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A Song for Life

I absolutely LOVE this band! This is not my first review for Max and the Ducks, and there is not much I can critique here. First off, they remind me of the magnificent works of Loreena Isabel Irene McKennitt whom I also just freaking adore. I absolutely LOVE renaissance music from all cultures; having studied classical music from its very beginnings. And this group of musicians here should already be signed to a major label, like years ago! I usually critique the productions themselves, but this song is damn near perfect to me. The only thing I will say is that if they were my neighbors, I might scratch and beg for a shot at the mixing board just to see if I might add anything to an already perfect piece of art . . . This is a band of PURE ARTISTS! What more can I say? Love ALWAYS! -Kieron


Listening to this track makes me think of sitting late at night reminiscing over things past ..... dreamy and easy on the ear. I believe this could be a perfect Album track for Max and the Ducks. Good luck with it - I enjoyed it guys.

A very classical tune

Very good production, with classical piano, string arrangements, classical guitar, a classical female voice... and... didi I hear right: harp. All in all a superb production with all instruments sounding more than well. The track seems to be too short for me, I would like to enjoy that comfortable feel more than that short period of time. I like the female singer's voice and the complete production!


Música com qualidade, agradável e bem vinda!!!!!Gostei bastante do som e da suavidade de suas ondas sonoras!!!!!!A interpretação perfeita e segura creio qu agradará a todos aqueles que a escutarem!!!Parabéns pela obra e sucesso sempre!!! Music quality, pleasant and welcome !!!!! I really liked the sound and smoothness of their sound waves !!!!!! Perfect and safe interpretation believe qu please all those who listen !!! Congratulations work and success always !!!

Haunting and good

I almost ignored this one because of the rather silly name "Max and the Ducks". I'm happy that I followed my instinct and listened. The intro is catchy enough to have me stuck for listening more. This "Song for Life" is haunting yet somehow quite comforting. Nice British sound coming from Spain. I love the melody and it will probably run in my head like a tape loop for the rest of the day. Vocals are gentle and good. My overall impression; this is an unusual song, quite well done, but, please change the band name.

"A Song For Life"...

Hello Again Max And The Ducks !! Love You Guys !! It's always a Pleasure hearing Niina's Voice, Your Productions, Lyrics and All Around Well-Crafted Songs and Compositions. Brings back so many memories (with a "New" twist). "A Song For Life" is no different. Another Winner !!! Much continued success with your music, my friends. - Richard - Richard Danar Music

bonne chanson

voilà une jolie chanson avec des ambiances celtiques des plus subtiles. La mélodies est très accrocheuse et reste bien dans la tête. La voix est est posée et les choeurs aériens. Le son est plutôt équilibré avec toute fois une basse un peu trop en retrait. le vrai bémol dans cette chanson c'est la batterie qui je pense est une batterie programmée et qui donne un côté mécanique. j'aurai préféré un vrai batteur. pour le reste c'est vraiment très bien. Bonne continuation

Break the glass

That is what you did with the song that you sang. I felt as if I was in a row boat and the stream that I was in was like glass in the early morning. As you started to build up your music albeit very simple in the instruments but I enjoyed very much the simplicity of the instruments. Your voice is very inviting and leaves the listener thirsting for more. If there was anything lacking in your song, that may have been the one thing....the fans here wanted to hear a little more than less. So I am looking forward to my reward on your next song of more, more, more. Nicely done, albeit simple.

A beautiful song

A beautiful song about life and parenthood carefully arranged to support the message of the well written lyrics. I enjoy the interplay between guitar and piano and the added strings over the chorus. I also like cymbals and that the drums plays not too much and not too little. I cannot make a real suggestion what to do differently here except may be bringing down the level of the snare a little bit or bring up the vocals during the parts where the snare plays and I wonder if Rock is the right category for this one. Beautiful song, well done.

Happy quacking Max and the Ducks

This is a great song. The melody is strong and tuneful.The singer has an attractive vocal tone and she puts real feelings into the lyrics. The lyrics are meaningful . The performance is good.Overall the song is really a good and I think it has strong commercial potential . Good Job Max and The Ducks

Music... It is a living thing

Max and The Ducks brings us A Song For Life. A modern day durge to be sure. I have no idea why but there is a haunting and familiar tone to this piece. Lyrically its not exactly a happy song... More melodramatic in this effort than one might expect from this group. While this song is definitely brought with the same level of production I have come to expect from Max and company, I admit there is a dynamic here that is compelling, but it is very much like acquiring a taste for scotch or escargot... one has to give serious consideration for such a serious melody.

Max and the Ducks make beautiful music together.

I just checked out the instrumental track "Highland" by Max and the Ducks and thought it was great. Based on that, I decided to review one of their vocal tracks; and I'm glad I did. When I was a wee lad, I loved British folk rock outfits like Pentangle, Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span. I was immediately struck by the lead vocal, which instantly reminded me of singers like Jaqui McShee and Sandy Denny. The musicianship of the Ducks is also very solid and they know when to lay back and use dynamics. It's clear they're influenced by folk, rock, classical and jazz and have a clean, refreshing sound. Their material is also well crafted and easy on the ears.

Very enjoyable

I enjoyed listening to your track. Arrangement fits nicely with the mood of the song. Good voal performance. The only minor change I would make would be to add some nice reverb to the voice. It seems a bit too dry in the mix.


Obviously very Professional. Almost has a old, old English sound, which is awesome. Such a strong, well put together song. Almost sounds like a movie score. Somewhat haunting, but very easy to follow. Good use of instruments, and great singing. Keep up the great work. Sincerely Edward Westbrook

Live Your Life

Pretty harps in the beginning, but not sure how this is classified as a ROCK song. It's more Adult Contemporary. Parts of the song sounds like it might make for a nice accompanyment in a movie soundtrack or television program. Reminds one of an early ENYA song. If this artist is from Spain, I'd be interested to hear something from their native language, as well. The question is: will there be more?!
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