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I Liked it....

I like you guys....and consider myself a "Max and the Ducks" fan. Well, this song is a 180 from the song "WTF is Alice" which is my favorite. This one is a bit more suttle and down to earth. It reminds me of a story book tale or something by the way the track sounds...and I like it ~ it's soothing. Send me some Rock songs to review. Keep on Rockin'.....gizzmow, Bonham, Texas.

Very cool song

This song is very interesting for many reasons. Firstly the originality it really is like nothing I have heard before(in a good way) Secondly,Production wise,it is very polished and well put together. Also the vocals are very good and unique.The message behind the lyrics are very clever and tell an interesting story. Had to have a few listens to this. Good work all round!!!


NumberOneMusic partners, MAX AND THE DUCKS, always unique and captivating sound, leaving me the will to congratulate and thank you for the beautiful sound MY NAME IS EVE !!!!! Friends, back and forth because you have great talent and this is a front that has to be explored !!!!!! the door to the world is open, then enjoy and follow increasingly ahead !!!! Success always !!!

Wow!!! Congrats!!!

Congratulations! A very good song to listen to. The peace and tranquility that it passes is indescribable. All this accompanied by a psychedelic atmosphere and a vocal well arranged. The keyboard is a musical based on keeping all the harmony of music. The song is very good, as well as harmony it has a climate that brings us back to the 70s, that is, is a song that does not look like anything we are used to hear today.

My Name Is Eve is excellent from start to finish!

"My Name Is Eve" is a beautifully done track from Max And The Ducks. The vocals are superb and the lyrics tell an interesting story about a girl named Eve. The timbre of the vocalist is very memorable and a pleasure to listen to. The harmonies are very tastefully done and are a great compliment to the lead vocal. The quality of the music is excellent and the sound is very smooth and makes for a very pleasurable listen. My Name Is Eve is a superb piece of music from start to finish.

"My Name Is Eve"...

Hello Max And The Ducks !!! I just finished listening to your song, "My Name Is Eve" with Headphones. Let me just say that I love the lead singer's voice !!! Listening to this song brought me back to one of my all-time favorite groups of the 70's "Renaissance". If you haven't heard them, you should definitely check them out. The resemblance is remarkable. All the best to you !! - Richard - Richard Danar Music

Bringing through the message

My Name Is Eve by Max and the Ducks puts the message of the lyrics in the center of the song with crystal clear vocal expression in a beautiful voice. Mission accomplished because it would be really hard to listen to the song without understanding the message. From that point of view the song reminds me of songwriters in the seventies. Well produced and mixed as we used to from Max And The Ducks.

My name is Eve

Nice track, lovely music and sweet vocal sounds but the message behind it is powerful. Telling a story of how cruel this world can be. Bullying is horrible and it has detrimental affects on people especially young children. So good on you and spread the word. Love is the answer!

...a rose by any other name...

Max and the Ducks brings us My Name is Eve. I always have to wonder if these are internationalized versions of their original material in spanish. I get that suggestion from the context of the lyrics. Musically I really love the engineering of the song and the spatial qualities of the mix. It to me is very reminiscent of groups from the 70's like Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band or Jackson Browne Fleetwood Mac or Paul McCartney and Wings. There is of course also the huge amount of dynamic range and the space and separation in the mix.

Nice pop song!

Quite a good sound, I haven't got a problem with this sort of catchy pop, but would like to hear more adventure with the chord sequence. The meanings here are clear, and put across quite well, and I played it twice. Very nice guitars, vocals and drums. Enjoyed!


The beginning of the song is great, it creates a 70th rock feel with really nice guitar sound, The lyrics are pretty good and fit the structure, the harmony, the melodies, the message is delivered. I like how you mix the main vocals with the delayed backing vocals in the verses and choruses. The voice is clean, soft and sounds stunning. As for the structure of the song, it's rather plain. I'd love to hear more movement and development, more colors, maybe modulation and harmony variations, to emphasize what is behind the son

Catchy accent.

Very Momas and Pappas vibe without the Harmony. The Carpenters would have loved it. Good recording quality and production. Nothing bad about it, just not my cup of tea. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

Cute Retro Euro Tune

It's a cute tune. The singer's voice is great - but it sounds too high for the music that goes with the song. Both are great - individually - together they're ok. By the Chorus that's when the vocals seem to get in synch with the song. Euro-retro feel to the song as a whole.
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