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Cool as can be

We all have the opportunity to review eachother on this wonderful site. Every now and again you find a gem that just hits home. That is what I have found in the music of Michelle , so I sit and I listen....ennjoy

Alma infinita...

Desde el comienzo del tema nos damos cuenta que estamos ante una canción que brilla por su originalidad y la calidad de cada instante que nos regala. Unos arreglos sutiles de guitarras muy bien elaborados, unas bases rítmicas muy elegantes y con cierto sabor clásico y a la vez moderno. Y sin duda lo que más sorprende en su escucha, son las voces desde el protagonista con una gran calidad hasta cada uno de los arreglos vocales que conducen a la perfección los coros. La guinda una melodía muy fácil de escuchar y que te hace querer más.

Peace Out!

One of the things I like about Number One Music is that you get the chance to hear artists you'd never hear without this type of format. That means you hear some good. Some bad. And some that leave you sharking your head. Here's what I like about this song - it has an early 70's Adult Contemporary sounds in much of it. Where the song falls for me are the chorus which sounds "off" a bit and the tamborine which sounds to up front. The vocals from the lead singer are pleasant.

Review Be At Peace

Very Pretty Piece, Positive and Empowering. Sweet vocals and musical arrangement. Quite heartfelt lyrical content. This song is one to surely inspire and move one's soul. I look forward to hearing more of your music, sounding really good. Happy New Year Blessings of Love and Peace Be With You. TC

Soit en paix

Bonjour, j'aime beaucoup la mélodie et tous les sons qui composent cette chanson, la sérénité, la paix transpire de cette chanson, je ne comprends pas toutes les paroles mais merci pour ce voyage musical ! A partager et bien écouter ! Jef Sénégas

Nice music

This is a nice easy listening track and thank you for asking me to review it for you. It’s a nice track but felt it needed something a middle 8 just to change it so when the lovely harmonies came in. It’s a nice relaxing peaceful track and felt that the lyrics were well written too

Hey Girly!!

Hey hey Ms. Michelle Hicks!! I want to say first off I like the vibe you are bringing through my speakers. The whole sway of the song is nice and is giving off the type of feel that make you listen intensely to you, the lyrics, and the beat together and separately. You have a sweet demeanor and I like that! Keep singing and being YOU in this game, never let it corrupt your inner core or change who you see yourself as.????

Nice Progression

Soft, elegant, flavorful, near-romantic and the chord progression reminds me of musical movement of an ageless era. The subject is Faith-based and that's fine. Yes, you put this into the right Genre. The vocals in the Lead are so sweet and gentle I believe that's what you were going for. A little tightening of the background harmony could lighten this tune-up. The Hook is pronounced well and just one more thing the Recording is a little low but I understand for the sake of not distorting the track...sounds like a lot of Dolby effect was applied but overall pretty good.

Such a lovelly song

I love it, what can i say, everything gets in to the right place. Instrument and choirs perfectly balanced, and your wonderful voice, soft as a feather floating in the song gently but always moving in within borders, perfect. Is amazing the effect created by the choirs, no idea who you hired to produce such a wonderful "angelic" effect. It really goes in to your soul. Let me tell you that this song was a real surprise for me, i don't listen to pop usually, but your presentation intrigued me so deeply to listen to it... and has been worth, the song is genuinely amazing. Namastè

Nice song Great message...

Nice song Great message... Supportive tracks are sitting nicely in the mix, love the background choices. My suggestion is to simply pay attention to pitch on the lead vocals. Your phrasing is so gentle and nice, but, you're running out of air and going flat. Try to concentrate on vocal abdominal support to keep the phrases right on pitch. Enjoyed this sweet song. Thanks much for sharing your Music ! All the best, Keep the music coming !!! :-)


Hi Michelle, very very nice song. Calm and subdued yet, with a strong commitment to your own faith and need for peace in your world. Thank you and please, keep writing songs like this. You'll be on stage before you know it. Matt

Soulful Rendition of Hope...

Hi Michelle, just coming off the road to find your lovely...hypnotic and inspirational ballad in my player. This song is a slightly more down tempo song in comparison to the first beauty I reviewed. I think the backing vocals are sweet but not as tight as possible. The lead vocals are better...but more contained than usual. Love your work forever...Barrymore


Muy bonita canción, me gusta tanto la parte instrumental como la vocal, la melodía es muy bonita y la instrumentación muy elegante. Ahora los fallos, a pesar de parecerme una voz bonita, hay un problema de afinación que se nota demasiado (trabajando tiene solución). En la parte musical, cuando empiezan los coros, hay como de fondo un teclado que va totalmente fuera de tono y unido al descontrol con las voces suena caótico. Las cosas buenas son que me parece una canción muy bonita, con estilo y elegante, por contra las cosas malas, la afinación. Very nice song, I like both the instrumental and the vocal part, the melody is very beautiful and the instrumentation very elegant. Now the failures, despite looking like a beautiful voice, there is a tuning problem that is too noticeable (working has a solution). In the musical part, when the choirs start, there is as background a keyboard that goes totally out of tune and joined to the lack of control with the voices sounds chaotic. The good things are that I find a very beautiful song, stylish and elegant, against the bad things, the tuning.

So much trouble in the world

Hey Michelle...so much trouble in the world..difficult to feel peace in our time. Your song is beautiful,and the voice soulfly.. I enjoyed this song and will share it as must as possible.. Please keep on spreading the hope Vibe. With love and music. Jamel.


I listen Your song 2 times and it is a good idea in it but has to be re write and re record to me is to static in melody line and also arrangement.. a Ned Day You sing.. so bring it UP... full of enthusiasm and energy..I do not see that DJ's in Radio Stations will jump on and use it..as a Music Publishers .wow They are Looking for Fantastic Songs in Radio Ready Quality of Recording..I was expecting something much better..I wish You good luck with submissions.. I hope You will make it better..
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