O-NYX / If you leave me now / Why (2016 - LP : If you leave me now)

precious rocks

yet another surprise from france...a country once known for its old style charm of folk jazz....but here comes what we do not expect..lyrical ...clean and thoroughly rock...and yet still french...onyx is a decorative stone...so you can hang these guys on your music player and complete your look...nice one and live would be great for those who can get to see them...

Why Not?!

I love the album artwork. That, alone, was the reason I picked your song today to listen. Though, I've seen your stuff on here before. If you're from France, I'm impressed that the singing sounds so "American" which can be hit or miss on international songs. The music, especially the guitar, is dynamic and blends nicely with the vocals which are well mixed, produced and engineered. Great effort.

I like the bass

I like the bass right off the bat , the walking of it is nice. The guitar moves smoothly with the strumming, The vocals are good and the chorus is nicely done. The harmony is tight, The chorus is just the right length. Keep it up .

Cool sound!

Hi! Good Song guys! I like this Song, i think It have a very good sound! I Don't Know why but I love the drum beat, is really simple, a 4/4 really normal, but full of groove that bring up the Song. Very good! The Guitar is really nice, a great funky touch. The sound is good and the solo is good for this type of Song. The voice is also melodic and groovy, not a great performance but sound good. The bass made Also a good job. The only Thing that i feel to say to you is that the Song (for me) maybe it's too long..., 5 minutes with only the same riff...uhm.., maybe Little shorter? Ok, I wanna listen other Song!! C'mon it's good but I Know you Can do better!! Stay Rock!!


For me your music is rock, soft rock but still rock...and good rock. Nice vocal harmonys and a very good production. I like a music well supported by a prensent drum and a classical orchestration, rythm section, keep on, i am a fan.


We liked this song, its always nice to hear this type of song. How was this recorded was it a live take or studio. When we hear this song it reminds us of our tour of Asia. Taking in countries like Thailand, Cambodia,Laos and China.


I liked the arrangement a lot. The mix of bass and guitars is so beautiful. The singer voice is very very good spreading an amazing feeling. The chorus is well constructed. This song really got me!

Smooth jazz guitars with mainstream rock...

This sounds like meeting jazz funk with mainstream rock. Good song writing and performance. The hooklines move straight forward with a carpet of smooth jazz guitars and the singer leads well through the track. But he could be louder in the mix for my taste, as well as the rest of the production seems to me having a lack of power and pressure, but the instruments sound well anyhow. Mastering would help bringing the voice into the front as well as the rest would gain in brilliance and power. Anyhow, good work, rock on!

Another good one

I think this is the third song of yours I've reviewed. And I'm coming to realize the level of talent ant quality is consistent and at the highest professional level. I hope you get a recording contract if you don't already have one. It's that good. Anchored by what I believe is the most elusive element, an excellent vocalist, excellent songwritting, quality instrumental ability by all players and professional high quality producing and mixing, it's the complete package. I hope you attain to success you deserve.

Great Track

I really like this song by O-NYX. It has a great rhythm that is underscored by a solid drum pattern providing a stable platform for the timbre of the guitar sound. The change into the chorus is a nice smooth transition, the chorus itself having a great hook that is very catchy. The vocals on this song are very well sang and have great content. The mid 8 is tidy and carries along the song nicely. Overall a great track, it's very catchy. Good Work.

O-NYX Review

Well at first It sounded repetitive But Tight, Then it started to kick ass and go off !!so what I'm saying is i would down load this song if I were you. Ya it is definitely a great song to work out with at the gym.

Good beat

I won't even review a song unless it gets me in the first 10 seconds, this one did. The vocals ride nicely over the melody and the backing vocals give a lot of strength to the delivery. The words are also easy to understand which coming from me is a compliment. Guitars complimenting the piano's constant hook could help bring out that trill a little better, but the song works fine.

Brings me back to the 80's

Excellent sound. Takes me back. Very refreshing to hear real music being made and appreciated. Keep doing what you do. Recording is very well made and vocals are very impressive. I can't quite pinpoint the style but Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo comes to mind.

Rock On

I really like the song and the sounds of music and the title of the song rock is really good music hope this been helpful for you have a blessed day and a blessed weekend please post more music of yours.


hola amigos, esta cancion me ha gustado mucho, esta muy bien hecho, tiene todos los ingredientes necesarios para ser una gran composicion, la recomiendo. a ojos cerrados, suerte muchachos.
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