Upside Down

My first thought,,, ---ROCKING. This is a solid DISCO Track. It will get lots of D.J. play, i bet You. The Band is ON. Great Vocals, I Would Love To Have This Backup Group. Imagination is not needed, This is SPOT On. Nothing, Left undone....4.8

Fun listen!

I loved the suggestions of Eurythmics in your vocal lines and reference to Grace Jones in your voice inflections. Overall a very enjoyable track that would work well on any party playlist. When I heard the last words “Gotta go” I certainly was not feeling completely sated yet, so I played the track again. Well done indeed!

Party Song

I like this tune because of the up tempo feel. This song makes you want to get up and dance the night away. Best of luck and thank you for sharing! Excellent job on the horn fills!! Good clean sound with the instrumentation and overall arrangement!!

And where are the ducks?

Ok so this band is called Max and the ducks and the song upside down is an up tempo kind of dance on a Spanish beach I guess, but where are the ducks? This is the second song I've heard from this group listening closely and waiting for the ducks to start quaking but do I hear any duck? well no. A good amount of saxophone on this track and a lot of sound for three people but where are the freaking birds? It really is time to bring in the ducks. That quack quack is going to help A LOT so don't ignore this. Sometime you just have to do what u gotta do. Thank You!

I Love 'Max And The Ducks'

Being the uptempo Popaholic that I am, Max And The Ducks delivered just what I needed. Upside Down nails my pop needs on every level. I wished the song was longer. Even though it was perfect for my pop attention span. At the end of the song this fantastic bass groove with the cool scat vocals and drums came in and I couldn't believe they stopped it. If it isn't a part of their extended mix of this song.....It should be. Really reallly good stuff. Band Music Vocals Energy and I love the name of the band...Max And The Ducks.

Expertly well done Popsong

Yeah - that´s real good contemporary pop! The introducing starts off with very engaging wind instruments, such as a trumpet and trombone. Also a fender-rohdes and organ keyboard sound accompanes the song perfectly well and brings increasing dance feel into the tune. The brass section is forcing the music constantly on a higher level. Erja Siljamo has a unique dynamic voice and a brilliant vocal projection making this wonderful song complete. The refrain is impressive and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. The song is definitely professional and very creative. The virtuos played melodies on the keyboards carry the recording and all instruments are exactly there, where they should be on the track. Marcos Kuusjärvi and Veli Eronen as composers and musician arranging this definitely very professional song with dancefloor elements. But why do I tell this? Well, you might be a pop music fan, searching at the end of the tunnel for good music. This one could be a radio hit!

A bailar

Música festiva, para bailar sin más. Buen tema y buena interpretación como siempre este grupo no falla. Para que todo no sea tan bueno, la melodía de la voz no está muy trabajada en algunas partes, pero bueno, si no sería una canción casi perfectas. Tanto la parte instrumental como la vocal está muy bien, grupo que no cae en excesos y que todo tiene sentido. De la parte instrumental, echo de menos un bajo más contundente que le daría más fuerza a esta canción, está bien, pero con más presencia estaría mucho mejor, pues creo que en este tipo de música un bajo potente es fundamental. Un abrazo desde Cádiz.


Very groovy and upbeat music! The kind of music that makes you want to get up and move, as I found myself doing in my chair. I would recommend this to others and would also like to hear more of what you offer. Thanks.

Max Ducked Away Emotions

Latin rhythms, good arranged. The vocals are either very hard autotuned or the singer was too concentrated to sing the right key. Vocals sound emotionless and cold, just a good job done.

This is good muisc

I have listen and to your song I found value and so good to listen more and.more honestly you've done a good job I like the beat your voice is good your style of singing make sense keep up the good job

Right Side

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song a synth pop jam that kinda sounds like it SHOULD originate in Spain. Great beat. Well produced. Vocally, the singer seems singing higher than I'd like to hear, but a fun effort!

A song from the 70s...

A cool song in the seventies disco style. The instrumental part is well produced. The singing part, in my opinion has too much effects, it's hard to understand the lyrics. The brass section is sometimes too intensive for my taste, very often playing the melody with the voice. I like the idea, sometimes it get too much.


This is a Happy Song .. I like It some touch from Latin America..It need some work ( on Arrangement ).but is ok to Perform Life..but I got a feeling is not yet ready for Mayor Radio Stations or Music to predictable but with some work done who knows.. They might Like It..( as You know THEY are Very Hard to please..I wish You good luck with submissions and pitching..keep Up..and Do Your Best..who knows what will happen next...


Let me ask You .. Do You really think this is a good song..I do not found anything Special in It and I think is boring..not much going send It out..and I got a feeling that They will agree with me ( if They ever write back to You ..YESi is ok to be played on some life performance but is not ready for Major Music Publishers and Radio Stations..if You re write and re record who knows what will happen so work on it.. I wish You good Luck..


I list this song 2 times but to tell You the truth I do not found anything Special ..I was expecting something me is to predictable ..Music Publishers will not be Impress send It to Them and I think You will found out that They are agree with me..there is a chance that so Radio Stations will play It but I do not think They will put It to rotation..I wish You good luck with submissions I do think there is a way to make This song better..I like some parts..
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