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4 PM 11-1-19

I really like what you are doing here. Sort of abstract and progressive. It is obvious to me that you are quite a talented guitarist and musician. I especially like the hook lines. The guitar sounds and bass lines are quite impressive. My only concern would be that not everyone that listens will actually have a musicians ear and be able to appreciate the message. Again, overall I would say it is very good.

Ahead Lies What

I'd like to start this review by saying congratulations, for I enjoyed listening to this composition very much. Great Introduction it isn't too lengthy and jumps right to it. The switch-up around half of the song gave it more interest. Good job

Mike Rockin Instrumental

Ahead Lies What,Sounds Like a wild ride from beginning to end.Although it has a few moods created it basically maintains a hard drive.A lot of progressive passion in the guitar work gives it an aggressive back lash of interrest.

Nice groove!

When I turned the song on I was totally into the groove in the feel and the production was all there. Great vibe going on! I didn’t know this was an instrumental as I was expecting vocals but was pleasantly surprised with the harmonies by the guitar and what was going on with the overall tune. I liked the song a lot, nice melody from guitar line! I was expecting a break after some time of listening to the verse and then something jumped out at me. Nice change but seemed a little off with the timing to me, maybe the drums?? It’s just my opinion but I think it could’ve been done a little smoother. I appreciate all the work and effort into this tune as it says a lot. Keep up the great work and I hope to hear more from you later my friend.

Kitchen sink up side the head lol

Cool beginning nice lick and groove lead is sorta rock/fusion drums are cool good vibe and feel,i Ike the eco on the guitar goin into a different part like that lick too and now some metal strange changes thoughjumpy from one to another should work on transitions sounds like many songs instead of one o but I like all the different ideas.could go back to the beginnings backwards stuff sorta does. I’m not sure what I heard? But good playing. Work on your composition skills.

very creative

very very uplifting , remind me of the good old days when music was real .... definitely something to listen over and over .... share this with your friends it realy groove keep up the good work bro

Good driving song!

From the beginning, I truly enjoyed the drive of this song. It really has a fantastic pulse, and would be excellent pumping through the speakers of my car while I roll down the highway. My only criticism is that the lead seems to be a little buried, and a little bit repetitive; it doesn't really mix up until about 1/3 of the way through. The drums are a little sloppier at this point, though, despite the interest of the song picking up. I maintain this would be some great background for driving, but it's nearly as if two different songs were paired together at the half mark. Good guitar work overall though.


Ahead Lies What review. this is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Ahead Lies What

Where do I start? Great arrangement for one. It feels like when listening, you can see the enormous scope of this Mike Harty opus. The overall sound needs a good mastering, but I turned up the volume to compensate. The drum track is the only thing holding this masterpiece back. The drums are a bit too dry in the mix, but otherwise the use of stereo makes up for anything lacking. Great job MIke. My 4 stars is a very strong 4 stars! Check out companies like Landr for easy mastering.

Ahead Lies Whatever lies Ahead of Lies.......

An interesting instrumental thought process of valuable information. I like this tune. Arrangement: It's a bit like riding down the highway in a nice cruisemobile, before suddenly sliding sideways and heading off road to blaze your own trail of excitement. Mix: The mix is well done. Nothing is too loud or too muddy. A nice clear and concise production of sound. A nice touch of intermixing of effects, panning left to right to left of center again. Well done! I look forward to hearing more from this artist... Donivan.

Energetic Track

This tune by Mike Harty is straight out of the blocks as a fast energetic guitar driven offering that is very catchy. This is the type of tune you could have on your car CD player as you blast on down the highway. The very clean break in the mid section of the song provides a neat step up for a guitar riff that is almost ethnic sounding into some added vocals. The tune then resolves with some great guitar playing. Drum patterns are nice with some solid grooves. Bass is rolling and tight, Very cool music.

Ahead lies what review

Love the intro! Really driving groove and great guitar work. I'm wishing more attention was paid to the sound of the drums. The power of the track calls for a kick ass drums sounds. How they're played is great, it's the snare and the foot I'd like to hear more of. Your groove change in the middle of the song is nice! If you get to remix it, I would remix the drums thinking more like a club sound. Love the bass solo as well. So these are just suggestions to make it even more killer than it already is. Great song!


Great stuff! Love the intro...this has a great drive to it. You cannot help but tap your foot and bang on the table...excellent guitar work here! I love the, very King Crimson, separation, around a 1/3 way in, then the drastic change in the tempo, extremely well done! Excellent, all around, musicianship, as usual!! Good stuff here, man... I'm hearing anything that Steve Vai, or Adrian Belew, have done over the past 30 years...(compliment!!;) Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the next one! CHEERS

Ahead Lies What ....What Lies Ahead.....

Excellent musicianship in this piece especially the guitarists. Time for a tide of Awareness and Awakening is what this song says ...carrying us into the Age of Awakening to God and Revelation of Peace on Earth and Good Will toward all men.. The percussion is truly inspired and changes up to a new height with each interlude of progression to a new them. There are many themes in this music that are difficult to put in to words but it is carthartic and an aegis for changing mindsets. It calls to the mind the need for revelations to be sought and the wisdom to be won and put into practice. A Hallmark Composition in your repertoire.

A Review of ‘Ahead Lies What...’ — Mike Harty.

The bridging [or A, A´ or B] section which starts at 01:46 does not match with its neighbouring parts. It sounds like the different musical ideas which are suitable for two songs, all, are combined in one tune. This makes the piece with inconsistency of connectedness among the musical ideas of its sections causing a lack of coherency in general. In fact the section starting from 02:50 up to the end could be recorded as a separate song! Again, the lovely solo starting at 03:24 does not perfectly fit in within the catchy melodic line of the second part of the song which started at 02:50 but it does match with the same melodic line which is repeated at 04:03. Definitely, each individual section by itself, meets the musical standards for some forms of Rock styles.
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