is a good sound,voice okay,nice build with the band arrangements,it’s building good tag for the melody of the chorus?, Nice next step I like that driving high guitar part,and harmony good on vocals, Good sound another nice change,sorta Pete Townsend who like, Pretty strong tune,but it isn’t hitting me in the heart,but easy to listening to it,a little too much the same in second half so far,lead decent,not great,a lot of riffs and played in a million other songs,but over all a good effort.

Daughtry ascending

Definitely a great song... I like the lyrics and the live aound of this... But I feel that its missing a full sound in the production to really shine. Though I can definitely buy a ????, im not too stocked on the track... Maybe remaster or something... I wanna feel like "Arms Wide Open"

Review of O-NYX's "Falling Down"

First off, a great mix over-all- Sound is great! As usual, the string players shine, and the percussion is persistent -but not dominant enough (to myself). Vocally, tight as usual....Lot's of lyrics in the 'verse' parts of the song in the first 2 mins or so, but it all comes together as the 'chorus' comes in, and then the 'solo' on guitar is tight. Great song, well written musically and lyrically! Respectfully Dave MacDonald/CHRONIC PAIN

Falling down good

Hi! it is a song that makes me feel like I'm heading for a day with a feeling of dynamism from a comfortable morning wake up. composition of song Each field has excellent field . this style is smart and cool good work thank you

Come sign with us

Sounds great. Look me up if wanting to sign. Julie Charlie Anne Harper facebook or Juls Harper or here. Signing new artists At Chance's Now Management and Promotions Label. Great song Juls

O-NYX not "Falling Down"

On the opening riff I heard "Queensryche" and then BOOM it takes off on the O-NYX journey! 2014? Sounds like it was recorded yesterday! You guys rock and I love the way you navigate the tune - Keep on rocking !!


HEY THERE "O-NYX.. Man I must tell you I love this song and I love the words.. great song .. however, you are drowning out by your music so with a little twicking there this song is a KNOCK OUT ! GET your vocals louder and you GOT A GREAT SOUND !!!!! You got a great VOICE !!

Falling down

This song Sounds great!! I Like the style of the vocals on top of the easy listening tunes. Great full voice! I wish I could undersrand what the softer vocals are saying so I can figure out the story/bridge or turning point of the song. I listened to it a few times. Great! ✌️ peace!

Falling Down

I like the way this song begins. Simple and pure. No harsh power chords, just an easy flow of musical instrumentation; that is, up until the Chorus suddenly breaks into a faster tempo of rhythmic dynamics. Arrangement: This song is well thought out. Intro, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus, chorus.....etc. No lag inbetween, no stuttering lyrics, the arrangement is easy to listen to. Lyrics: well written, and easy to follow the intent of the writers story. Well done! Vocals: The vocals are clean, and clear, and easily understood. No redundancies or mindless chatter......well done! Mix: Nice and crisp, clear, and without any clutter. No over processing, just a nice "live" feel to the reverb without the overstated echo. The musicians are having fun with their craft! I look forward to hearing more from this group.........well done guys! Blessings to ya! Donivan.
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