Mihi / Song of love / I Need You

Impressively professional recorded Pop-Song

Great mixture of Pop and Dancefloor elements in style of music with electronic textures. The steady beat invites moving instead your body. Unique vocal chorus in the backround enriching the mood. That´s not easy to sing in high degree of complexity of an arrangement. The lyrics come from the heart and going hand in hand with a love-relation and touching the soul. The refrain is the message and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. But the whole song is more various. The digital sound effects puts one into a melodious cosmos creating an extraordinary atmosphere. The modulated sounds bringing a hypnotical feel into the music. Overall a perfect work and recording from the composer professional mixed and mastered. Mihi managed an exceptional sounding track perceived in sensation of heart and soul. I can feel the meaning of this song regardless of the language and I´m sure you will like to add him. Let others know your recommendation.

Sounds like a pro ????

Not really my thing but it’s put together well. Good job. It reminds me a bit of “Stock Aitken Waterman” from the U.K. back in the 80’s. They produced guys like Rick Ashley, Kylie Minogue and many more. Hit after hit they scored with this style, maybe it still works?

Like This

Mihi. i like this although I do not understand Japanese. It has a real summer feel and would go down really well in the European dance clubs. Have you considered recording a full English version?


Sound moderno e ambientazione elettronica per una musica molto affascinante e dotata di appeal. Ho ascoltato e già condiviso altri vostri brani, sempre molto equilibrati tra melodie classiche e suoni tecnologici. Bravi!

I need you

This offering by Mihi " I need you" is another ready for radio track, good production values, catchy tune coupled with nice harmonies, pumping bass and a nice dance style backbeat that keeps your toes tapping, I can definitely imagine hearing this track on the radio because it fits in with stuff that i hear all the time and would well deserve to be there! I am wondering about the lyrics though, whether or not they are all in english or or just the hook, it dont really matter but because i can understand the hook, i would like to understand the rest.

smooth listening

A very smooth track indeed. A calming mellow comfortable track to have travelling through your head. A cool sentiment carries the track along. Good synths and beats. I enjoyed it a lot, not overcooked.


This is nice tune..do You Perform It Life..I hope You do but if Not ..I'm not sure what You will do with It..Try to send It to some Major Music Publisher or Radio Station let's see They will say..but the problem is that They Like a Real Instruments not a Computer Generated music..( many people know haw to operate computers..but not to many know haw to play .trust me in today Music World ( to many people using computers)..on the other hand..Major Radio Stations Very read play songs longer than 3.5 min..I like this song but in not important if I like or not..THEY must Love It..I wish You good luck with submissions..

Review of 'I Need You'. by DJ Michael Angello

I agree with Tony Dupuis, it is a very pleasant track but the overall mix is too busy, more attention to separation is required. Vocals are at times lost within the mix. The mix and Master with a track is as key to success as the track itself. You have a really nice voice, you need a track to compliment it and not drown it out. In my humble opinion the track needs separating mixing and mastering again. I hope this has been some help to you and i wish you all the best in your future endeavours.


I think I know what You are trying to do but this is not Your best work..The truth is Many People are "playing" with Computers..the problem is what You will do with It..this is just average computer work ..well send to Music Publishers and You will found out that They will agree with me..I like Your voice and with Real Arrangement will sound much better..but I like some parts of It.. so good luck with Submissions..but trust Me.. THEY are Very Hard to Please...

A for Production, Originality and Performance !!! :-)

A for Production, Originality and Performance !!! :-) I really enjoyed listening... This is nicely done, but asa Producer, i will offer some positive critique... The Mix is a bit saturated ands clips from time to time ( highly compressed) and with the Compression, it clips the top at times... Also, in the mix, needed to hear more of the lead vocals as well as backing vocals, at times, the instruments walk all over it. all said, I REALLY enjoyed listening to this very fun track... Thanks so much for sharing !!! :-) Blessings
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