Michelle Hicks / Changes / U Breathe

C@@L yet HOT...

C@@L yet HOT... Great vibe of the entire song...Insightful lyrics, Nice delivery (Sincere and believable) Hip w/ TRUTH... Side note: As a Producer,please allow me to share with you: The Vocals are mixed too far back- The Chordal Guitar dominates. It would be MUCH more powerful and effective with a re-mix... (YES, This song deserves that... ) Thanks so very much for sharing Your Music... I sincerely enjoyed listening :-) REMIX this a " Breathe " a sigh of relief knowing this song was done correctly. Thx :-)


I like Vocal Part but arrangement not so much is to static not much is going on be good if You re record it..as it is is just an average song and need to have a "juice" to make it much better...but is ok to perform it in some "cabaret" place ..Market for songs like that is very limited so it will be hard to play it on AM / FM Radio Stations with better arrangement I will pitch it to some Music Publishers but They are looking for Fantastic Songs and Best Quality Recordings.. I wish You good luck with pitching..Good Job..

A good jazzy-song !

Hello! This is a very jazzy composition! There is a good swing, a rhythmic well-balanced and well-swung. The harmonic gap between the vocals and the chords played on the guitar are welcome and well-found. The voices are well-presented and well-awarded, in the purest tradition "Jazz." However, I will issue a small critique; I would have liked to hear a more frank, more audible harmonic support, while remaining discreet, Sue this song; That would have brought the binder, the bond. That's good work!

U Breathe

ms. Hicks has fresh creative vocalizations and melodic style, subtle rhythmic flows well. very sophisticated syncopations and flourishes, and in the spare backing instrumentation as well. jazzy feel. good chorus and choral vocals, harkening a church choir but with modern jazz flourishes. I like that. thumbs up.

New arising of impressive music style

This composition had no smooth rhythmic sense like the easy contemporary music cause of influencing pop beats. Sparse intro with an anchoring rhythm section of the drums. It isn´t only the engaging regular repeated swing patterns which forcing the music constantly. A genuinely well-played modern jazz-guitar accompaning the whole song. That isn´t really easy because of the orchestration with modular infused sounds from the keys, but the instrumentation sounds really virtuos and implements a deep feeling for music. The minor chords of the guitar increases this tune in brilliant jazz style. The unique vocals of Michelle Hicks making the composition complete. The soulful lyrics going hand in hand with important questions of life according within personal influences and comes from the heart. The arrangement sounds definitely professional although of sparse instrumentation. I like the bleakly mood of the track. Very good mixed and overall perfect mastered. The composition is more creative than some others, influenced of jazz and blues. I can´t stop listen to this song and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.


Una forma de hacer soul distinta a la habitual, me gusta la propuesta. La voz es bastante buena, cuando usa el efecto que distorsiona la voz (son unos momentos) no mucho. La instrumentación está bien, pero a la hora de la grabación creo que el sonido del bombo destaca demasiado sobre los otros instrumentos. A different way of doing soul than usual, I like the proposal. The voice is quite good, when it uses the effect that distorts the voice (they are a few moments) not much. The instrumentation is fine, but at the time of recording I think the drum sound stands out too much on the other instruments.

Cooly Unpredictable!

Love that this song grooves while never letting on to where it's going.. As I titled it 'Cooly Unpredictable' it remains true to that throughout the song. Truly flowing. Really really good!

A Refreshing Taste of Spirituality...

Salut Michelle...I was very inspired by your 21st century 'Ultra-Gospel' styled work. It allowed me to relate on a spiritual and RnB level. The vocals are 'crisp and clean' as well as the straight ahead background tracks. You have accomplished your goal ! Have a Blessed Continuation...Barrymore

My review

The voice and the message are fantastic, the world can always use some positive words of hope and humanity to the mix . I look forward to hearing more from Michelle Hicks , I will keep an eye open for more from this fantastic artist......

More courage, please!

Wirklich nette Komposition: Fängt ein bisschen wie Prince an, das Schlagzeug ist schön Old School, die Stimme gefällt, ist aber zu sehr in das Klangbild eingebettet, gehört etwas mehr in den Vordergrund. Und dann ist der Song vorbei und nichts ist hängengeblieben. Also: Nett, aber nicht mehr.
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