Max And The Ducks / Don´t Tell Mama / Fields Of Karelia

Good Job!

Very Nice! I like the overall mood and emotion of the song, your voice is very soothing and fits song really well, the instrumentation is well thought out and the mix and production is good too. Overall very good job!

Depth in writing...

The title of this band is deceiving; one might expect to hear something along the lines of pseudo-Zappa artist Capt'n Neckbeard but nothing of the sort [that i'm aware of] is found with this band. This is an especially interesting song for me as it is crafted along the lines of what I tend to want to write about: interesting and/or little known historical subjects. A Wiki of Karelia reveals a long history of struggle for that region and we assume "Fields of Karelia" references the Winter War at least in part. Again, a wonderfully thought out subject for which to write rock/pop music. For those not in the know, The Cranberrys' "Zombie" was a monumental rock song that had as its subject the long historical religious wars of Ireland from which that band hailed. Kudos to Max and the Ducks for taking on writing in that same vein. Musically this is a beautiful song. Expertly performed with a great mix and balance. A lot of polish on every aspect. The only thing that popped out at me in terms of production occurred after the guitar solo. The feel at the guitar solo going to the half time pulse in the drums is great for the foundation of the solo. The problem after that is the half time feel continues when the vocal comes back in and stays for the remainder of the song. The issue there for me is that the song loses so much momentum in doing that. I would have resumed the same feel/pulse found in the front half of the song when the vocal returns and then finish out the song in the same manner to really "bring it home" strongly and to bookend the production. But...that is subjective and just my personal take on the production. That aspect did not detract greatly from my enjoyment of this piece. Superbly done!! Jon Charles Fortman for The Antique Harmoniums

Easy to Breath

Very solid composition that highlights the lyrics and singer. The instrumentation supports the feel and mood of the song without distracting from the songwriter's intent to tell me about an instance. The singer has a strong voice that talks to me about this moment in a place. It's difficult not to compare with styles that I know. Recognizing that this band is unique, I felt a reflection of Joni Mitchell in the songwriting style. Thank you for sharing this instance of life.

reviewing Fields of Karelia

the music is very well arranged and mixed very nicely , the accent is beautiful on the vocals, it has a really great feel to the song, keep up the great work , cheers from your fans in CANADA. have a great day RnFnR. :)

Fields of Karelia

Karelia, the land of the Karelian peoples, is an area in Northern Europe of historical significance for Finland, Russia, and Sweden,,,, and that is all I know about the history of the location. This song is a tribute to those fields and perhaps a simpler time, Musically speaking Max and the Ducks bring another effort of textural imagery to the forefront with this song. I wish I understood their native language enough to understand the content better. Musically speaking, well done!

Max and the Ducks continually rocks

Excellent female vocal. Musically, this track is very full of lush sound textures. The instrumentation is flawlessly executed and provides a firm foundation for the vocal. The rather clean guitar tone sounds great in the mix. The timbre and style of the female vocal is very reminiscent of Rennaissance with Annie Haslam. This is a great track, very smooth sound and excellent lyrics.


I must say that this song is very nice. Sound is absolutely perfect and the voice too. I like this kind of genre. You deserve all the best from music 'cause there's a lot of feelings in...go on in this way ;)

Good job again

I think this is not the first review i am doing for you. I remember your first song was very good. This one is just awesome! Very interesting melody, arrangement and choice of the mood of the song. the vocal reminds of Tarja from Nightwish. The mixing is good, everything is good. But the importent thing here is the mood of the song. You lifted the bar for others very highh with that one. I have no remarks, and I am giving you the highest rate. Kepp rockin'and good luck! Cheers, Donnie Donkov

Very good musicality!!

Hello Spanish "nuestros hermanos" people!! This tune is very good, very balanced and super good listenable!! It flows in a good paste and it gives you the feeling of freedom and nordic vibrations!! Keep up the good work!!

Learning to paid your dues

Female has nice vocals band has modern feel for making music down side one gets lost in wording =would like to hear band and singer in future mix with street level lyrics and vocals with less opera sounding. Play on

Max and the ducks - nice potential

listening to this song immediately the vocals are noteworthy and distinctive. You hear great potential in them. What is lacking might be a refrain that is a bit more catchy and stands out. Then maybe with these kind of vocals there might be more in this song. But great after all !

Very nice..

This is a very nice song, reminds me a little bit of old Jefferson Starship with the talented Grace Slick on lead vocals. Nicely done, I would like to hear some more, and well worth a listen!!

Good lead vocals

Good vocal lead. A better intro would open the song for the listeners. Good chord progressions but need emotion in the instrumentation. Good lyrics that can be perfect for a film project.


This is a great track to chill to. Invite around some friends, crack some beers, sit out in the sun, and pump this tune in the background. Would definitely listen to this one again and again!


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