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Once again

Max strike once again! look like nightwish with a vocal sound which make me fear! I do love that! I wish the night won't come for you. Piano is clear, right, sober, just what the single needs! Guitars cry just enough to echo in our ears. 20 / 20 GOOD !


Do you even get it? I'm an early adopter of awesome music that will hit the store shelves later because it's so fun to have in this lifetime. THANK YOU Max and the Ducks. So many turns of phrase and interesting writing. I LOL and admire. Talented and together.

Fairy Tale in Itself!

First of all, I really like the title of this song, which I believe shows the sense of the style of the artist's on the whole. Instead of mentioning the scene of the world, it pinpoints the object, making it assume a magical significance and be the starting point of journey into the magical world. On the technical side, a layman like me has nothing to say - so well-made. As a piece of music, with no offense meant, it is not the kind of tune I would play in my room on a daily basis, but I would say, it is absolutely perfect for a play or a movie - an anthem, or theme song kind, because of which I'm rating it so high. I would much like that to happen! :DDD


Love this Rock sound it's very Theatrical in style I hear a little of the band Queen coming out.the music and the vocals blend well together.The guitar work is great.I wish your music much success as I can hear some good potential for expanding your creativity to the next level!

Definitely not shake your booty music, and this is a great thing!

I have been listening to the music of Max And The Ducks for a bit over a year now and I can honestly say I am more impressed with every new release. Listening to Blacksmith Mould reaffirms that Max And The Ducks are one of the best bands I've heard since Renaissance. They are every bit as theatrical in sound and approach as some of the greats. Blacksmith Mould is not for the listener that wants to tap their toe and shake their booty. This is music of a different variety that smacks of the class and quality of an evening of fine dining and spirited conversation. A truly moving piece that tells an excellent story and is presented in a manner that is as picturesque as that of any good novel. I could listen to this band over and over again, and probably do more than I'd admit to most.... lol! All I can say is BRAVO!!!! Noah Ohne

The perfect song.

Blacksmith Mould. (English) First: I love this song. I start my review while making clear what I think after listening to this song many and many times. This song represents all the best I can ask at one song: 1) the recording is excellent; the mixing is perfect; and all instruments are clearly defined: the voice is equally balanced. 2) the instruments are played in excellent way 3) the voice is beautifull, hot, enveloping, suited to the melody. 4) the melody and the musical arrangements are fashinating: they are perfectly concordant with the meaning of the lyric. If I close my eyes I'm able to imagine the scenes evoked in this song. This work would perfect in a soundtrack, for example in a epic or fantasy or historical movie. I looked for the video: in my personal idea this video maybe could be did better. This is the unique negative comment that I can do regarding this song. Definitively "Blacksmith Mould" represent the perfect song, for my personal tastes. - (Italian) Primo: amo questa canzone. Comincio la mia recensione in questo modo per mettere subito in chiaro quello che penso dopo aver ascoltato questa canzone molte e molte volte. Secondo me questa canzone rappresenta tutto il meglio che posso chiedere a una canzone: 1) la registrazione è eccellente; il mixaggio è perfetto; tutti gli strumenti sono chiaramente definiti: la voce è altrettanto equilibrata. 2) tutti gli strumenti vengono suonati in modo eccellente 3) la voce è bellissima, calda, avvolgente, si adatta perfettamente alla melodia. 4) la linea melodica e gli arrangiamenti musicali sono intriganti: sono perfettamente concordanti con il testo della canzone. Se chiudo gli occhi riesco a immaginare perfettamente le scene evocate in questa canzone. Questo lavoro sarebbe perfettamente adatto per una colonna sonora, per esempio in un film epico o fantastico o anche in un film storico. Ho guardato il video: personalmente ritengo che poteva essere fatto meglio. Questo è l'unico commento negativo che mi sento di fare su questa canzone. In definitiva "Blacksmith Mould" rappresenta, chiaramente in base ai miei gusti personali, la canzone perfetta From Italy - dall'Italia: Frank Found (Frank Found Project)

Right for Film

The ominous monk choir at the beginning is interesting to bring this song to life. The song pacing sounds like something you'd hear in a movie - probably a fantasy or young adult project - like Harry Potter or something. The recording sounds well mixed and mastered. I appreciate the right levels for vocals and music to blend perfectly together. The singer sounds so earnest!

Max doing the Maximum!

Max and The Ducks bring a anthem based track with their single entitled Blacksmith Mould. The lyric and melody are actually quite orchestral in the approach. Although the song does not lend itself to a Pop form, it does capture the listener's attention with it's haunting melodies. I personally think they could have a great shot at placing this song with music supervisors for a Film or Television sync placement. The song totally sounds like an end title for a film in the drama or even horror genres

Smooth slice of Anglo Spanish Power Pop

Reminiscent of Jethro Tull and Fairport but with a hispanic twist. Soaring vocals above a synth soaked background sounds both retro and modern - but the arrangement works because of the catchy tune underpinning the piece - nice one amgos! Perfecto.

Very Well Done,

What more can i say from a Listeners Point of View except, Excellent Work, My ears want to hear this song again and again , Great Singing, Beautiful Story and Loved the Instrumentals , Thank You for Sharing your Music, Cheers from Australia.


This shows true talent and professional dedication to their music, it has a touch of classical rock style about it and the vocalist has a real style in the way he projects the lyrics and the guitar soloist is outstanding making the storyline come through as being dramatic and powerful. Congratulations to Max and the Ducks for another outstanding musical rendition. I have become a fan guys - regards Johnny Ramone of Angel International management Florida and London.

The heights of exceeding limitations...

Max and the Ducks brings us Blacksmith Mould. A powerful epic theme with an intensity steeply baked into both the beat and the vocals. The rest of the instrumentation is carefully and selectively used to build and maintain the drama. From the artist themselves.. "Based on mythology. Kalevala poem number 37. Story of Blacksmith Ilmarinen. He can make everything but love... out of silver and gold." As such this would be a great soundtrack piece for an epic film of the grand isles during a grand soft evening. It is every bit as stormy of a venture.

The Casting of the Shadow

Can you say powerful? Can you say daunting? Those are the first words that come to mind when i listen to this powerful , yet daunting piece. This would make for a powerful theme of a mystery movie that continues to build to a wonderful climax. I love the bridge of the tune because even without pictures, it screams imagination. It screams as if a shadow is being cast on the wall of the antagonist is about to commit some ominous deed to the heroine of the movie iin my imagiinary tale. Props! to the power and bridge that brings the whole thing together. I loved the vocals and I know that I would leave the theater dripping wet from fear of what I had seen and heard. Good jow!!


Good song strong vocals and a real sence that they are on to something great the whole works well, gets going turns into a really great song and they manage to get hook in the song good job.
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