Mike Harty / Mike Harty / Could Of Been Anybody

Awesome ????

a really awesome song I really love the music and lyrics to title the track is amazing I love the music it's a very well composed and put together song. Thank you for sending this song is bless my soul I really love it I love everything about the song. Continue to stay Creator continue to be a blessing to other people. never stop sharing your gifts and talents with the world please keep me posted on any new music that you may have coming out. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed holiday season and never stop giving God the glory to your music cuz all gifts come from God. have a wonderful day and in a blessed week and may God continue to bless you and all that you go to do and create..


Bei dem track muss sich die aufnahme ein wenig klarer anhören, es rauscht zu sehr. Und der Gesang muss ein wenig weicher klingen, der beat ein bisschen leiser bei der Aufnahme so das der Gesang deutlicher klingt. Bei der Stimme ist zu viel Hall drin so das es sich anhört als würde man in einer Dose hören, es würde mich freuen wenn sie es mit meinen Tipps probieren und es so neu aufnehmen. Es hört sich dann hundert Prozent besser an, Ich helfe gerne wo ich kann

Well Put Together and Produced Up Beat Song

This is a well put together and well produced song that creates a warm feeling in the heart. Like the syth riff. Mike has a great voice and a big heart. This is a good song that fuses a number of styles together. Deserves a big profile despite the religious message beneath the surface. Thumbs up!!

Talented and unique

Mike Harty has written and performed a nice come-to-Jesus story song, with a classic '70's rock style. The lead guitar and synthesizer sounds are well done, and right in the style pocket, reminiscent of Boston and Orleans and Yes. The lyrics are obscured a bit by the bass, which is mixed way too loud, but I appreciate the fact that the lyrics talk about how much Jesus cares for US, not just for ME. I notice Mike is his own engineer. I made the same mistake for the first 5 or 6 years of my ministry. Then I hired a professional producer, and it was the best decision I ever made. The musicianship and mix on all albums since then have been miles better. You would think hiring a professional producer would be expensive, but I found that it paid back handsomely, in time saved in the studio, and worries off my shoulders. Keep up the good work!

Could of Been Anybody....

"I heard the voice of Jesus how much He loves us "....in itself is the best message in this song. I love this soft rock 60's vibe with a bit of the Frankie Valley sound to your voice. Excellent bass guitar and percussion. The electronic vibes wiht the keyboard/organ (?) are essences of good vibrations reminiscent of the Beach Boys too. A gentle reminder to us who believe and a wondeful and powerful testimonial to those who still are in unbelief. Sound musicianship and excellent feel good vibes.


Good vocals, Old School 70s feel. Nice synth intro and backing track. Great quality recording, The melody line is very reminiscent of some early Boston vocal lines, Nice change in the bridge reminds me of another break from a classic rock band. Sweet base lines.

Close guys

The music has some very interesting moments so this song has real potential. The use of modulation and the rhythmic changes show a level of sophistication that is above a lot of Christian pop. The lyrics here are problematic and show a need for development. I recognize that this isn't God inspired Psalms you're writing so I tend to not be critical theologically and let you develop with time but basic grammar... Could Have Been Anybody is the meaning you intend in the title. You sing it like a contraction, Could've but it's not Could of. The harder one to fix is the line, Just how much He needs us. Sorry. That one won't fly theologically even in a beginners group. There are lots more things you can tweak but as I said, I can let things pass that are artistic statements. Love the feeling behind what you're trying to do, and your musical execution, but you do need to step up the game lyrically.

Mike Harty - Could of Been Anybody

Musically it moves however, the vocal is too far in the background for my tastes. The words are good but the vocals seem distant from the passion of it. Even though I like the song as a whole, it lacks dynamics changes and emphasis on phrases. I think that the song is too wordy. Try to pull out the most dynamic statements and push them hard with passion. The more words don't make a better song. If this is your first try at it don't let me discourage you. In fact, I applaud your valent effort. Go back to it and find 2-3 more songs in the lyrics and have a try at it if not just for learning greater depth of discipline in your songwriting. Another tip is to play it live and see what your audience thinks... then go back and really take a sharp knife to it and a pencil. Don't kid yourself you are a very talented player if you put this all together yourself. I would love to hear the results if you take my ideas and try them. Thanks Brother... just remember it is all for Jesus... give it the same passion as he gave us.


Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent Keep doing your thang keep grinding bro you definitely have potential and the talent is there continue to make that real music you doing and you gone make it fam that’s my opinion keep working

Podría haber sido alguien.

Buenos días desde Jerez de la Frontera compañero! Tu tema tiene muy buena escucha, ese comienzo recuerda a lis míticos Camel, pero luego le siguen partes melódicas diferentes, aunque también mantienen la esencia, y en el sólo de guitarra con ese delay junto con las partes donde respira el tema vuelve toda la influencia. La mezcla es buena, y el tema en sí también guarda una estructura ideal para este estilo, o al menos, a mi me gusta. Felicidades por vuestro trabajo y os deseao toda la suerte del mundo en vuestro proyecto! Un saludo desde Andalucía!!!



I must like you

I like the intro sound,yeah your songs got that late 70. 80s vibe. But The message is the medium,tell about Jesus sing his praise,I asked this before how do you critique a good Christian song? I can only light your fire to keep praising,straight and narrow,if ever folks needed him it is now like the change that just happened,kinda cool,keep it up back to the original vibe good mix
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