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A great production for a very cheerful song, with a contagious rhythm that impels us to dance. I think it's really a different song that should be in the top of Pop music of Number One Music. It's a pitty I do not understand French very well, to realize its content ... : D I also really liked the other themes available on the page. I think is on the right way, and in terms of music production is really well done and I have to congratulate you on it. I'm waiting for new themes, with the same quality, or even better. Best Wishes!!! JB

Ludovic Kete

I don't understand the language, but I do know that the sound doesn't quite fit your voice. The beat needs a lot of work done to it and the energy in your music is calm at first and then aggressive, which is ok, but the once again the production is off. I would get another beat and rethink the vocals as well. You may want to figure out exactly what style of music you are actually trying to do as well. Keep Working.

In the U.S. we don't fuccs with the super long songs

Thanks for the success of the blincoins operations from n1m. Your work found me in Los Angeles November 11,2017 in my Grandma's living room. My name is SplitEndz The Profit here in Los Angeles and I'm number 3 here on N1M BRO for the Los Angeles HipHops category. My uncle Bugleblack who is number two in Los Angeles are on a mission to keep our names ringing for a major distribution deal


Great song I love your sound is so good and hope you do more music because you have a real talent, never stop chasing your dreams and I know chasing your own dream's is not easy but I have a feeling if you believe on your self you gonna reach your dreams so keep working and keep up the good work , great things are on the way. I real love this song please don't stop doing music no matter what is going on. Hope

I think

I think its a nice song it has a whole lot of potential Me myself is a underground artist. But with a lil bit more help i think you could be a star continue promoting and you will receive a very good outcome.

Nice work

Thanks for the support, (F.O.E.) can't shine without the help and support of our fans. It is greatly appreciated when you listen to or share our music, we will continue to give you the best that we have to offer, Thank you so much again.The single (BUILD TOGETHER by Rich Sans is now available for purchase on Apple music, iTunes, and everywhere music is digitally distributed worldwide) Thanks again for your support.


I really don't understand what is being said in this song. Really not feeling the beat it needs more soul in it. Its not a song I would be pressed to go out and buy. Send me a English version to review and my thought might be different.


Nice music keep up the good work real music makes the world gp around u should start doing shows an networking because your craft is good. How many Videos do u have because it can really help u get out more. Keep it up


You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits!


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First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts. Keep it up!


The BEAT is different which I like but the vocals are hard to listen to, off pitch. Even though I don't understand the language I just can't get with the sound doesn't sound good. Practice more

Broadcasting live from Los Angeles

Thank you. Your gonna make it BRO, in fact.....youve made it. Around here on N1M my Uncle BugleBlack who is number one on N1M here in Los Angeles is working on a compilation album. I've been peeping out the best stuff on N1M man and I'm really digging what's greater in the UK. If interested send me your email address please.

Paris to the bay area let's work

Bruh you got real skills enough to be on radio like foreals.we diffently need to work I have a few tracks to can put you herre is my number and email let me know whatchu think (916)621-7791 go-getta da paperboi


Good job with the music man I really like to hear different stuff. And thus here proves you are in the right direction. Keep pushing man you will succeed. Also like to say it sounds like you put in solid work
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