What's up Max And The Ducks, I'm Sen. I just got through listening to your song, "Sin In The City" ..I felt enchanted by the song..it sounds so fresh and crisp.. light walking through a well lit Dream Forest or something of that Dream State of mind..if that makes any sense to you lol..great vocals that are perfect for the style that immediately draws the listener into a trance like state. I can listen to your music over and over again. Thank you for creating great music.

Excelente mezcla

Una canción moderna, con una mezcla muy interesante de géneros y texturas musicales. Esta red social me ha ayudado a encontrar varios artistas muy buenos, espero seguir escuchando más canciones de este autor.

Max And The Ducks

This is a very good band work. Well produced track. Nice vocals and pretty cool arrangements. There´s a couple of noticeable influences in "Sin In The City". From Gothic flavors in the vocal parts and chords, to the tribalistic drums and percussion sounds, This track is tantalized by some intriguing electronic artifacts, that makes the track a unique experience. Way to go, Max And The Ducks. Good job. Congratulations!

Catchy tune

Hi there, Max and the ducks. This is a really powerful track, and that has much to do with a steady and very well executed drum track. The vocalists voice shines through the entire mix, and the guitar is a very brilliant touch. A also like the panning and the instrumentation throughout the song. Well done :-) Cheers

Sin In The City

Nice song, very Eighties sounds you use and that was one of the best decades in music so congratulations in going down that Avenue with your music. The vocals suit the song so much. Well done hope you have more tracks like this!

Good Song

Listening to this song got my feet tapping - strong vocals from the female vocalist - the kind of song which is great for the dance floor - not so sure about putting it on an album though? Amazing tight sound from a very strong Trio.


Dear partners NumberOneMusic, MAX AND THE DUCKS is always a pleasure to listen to them and even more so when the sound pleases me !!! Voces always performing with quality and with a degree of professionalism !!!! Congratulations beautiful interpretation of SIN IN THE CITY !!!! has a whole universe to explore, so take advantage and do more and more in front !!!! Success always !!!

Maximum Pop

Max And The Ducks bring their own stye of Pop to N1M. The track lends itself to a Film or tV sync with its quirkiness and driving beat. Perfect for the genre. Will be interesting to see what else they have in their catalog

"Sin In The City"...

Hello again Max And The Ducks !! Great to get another song from you !! I am listening to your song, "Sin In The City" this time. Going to listen again through Headphones. Like I said, I just love your style and the vocal performance. Reminds me of "Renaissance" from the 70's (one of my favorite groups) both melodically and the sound of her voice. Great to hear. Listening to the track now. Great Production and mix... and I think it fits the vocal nicely. Well written song. Bottom line... I Love Your Band !! - Richard- Richard Danar Music


I like how this starts and the feel is kinda celtic, , interesting female voice, good sound, everything compliments each other, also doubles as a dance track , buddha bar meets salsa celtica, overall ....i played it again so its a good listen

of temptations and other things

Max and the Ducks brings us Sin in the City... a parabolic EDM style piece with the expected towering vocals under a firm base of powerful rhythms that I have come to expect from my experience with this group. A song like this evokes a visual memory of a darkened city scape lit by the passing lights of vehicles at moving high speed and the pulsating rhythms chime with the movement. Very electric!

Max and the Ducks Sin in the City

Max and the Ducks Song Sin in the City is a nice cool Rock Pop Music Song , very clear Voice ! Max and the Ducks Song Sin in the City is a nice cool Rock Pop Music Song , very clear Voice ! Max and the Ducks Song Sin in the City is a nice cool Rock Pop Music Song , very clear Voice ! Max and the Ducks Song Sin in the City is a nice cool Rock Pop Music Song , very clear Voice ! Max and the Ducks Song Sin in the City is a nice cool Rock Pop Music Song , very clear Voice ! Greetings PsychocoucH


dance electrona muzak with a heavy influence of keyboard and techno pop influences.....vocals are very pleasing and easy to digest.....song has a very mesmerizing hook to it that runs throughout the song....well balanced song with a steady rhthymn and and a recuuring message throught..well done and nicely balanced in tone

Fun tune!

Another fun tune from Max and the ducks!! Although this really is novelty music and cannot be taken too seriously. It certainly can't be called rock music because there doesn't seem to be any real instruments involved. It is well produced though and well put together. The female voice is rather strange and it is a bit monotonous but it is not really painful on the ears. What is the most positive thing I can say about this song. Harmless fun!!!

original !

voilà un morceau plutôt original. une rythmique assez riche et des couleurs harmoniques faisant penser à l'orient. Cependant la mélodie est un peu monocorde et du coup empêche le titre de vraiment décoller. quelques riff de guitares plutôt sympa. le son est plutôt équilibré malgré un manque de fréquences basse. c'est donc un morceau qui pourrait être très fort mais avec ces quelques maladresses il est un peu ennuyant. Bon travail malgré tout. Je donne 3 étoiles
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