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Ancient Folk reviewed by an ancient folkie

A nice easy feeling about this that I like. I like the fact that you took the time to publish the lyrics. I had no chance understanding them off the audio. I've written the odd two chord song myself and feel that the lyrical content is very important when there isn't much else going on. You obviously like to play with words so keep it up. It will make you happy. You might also like to get an audio editing program like Audacity (it's free) and clean up the recording. That big crunch at the end is not doing you any favours and is easily eliminated with the right tools. The big thing is to not rush to the recorder at the end but wait a moment or two. Having a little silence at the end makes it really east to chop off the sound of you grabbing the recorder and fumbling for the correct button to stop everything. I wanted to say something about the title but I don't want you to get the idea that I want you to change it. In some ways it is a little confusing especially to those of us who are used to seeing the word 'folk' as a pronoun to the word 'music' but on balance that is probably a good thing. It is a good enough summary of what the song is about. That will do.


The song wake up a lot of feelings on me, you may wonder what kind of feelings!!? yeah, we humans live, smile, love, fuck, work, dreams, play music, give a fuck about what others thinks about us, respect nature and fight for what we think or believe, this is those feelings what i feel when a listen it..peace, love to our selfs, love and respect for others and for our mother nature

Ancient Folk

I really like this haunting folk song with guitar and vocals. Your guitar playing really adds texture to the tone of this song. The lyrics are clear and add depth to this memorable folk tune. Well done!

Review of ancient folk

Another tune by Ogaitu called Ancient folk, lots of twangy guitar and strumming of a unique sounding of strings, it may be just be what you are listening for , it is packaged with a story and a blend of vocals bringing you a message , I will not debate weather it’s ancient folk or not, if Ogaitu says its ancient folk who am I to disagree, it’s different it’s unique and it will get your attention.! Give it a listen and let Mr. Ogaitu know what you think, it’s a new experience for me ? I have reviewed a couple of more of his tunes and they were pleasant to the ear ! Thanks for the opportunity to give it a shot and best of everything to you in music! I am not an expert in that genre , although I do have several songs that have been up there pretty high in charts in folk and folk rock for a number of weeks and Mr. Ogaitu has a different style than mine and I certainly wish him success! peace!
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