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Atmospheric acoustic rock

This tune is deeply atmospheric, harmony and melody draw and render perfect vibrations. It seems that you have some serious acoustic rock/metal skills as well and it is a great discovery ;) You clearly know how to engage your music by emotional means. Adding this odd rythmic structure to the verse greatly improve the instrumental content which is already blended with many diverse sensations and colors. Cheers from Limoges, France !


Great drum track, good vocals. Yet the keyboards were a bit Strong for me. At the start of the Doug a did not like this much. At the end of it I began to to feel the chorus. Good luck in the future. Magic


I really liked the music and the musical style. The lyrics and melody are very catchy and remain in the head. I missed more backvocals maybe in the chorus making a bigger support. It would be interesting to add some effects to increase the interest in music because it is very simple in instrumentation and may include some blow and keys. Success!


Wall of pain review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rockl piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

O-NYX -Wall Of Pain - Reviewed by Eja Slade.

Yes! This one does it for me. A masterfully executed, passionate offering from O-NYX, with beautiful guitar and cool, tuneful vocals. And nice percussion. The lyric says it all; "And you walk away...". Which of us has not been there, a love that's present, and then gone. There's some cool chorus pedal on the guitar, which gives a lovely 'spacious' feel to the song. And one great thing- O-NYX don't remind me of anybody else, it's a peerless performance. This reviewer would like to hear more, in particular, how the group manages 'uptempo' material. This one is flawless. Rock on!

Rogue Review

Hi Guys Well what a great song you guys rock. Are you signed by any record companies. We loved the song was it recorded live or in a studio. Anyway ita great to hook up with you guys take care. Regards Rogue Records ' Rock Music

Well Done Song

I really like this song, and it's style. You have your own sound, and that is so awesome. I love how the instruments gradually build in the beginning of the song. Good instrumentation, and really good singing. I find the Bass Guitar to be very interesting, as it is slightly in it's own time signature. Very good. You guys are doing a great job. Please continue. Best Wishes. Edward Westbrook (Atomic Energy Society ) *Over here in America, sending greetings.

Cavalier Review

Cavalier Review  Cavalier Review  We liked this song, its always nice to hear this type of song. How was this recorded was it a live take or studio. When we hear this song it reminds us of our tour of Asia.

Wall of Pain

O-NYX has done it again! A very well written song for your listening pleasure. Arrangement: I like this arrangement, with all tracks being equal in scope and musical style. An easy and laid back approach to a message of hope within the anguish of heart. Well done! Lyrics: These lyrics are nicely applied. The writer has a firm grasp upon what the emotional impact he is feeling and delivering. Vocals: Good vocals. Good harmony as well. They both blend well and neither overlaps unduly. Mix: The overall mix is crisp and clean. No hiss, no buzz, no blurring of tracks through mis applied ambienc or clever overdubbing; Each track stands alone on it's own merits, yet blends well with the other tracks in a cohesive environment of musical tapestry. Well done! Keep up the good work! cheers! Donivan


I'm not sure what is this..You make 2 songs in one ..and they do not match... Arrangement is one .. and vocal is the other..and put together sound not so good..in my opinion this song has to be rewrite..rearranged and re recorded..well try to pitch it to AM / FM Radio Stations and Music Publishers and let's see what They will say..on top of that is to long... as You know Radio use only 2.5 - 3.5 min long..the song is not ready for "The World" yet.. work on it.. make it better.. good luck...

Powerful country rock ballad

Good production, musically, it sounds really great, you guys control your universe and it shows.The only thing that might need a little work is the repetition and the lenght of the song. I really like the progression post refrain and the ambiance the song express. Keep up the good work!!

Sweet "Wall of Pain"

Melodic, sweet tune! Driving bass line that keeps the song moving along gently. Brings back memories form long ago - a walk on the beach, a gazing look of love across the table at your lover not knowing if he/she feels the same way that you do. O-NYX delivers on this tune of love and heartache, after all I'm not invincible and the wall you built, is a wall of pain!

O-NYX has a hit with Wall of Pain!

First off, love the acoustic guitar intro. It sounds awesome when the bass and drums come in. The vocals are also very good. Really nice melody as well. The chorus section "Another Dance - Have a Chance" would sound more dynamic with some back up harmony vocals. The harmony in the "Believe in your Self" part is good. Maybe something like that could be in the "Another Dance" section. Over all, the song is well mixed - every part can be heard and nothing over powering. I like the two guitar parts and the bass part with the short staccato notes. Drums are outstanding. It is just a well written song. I think this song is ready for prime time.

Impressive stuff

Love the chorus.Excellent vocals and nice production.The acoustic intro is beautiful.I see you are from France-I can hear that very subtlely in the singers speech but its not really that noticeable.Classic rock indeed-this is an anthem.80s rock but quieter(acoustic reference in title contributes towards this)Otherwise realy good.C'est tres bien!Did French at school,don't remember much but it is a beautiful language like your music-classic rock indeed!Would have loved to hear a guitar solo though.

Wall of pain

This song made me feel good vibes. It's relaxing and inspiring. The production is very good and the performance is professional. The singer voice is beautiful. He can show his feelings through the singing.
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