Uplifting track

This offering by Max and the ducks is very uplifting and extremely catchy. The melody line on the keys is very well thought out and balanced exquisitely with the vocal line which has a very happy kind of timbre. The chorus add an almost contra feel to the verse and the rhythm section kicks in well to add drama and suspense to "Cathy's song" that lift the dynamic very well indeed. Great work.

Cathy song twists and turns

Somehow it all works. There are a lot of complex rythymns and changes overlapping styles tones and melodies, yet each part has it's space and is clear and easy to follow. The singer is very good but her style is a little different and takes a moment to get used to, part of that may come from this group having a very unique and different sound. One of my favorite parts of the song is the gentle saxophone that softy plays in the background. I would have love to hear it take a greater presence in the mix.

Enchanted by the song

This song will captivate you from the beginning. The music really, reminds me a little of Kate Bush's song "Wuthering Heights". You enter the world of the musicmagic. It's addicted me to hear more of this genius kind of music. But the words are dark and sad, they bind you more and more and keep you in its spell.

Quality progressive alternative music

Amazing European style ... superior musicianship and totally different from any type of American music. Refreshing and new, even progressive, while classical in its approach. I've actually had the pleasure to be in touch with this band via Nunber One Music, and they also provide a great way for Indie music to find its voice on their radio show, which is truly to be admired. Listen more closely to Max And The Ducks to find out what's new in music.

Cathy's Song

Catchy, pop, opera kinda song. Superb Vocal! Great for as movie soundtrack. Great recording, arrangement and musicians playing! What's not to like! This track makes you want sing along, dance along, run along, on the nice musical trip it takes you on! So jump onboard!

I Liked it...

HEY! Max and the Ducks!...I'm feeling strange today and this song fits my mood...must be the weather, I guess. This song has a great story and I like the music behind it, cause it's 'strange' sounding. Today, I like strange. Your 'best' song I 'really' like is "WTF is Alice"....now there's a strange one. You guys 'Rock' in my 'strange' book of favorites! With my Best Regards, Good Luck in your Music Adventure, my friends! gizzmow, Bonham, Texas

Astounding! And Moving!!.

I enjoyed this Song very much!.Both the Song and how it progresses gives the feel as it should be part of an Epic Victorian Era Film, or one of English decent..It also gives the feel as if being part of a journey one is on, or quest, as in let's say that of knighthood or movies of its like!..This can truly belong to one of those type Movies at any point..Past or present involving this kind of theme...great stuff!..keep up the Good work my Friends!!

Max And The Ducks

Song is upbeat and very good quality. Song brings a sense of pop culture with a strong piano foundation. Sounds like a song you would hear live at any piano bar. Fun character, awesome tune

Its Max and the Ducks!

I always enjoy reviewing material from this group. Max and the Ducks bring you Cathy's Song. As usual from my experience the recording, tracking as well as mixing and mastering is spot on with plenty of space and dynamics. The song itself is an exploratory journey of the soul looking from both within and from the outer perception we all imagine we have. With consideration to the fact this group is from Spain I wonder at times if I am hearing an internationalized version of the song and try to imagine the lyrical content of the song in Spanish. Either way, this song is quite eloquent. Bravo!

How fun is this!!!!

It is so nice to find music that is NOT formulaic! Here we have an intelligent, in-depth composition fleshed out by extremely talented musicianship. What a refreshing breath of fresh air!!! And then there is the lead vocals which are incredibly beautiful and natural . . . I can best describe this as romantic-jazz; with a touch of sexiness, and lots of brains! Makes me want to travel to Spain to see this ensemble live. I expect it would be a real stage-show; play-like; a musical for the intelligentsia. This music demands visuals; though, there is also a mystery in not being able to see all I hear in this extremely talented composition/production . . . KUDOS!!!

Very good!!!

Congratulations!!! A very good song to listen to. The peace and quiet that it happens is indescribable. All this accompanied by a serene atmosphere and a great lyrical vocal. The keyboard is a musical based on keeping all the harmony of music. The song is very good, as well as harmony it has its own identity, that is, is a song that does not look like anything we're used to hearing.

titre omniprésent

Le mélange entre rock et jazz est excellent mais pas que , la voix est omniprésente et pleine de punch , les coeurs en revanche sont un peu en retrait au niveau artistique mais l'ensemble ce laisse écouter avec grand plaisir , le mix est bon même si j'aurai apprécié plus de travail aux niveaux des" pan " , j'ai apprécié le titre , merci à vous , phon'éthique


Really interesting tune here. I really liked what the intro was doing... but the verses went major. In any case - Max and the Ducks are really following their own sound. Their own arrangements. In a strange way this reminds me of something like Jon Anderson and Yes... it's pretty cool and has that sensibility. I've heard other tracks from Max. They seem to be what used to be known as a 'recording artist' - I think the evolution of Max And The Ducks could have exponential success...

Wonderfully weird!

Great vocal, such a unique voice. Reminds me of Nina Hagen and a little Kate Bush... Couldn't even begin to categorise this and that can only be a good thing! Does anyone remember Rennaisance? They had a hit with 'Northern Lights' - there's a hint of that vibe here too. I always love music when I can't describe it easily! So you'll have to listen to it, like I did!

Stunning and BEAUTIFUL!

So quick and witty! Fantastically fun and wildly variable tune! Incredible orchestrated mixing of instruments and sounds! The lyrical overdubs really add a new level of depth and the light touch of the saxophone absolutely sold me on the sound! In my opinion, this song is 100% radio ready and I can seriously envision this song becoming a big hit amongst the masses! It's one of those songs where it's just impossible to not get a little swagger and a little head bobbing while listening. I personally make sure that I listen at least a few times to every song for which I am writing a review. So far, I would say that this one has been the most fresh and rewarding song every additional time I press play! I accredit this to the incredible depth of the song generate by the complexity of the rhythm and the complexity of the different sounds mixing into an absolutely beautiful and uplifting tune. Fantastic job guys! This track only leaves me wanting more from Max and the Ducks and I highly suggest giving Cathy's Song a listen, especially if you're in need of salvation from one of those downer days! I sincerely hope to hear more of your work! Sincerely, Silent Violence :)
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