Max And The Ducks / Snowman / Snowman (radio edit)

Pretty Song

Very Full sounding song, right from the beginning. Very elegant sounding piano work. Very well mixed or mastered. You can hear each instrument very well. The vocals are well done, and understood easily. Easy to follow song, and pulls you along on a pleasant ride of enjoyable music. Well done. Sincerely Edward Westbrook "Atomic Energy Society"

Beautiful melody, beautiful song.

The same melody can be interpreted softly, melodiously, joyfully, raw, playful, and in many ways sung or played by an instrument. Think of a metal song, a children's song or a romantic song. Of course, this is not a purely compositional aspect, but we must take it into account as it influences notoriously. Thinking about how the melody should sound, even the timbre of it is a very important aspect. Very good song. My congratulations.

Easy listen and relax

Brilliant tunes. Great introduction with melodious soft e-guitar and backing acoustic-guitar sound. But the arrangement is more various because of characteristical keyboard generated sounds like harp and violins in the backround. The chorus sounds really great in a varied pitch range of the refrain. Erja Siljamo has a great classic vocal projection and sings about the wintertime, including all the relevant characteristics and qualities. Deep impressions make the meaning of the song engaging for me. I like the imaginatively style of the track and the song is definitely professional instrumentationed. Mixing and mastering is original in appropriation of well orchestrated keyboard sounds. The mood is perfect emphasized with an accompaining acoustic guitar. This is definitely a extraordinary song from really professionel musicans. Overall a creative composition and unique quintessence of contemporary pop not far away from normal radio hits. I´m sure, you will also like to add it. Let others know your recommedation.

good music

I like your kind of styley u have it all you drop a nice song this is what rocking the moment at all time I awlays get close to your tune each time i cross online you have done a good job keep doing the best nice song

Cute balad

If you ask me, I would say that this song is a ethno-pop-balad. I miss an intro, but this is a matter of taste. The way of singing is not my favorite, but it could be used as a soundtrack for a trip movie.

ambitious arrangement

interesting vocals, not 100% sure but I felt there might have been three different time signatures here...though I would say overall it stays at the same dynamic through out, with the arrangement some vocal dymamics could move the arrangement forward...over all I enjoyed this track though don't think i'd listen again

Snow Time

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song we get another great music production from Max and the Ducks. Vocally, I'm not a big fan of the singer - though her performance is fine and well produced.


I like This song if an Arrangement be better it will help this song..also remember the best length of the song is around 3.5 min ..but send It to Radio Stations and let's see what will happen all I know is not easy to put a song in to Rotation on Major ( Radio with Licence from ASCAP, BMI etc )..They are very Hard to please and on top of that Most of Them are Syndicated..any how.. send It out..I wish You good luck..I like It but THEY must Love It ..Good Luck..


A very deep and thought provolking track. Well Produced, will appell to a small segment. This track would do well as a song in a live play, or as a part of a musical demonstration. L don't see it in mainstream radio.


I like some parts but other not so much..I think if You make a Better Arrangement and Put More Passion and Power to The Vocal Part all will sound much better..I do not know haw Music Insiders will react but They are Very Hard to Please so if I be You I will put some extra work and when all is done .send It to Them..Remember There is "Jungle" in There.. and is very easy to get lost ..I wish You all the best.. You did a Good Job..Good luck with submissions...


This song need a Better Arrangement ( The Melody is nice) I know It will sound much better with more Complex Background Music also make sure that All The Notes are in Tune in vocal part..I think with some work done It will be a Nice It now is not ready for a Main Radio Play.. if You will re record It make sure is under 3.5 min long ( Radio Stations Very Rear play longer songs.. Keep Up good Work.. I wish You good luck with submissions..


This is a beautiful song. Reminds of holidays spirit. I'm really in love with the music. The vocalist is nice, yet , to me, the song works very good without vocals. All and all, very good song. Thanks Magic

Nice and Job Fun too !

Nice and Job Fun too !This is a very enjoyable listen. As a Producer I can say good job. Positive critique:The classic way to make any production better is the use of less is more and dynamic builds. that way, it doesn't seems allout full during the entire song. ALWAYS give yourself somewhere else to go by building the dynamics and tracks. That said, Very well done and much appreciation of an otherwise nice production. Thanks for sharing your music !!! :-)


Esta canción de Max and the ducks es una de las más tranquilas que he escuchado de ellos. Me gusta más su versión fiestera, canciones más movidas que esta, aunque esta no está nada mal. Todo en general suena bien, buena instrumentación, buena voz, buena interpretación. La melodía principal de la canción me parece un poco monótona, pero luego en lo que creo que es el estribillo hay un giro que queda muy bonito. Me gusta más su versión fiesta, pero esta no está mal.
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